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John Sheridan was mystified as he walked into the conference room at EarthDome, his confusion increasing as he spotted a weird assortment of EarthForce captains, IPX officials, and senior fighter pilots. He spotted a few friends - well, those who had managed survive the Minbari and had gotten out with their skins intact, who had been promoted for valour or because their senior officers had been killed, leaving them as the only ones in command, but there wasn't enough time for him to say hello to them. Sheridan turned and smiled when he caught sight of Elizabeth Lochley, his ex-wife before his own marriage to Anna because they had split up because they'd realised it was a mistake, who had been promoted to Lieutenant Commander and had been given command of a corvette following some skirmish. Sheridan nodded. He could see it in Elizabeth's slightly dark, haunted eyes.

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The Long Trial by R. Bernstein, With acknowledgment to my superb technical consultant, Adam Coles. Setting: From the last year of the Earth-Minbari War to the second season episode, "Revelations" She was one of the pilots the Minbari brought aboard and investigated. The Minbari discovered something unusual about her. Her father, a warrior, was captured by the Stribes, as was her Human mother.

They were experimented on.

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Havah Lassee was the result of that experiment. She slowly learns about her father; and he eventually learns about her, and about her role in the coming Shadow War, and the future of Minbar. Havah Lassee engages in combat with the enemy Minbari at Proxima Three when they ambush the outpost.

She is stranded and rescued by EarthForces on their way to defend Earth against the final assault of the Minbari, the Battle of the Line.

Earth minbari war fanfiction

On the way there, she is trained to fly a fighter as a contingency. She is captured by the Minbari. As with Jeffrey Sinclair, the Minbari discover something unusual about her, and she is released. Havah, living now in New York, encounters a Minbari man being burgled and finds an unexpected friend.

Now aboard Babylon 5 after having procured a job there as an entry-level epidemiologist, Havah attends a meeting with her supervisor, the public information officer of the station, Jeffrey Sinclair, the commander of the station, and Oren Zento, a labor mediator. It takes place just before a similar meeting with Miss Connelly, the labor representative.

A group of radicals begins attacking aliens on the station. Havah is nervous because of her hybrid state. She discovers a diary that belonged to her mother. It contains detailed and shocking information about her father. She and Ambassador Delenn meet and, after some tension, share a meal and talk about the alien attacks.

Havah begins having nightmares every night after the arrival of Mr. She encounters him watching Londo Mollari, in the Zocalo and is thrust into a dream in front of him and his associates. She seeks out a counselor for help with the dream and agrees to try hypnosis to get to the bottom of the dreams, but there is a problem.

Havah encounters her father, but he is unaware that she is his daughter. He is a powerful Minbari warrior and she wrestles with the implications.

Earth/minbari war interventions

Havah meets a young man and begins dating him. He finds out about her father and breaks up the relationship.

The Trigati makes an appearance and the Minbari are forced to respond to the problem caused by one of their own. Ambassador Delenn goes into hibernation, as she changes into a hybrid. She re-emerges partly-human and s her intent to reveal enough of the mysteries of the Battle of the Line to convince Havah to relocate to Minbar. Havah arrives on Minbar and begins her ethnography.

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She meets a new friend and is hosted by a family. During her first night there, Havah lapses into another vocal dream about Turanni, leading the hostess to realize that Havah is more than she appears. Havah explores Yedor only to find herself embroiled in a violent fight with three angry warriors.

She defeats them, but is taken in by the Minbari Fala Shok, their equivalent of the police. After her release, she is taken by friends to view the New Year ritual. Havah learns more about the background of the Minbari, and returns to Yedor to find that Sinclair has been asked to lead the Anlashok. While in his office, she has a vision while staring at him, a clue to who he really is.

He asks her to the Anlashok as his executive officer. She meets with some members of the Grey Council, who give her compelling reasons to accept the post. Havah undergoes the training and engages in a nine-day initiation mission at the conclusion of training. She returns to the Ranger compound for command training. She and Sinclair develop a surveillance network. Havah begins her duties, and has a run-in with her father.

[babylon 5] what if the humans had defeated the minbari during the earth-minbari war?

Upset, she tells Trel about the encounter. Neroon begins to remember his capture. Havah is ased to Earth to investigate the position of Earth Gov. Babylon 5 was created by J. Michael Straczynski the great makerand is a trademark of Warner Brothers. All copyrights and trademarks are implied and acknowledged.