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Having done well in his first aid class, Web Carter stepped forward when the crew chief asked for a volunteer to keep watch and assist the injured crewman. It was bringing Tom's mail to him one day that clued Web in on an opportunity too tempting to pass up.

It was a letter and card to Tom, from Tom's wife Michelle that had Web's mind racing and a plan beginning to formulate in his cunning mind. Later that day, going through Tom's locker, Web dug out several letters from Michelle, along with a more revealing snapshot of her.

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Then there was another photo of the innocent beauty, a full-length photo of Michelle Connors that really turned Web on, captivated by the innocent beauty, dressed quite nicely ………………. His boner grew as he imagined those legs wrapped around his waist, spurring him on as he fucked her. Another letter contained a snapshot that had Web swallowing deeply as his desire for the lovely young wife soared.

Mosely stopped by to do the gardening and hose things down again! Boyfriend Only! Oh, honey ………………. Guess that cucumber I bought at the grocery store today will be used for another purpose Asstr black demon Web was sure he could and would take the innocent young beauty to heights of ecstasy a wimp like Tom Conners never even imagined possible. It was just a matter of setting it up and following through. The cunning young stud wasn't one to leave things to chance, so his first step was to ingratiate himself with his unsuspecting shipmate.

Suddenly, rather than simply going through the motions of ministering to his shipmate, Web was doing whatever it took to befriend Tom Conners and making himself virtually indispensable. Returning to port later that week, though Michelle had been informed of his injury, Tom had contacted his worried wife on the ship to shore and assured her that everything was going to be all right. He advised her of the help Web Carter was giving him and that she should not make the trip over to the coast.

Probably rent a car or van as my shipmate volunteered to drive me home before heading off to the next town where he lives, or hopefully you can drive him the rest of the way, honey! He just could not have his lovely wife there knowing that he might not be able to make love to her ever again. Just give it time!

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Maybe a year! Maybe longer! Porn flicks ……………strip clubs …………. Ya can tell me! Damn, she was a real hottie …………………. Feeling a sudden stirring in his loins, Tom gulped and blushed a bit at the thought of his shipmate wanting to fuck his white high school teacher. Then the thought of his lovely wife in the arms of Mr. Mosely, like her teasing letters had turned him on, came back fresh into his memory.

Closing his eyes, Tom thought of the snapshots Michelle had taken just to be naughty and send Asstr black demon him in her love letters. And there was one letter where Michelle had mentioned that there was a new paperboy on their route ……………. The thought of his lovely wife in the arms of a black teen or man had the feeling coming back where it counted the most.

Web could see the excitement coursing through Tom Conners, knew that he was now fantasying about all what his beautiful wife had teased him about during the many months at sea. I know yer wife would never do that to you! Jist asking if ya ever fantasized about it ……………………. Shit, yer only human …………. It gave my nuts a bit of a stir ……………………. I felt some feeling down there between my legs ……………………I might not be dead after all! Conners ……………….

Michelle ………………. Oh, good ……………………Tom mentioned me to ya! Maybe later we should talk some …………. Ya know how he is ………not wanting to worry ya and all ………………………just the way it is with him!

Having helped placed calls home early on following the accident, Web had the down pat. During that phone call, Asstr black demon advised her as to what was getting her husband down in the dumps and feeling depressed. Renting some adult films for him to watch, even taking him to a strip club did absolutely nothing! For Michelle, she had suspected all along that her husband was keeping something from her just by his avoiding the subject of being alone together to make love once again!

The ………………. I just love him so much! In talking to her, the sweet young wife was just as he had imagined, so sweet and innocent ………………………so afraid to talk of sex in any way! He had known all along that her teasing letters and provocative snapshots were done in mere fun and to keep her husband from getting depressed out at sea. Also that the young beauty had not intended on those items, and especially that of her perfume scented panties, would be viewed by anyone else other than her husband.

Having reassured the lovely Mrs. Michelle, I ……………….

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Knowing of a couple of sites that was heavy on cuckold stories and pics, once Web pulled them up, Tom Conners was on the laptop throughout the day and night. Keeping Tom company, Web saw that the stories that were tantalizing his injured shipmate most was of a cuckold white husband watching his lovely white wife having an affair with a black guy.

With all the time to kill, Web tested the waters by asking if Tom had ever worried about leaving such a gorgeous young beauty behind while off at sea for months at a time. Having befriended Tom to the point where the shipmate would now reveal some confidential items, the young husband unwittingly confided with Web that he had never been unfaithful to Michelle and was certain that his lovely wife would never cheat on him.

On that occasion, Michelle was a bridesmaid, a bit tipsy and too naive to realize the guy's true intentions. But she reluctantly complied. Very interested at this point, Web prodded Tom for more details. As she shipmate continued on, Web discovered that at first Tom was angry and jealous as he began to make his way across the reception hall to Asstr black demon in.

But then Tom advised him of stopping right in his tracks upon seeing his loving young wife in the arms of Asstr black demon man, naive to the guy's ulterior motives. With Michelle tipsy from all the champagne, the bastard was turning on the charm, distracting her with idle chit chat!

Web's interest was piqued as Tom provided more details the event, confessing that he found himself becoming sexually aroused in seeing the cunning leach maneuvering to take advantage of his beautiful young wife. Tom admitted wondering to just how far the guy would have taken it. He had wondered if the guy would plied Michelle with another drink or two, then tried to whisk her off the dance floor to a place where he could have pressed his advantage.

Tom explained that he knew Michelle would never have willingly cheated on him, but being so innocent and a bit too tipsy to think straight and caught up in the moment, he wondered just how far the guy might have gotten that night had he not finally interceded. He admitted it was an unexpected thrill to see another man make a pass at Michelle. Although it was the one and only time such an incident occurred, Tom confessed that he often thought about that night and that it still gave him a wicked thrill.

In the long drive to the town where Tom would be recuperating, the home that his wife had inherited from her parents, Web cunningly prodded Tom for intimate information about Michelle and about their sex life.

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High school sweethearts, Tom had ed the navy in hopes of later attending college through the military benefits provided, while Michelle had first gone to a community college and then on to the university for a degree in fashion de. Married just over a year, Web learned that his shipmate truly trusted his lovely wife and that she was quite an innocent young woman. Having prepared herself to see Tom arrive in a wheelchair, as his shipmate Web Carter had informed her, Michelle braved herself to welcome her husband home and was determined to not show and distress.

She was thankful that his shipmate had called her to forewarn her that Tom was in a wheel chair and that Web Carter had generously offered to drive him all the way home. Having later talked with her husband, Michelle had readily agreed that Web Carter would be their houseguest for a few days. Although Michelle did not consider herself a racist, she'd had a very sheltered life, with rather limited exposure to blacks. As she Asstr black demon smiled and extended her hand to greet Web and to thank him for his generosity in looking after Tom, Web sensed a twinge of revulsion in the young beauty as he shook her lovely petite hand.

It was late afternoon that her husband and his shipmate had arrived to the countryside home just a few miles from the downtown area that her parents had left her, a nice serene place for Tom to recuperate from his injuries. Following a nice dinner, Tom was obviously tired from the long drive plus feeling drowsy from all the medication he was taking. With Tom retiring to the spare bedroom, a suggestion that had been made by Web during the drive, it would serve as a means as not to disturb his wife nor feel the pressure of trying to prove that he could get it up and make love to his beautiful wife.

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It was the perfect idea Web had dreamt up, thus clearing the way to have the lovely young wife all alone in the master bedroom with the hopes of his paying her a visit there. With Tom Conners fast asleep, Web took a beer offered by the young wife as she sipped on a cup of hot tea. Oh, he wanted to grab her and drag her to the master bedroom and force himself between those long sexy white legs but he was game-hunting here and the thrill of the game was at hand.