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Apparently, this is a glitch, try to yield him, or you can go straight to Whiterun and talk to the Jarl for the next quest. I followed Hadvar in the first quest and talked with Alvor. When I start the smithing tutorial quest usually, but not always, at Alvor'sI can only get as far as the Iron Dagger. However, if you really want you can simply leave … I get the 'Before the Storm' quest from Alvor and go to Whiterun to warn the Jarl about the dragon attack.

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Skyrim:alvor and sigrid's house

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On my first Skyrim playthrough I created a Nord named Frankirk. He was born to parents who treated him like up until 25, where he then went out into the real world. Parents kicked out Frankirk, after they disagreed with his dream of becoming a alteration magic expert.

It all started when a mage visited his parents house and showed him a strange candlelight emitting above his head After being saved by the dragon, I was invited to stay at Alvors house, a nord who lived in Riverwood As soon as I arrived I thought this house was rather cozy, and it was much better than my camped night among the stars, where I was attacked by a wolf. I thought you know I could just stay here for a few days and he might not mind I actually just spent 2 weeks real time just lounging around in his pad, cutting wood for Hod, and slowly learning Archery from Fuendal.

In a funny turn of events Alvor turned to me and said I couldn't stay at his house? After the 2 week mark I was lounging around in my underpants.

Yes I admit I had got rather lazy, I was enjoying the little aspects of the game like hunting wild animals and not venturing too far. I was asked to visit his shrine So i visit the shrine and it now wants a sacrifice Anyone else have odd playstyles like mine?

What happened? Pete Well-Known Member.

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You were doing so well, up to the sacrificing. The odder thing I have done is as a werewolf - just terrorize a town for a few nights. Howl here and there but not attack, just run away. My new house carl from Riften, accompanied me on a mission to get the Umbra.

I realised halfway through a bloody battle with the undead that she was no where to be seen. I searched all the halls and then found her face down in a puddle and dead. I realised that there will be sacrifices that need to be made in order to complete my objective of becoming the most powerful alteration master Skyrim has ever seen.

Has the Umbra corrupted my character? I think so. Bolemeth promises knowledge and riches and I will pursue this powerful being and gather as much knowledge as i can. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?