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A drows life


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In this chapter of the Baldurs Gate 3 game guide, you will find the description of Drows as well as their sub-races. Here we list all the key traits of this race and suggest which character classes work best with Drows. Drow is one of the races available in Baldurs Gate 3.

Drow Elves were banished from the face of Earth for worshipping the terrible spider goddess Lolth. Drow Elves moved underground, into the dark, and built their civilization from the ground up, based on factions and brutal rules for acquiring power. Drow Elves are disliked on the surface A drows life are seen as a cursed race that worships demons and sneaks into the surface world at night to plunder, murder, and destroy the lives of the inhabitants on the surface.

Because Drow Elves spend their entire lives underground, their skin is black or dark gray, and their hair is very bright, sometimes even white. In Baldurs Gate 3Drow Elves are divided into 2 sub-races, and each of them shares exactly the same general traits as mentioned above, but they differ in their eye color. Raised in the cult of Lolth in Menzoberraanzan, the Drow Elves praise their merciless goddess, who marks her followers with red eyes. The Seldarine Drows seek allies across Faerun in an effort to end the conflict with Lolth and the feud between the Underdark factions.

Their eyes are usually bright ranging from white to grey and purple. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Drow elf sub-races

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A drow's life

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A drows life

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