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The story of the Back to the Future trilogy is told from Marty McFly 's perspective, but the events have a major impact upon various residents of who have a life-altering encounter with a visitor from the future. Ironically, although Biff Tannen was known as the high school bully inMarty might have seemed to be even more threatening by comparison. Marty's confrontations with Biff came without warning, and, from Biff's viewpoint, without any apparent reason.

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George stands firm.

You leave her alone. As a kid just out of the fourth grade, I learned from that Back to the Future scene that it was the responsibility of boys and men to stop sexual assaults and rape. But given how that the scene is set up in the film, I wish we could go back in time and make it vanish.

Few movies geared towards children and young adults in the s came without a heavy-handed message. But Michael J. Marty goes back to the future, and saves the life of his true father figure, Doc Brown.

Marty arrived in a pivotal year, as it turned out. Even though Back to the Future is set in a small northern California town, Marty travels 30 years back in time tothe same year that Emmett Till was lynched in Mississippi.

But in Back To The Futurethe black busboy and future mayor Goldie Wilson is just an avatar for progress; George, in finally standing up for himself and for Lorraine, is the only character allowed to actually progress. But his evolution comes at the expense of pain suffered by the principal female character, whose only positive changes in the new are reflected exclusively in her weight loss and lack of drunkenness.

It sticks out as a mistake and an opportunity missed.

The last-ditch scheme to get these two to fall in love, to which George s on, involves Marty sexually assaulting his mother, Lorraine, so his father can be the hero. It took effort to get.

Biff's perspective

I learned to use a skateboard, poorly, because of Marty McFly. Goode scene.

I also enjoyed the hilariously awkward way the film explored getting to know your mom and dad as real people before your birth and to see them fall in love. Lorraine is not so much a character as a device, denied all agency.

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