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A woman was left dripping in blood following a brutal and bloody fight with another woman. Disturbing footage of the fight, believed to have been filmed in Dublin, shows one of the women being pummelled by her dark-haired opponent who then viciously squeezes her face.

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In. Chick Fight Hide Spoilers. Anna Wynncomb Malin Akerman is the owner of a failing coffee shop. Filmed in San Juan.

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She is depressed after it burns down. Anna finds out her mom had fought there.

Circumstances causes her to have to fight Bella Thorne is 2 months and Alec Baldwin is her trainer between drinks. Bella can fight three girls at one time.

Woman left dripping in blood after getting punched during brutal fight

Fortune Feimster made me laugh. This is a comedy of fairly stock humor. A few lines made me laugh. There was a lot of sexual humor. Guide: F-word.

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No sex or nudity. Was this review helpful? The first rule of Chick Fight club is No seriously do not think too much about any given plot point. Also the other rules are not to overthink - but if you were wondering you already are starting to overthink it!

Not a good start, leave that behind! And suspend your disbelief to the max. I do like the actors involved which made many things bearable just. Like the fact it does not make much sense! If you don't accept a fight, you'l be thrown out - but you have to fight the first night you are there - now if you really would not want to fight But our main character is being told she'll get a beating if she doesn't I fell into the overthinking it trap So sit back, relax and just let it happen Initially I must admit that I wasn't really expecting much from the movie "Chick Fight", given its synopsis and with it Bloody chick fight Malin Akerman and Alec Baldwin on the cast list.

However, I didn't know that it was also a comedy prior to watching it, had I known that, then I must admit things would initially have looked more up for the movie prior to watching it. And now that I have watched it, I must say that "Chick Fight" was a good combination of action and comedy, with a pinch of drama as well.

I think the comedy elements in "Chick Fight" definitely helped spruce up the movie and make it an enjoyable movie to watch. As for the cast list, well both Malik Akerman and Alec Baldwin were surprisingly good here in this movie.

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It was good to see Marissa Labog in the movie, just a shame that her role wasn't given more screen time. The storyline in "Chick Fight" Bloody chick fight very straight forward and requires almost nothing to keeping up with. This means that the movie is rather predictable, and you know the outcome of the movie right away, of course. But that is okay, because the movie actually works out nicely as a whole. I was genuinely entertained by "Chick Fight" and I am rating it a six out of ten stars. I believe that this movie is definitely worth taking the time and effort to sit down and watch.

Vulgar and violent Gordon 28 December The film is just vulgar and violent. It's not funny, it's not heart warming and it's not moving. I dislike it. In "Come Back To Me" director Paul Leyden's "Chick Fight," dames put up their dukes and puke up their blood at a female only underground boxing arena like their male counterparts in the Brad Pitt film "Fight Club" Comparably, this estrogen-driven, LGBTQ-friendly romantic comedy glamorizes stereotypes of sweaty, hard-bodied babes sparring in sexist tropes scavenged from landmark male boxing epics.

Warning graphic: see the bloody girl brawl caught on video

Not surprisingly, this feel-good but featherweight female empowerment opus qualifies as neither the first nor the last movie about lady palookas. Indeed, several robust chick fighting films proceeded and undoubtedly influenced it. First, Frank Clarke's "Blonde Fist" charted a woman's rise to prominence as a professional boxer. Nothing about "Chick Fight" is remotely original, but freshman scenarist Joseph Downey and Leyden put their charismatic cast through their paces with such giddy glee that you cannot help but enjoy this slick but shallow saga.

Twenty years ago, the R-rated "Chick Fight" might have hoisted eyebrows with its profane dialogue, sexual innuendos, bloody fisticuffs, and fleeting drug use, but content like this now generates marginal shock value. When we meet beautiful, blond, but woebegone Anna Wyncomb Malin Akerman of "Ram"she is having a bad day.

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First, she finds herself out of toilet paper. Second, she watches helplessly as her Prius is repossessed. Third, not only are customers in her coffee shop growing scarce, but Anna also is still sinking in a sea of red ink. Anna is still reeling in shock when he introduces her to Chuck, Alec Mapa of "Hard Pill"his sniggering, pint-sized, bespectacled, Asian boyfriend. Ed explains his wife's death and his subsequent loneliness has opened him up to a new kind of relationship.

The sight of Chuck clinging happily to Ed spins Anna's head. She persuades Anna to smoke pot as well as gargle moonshine, courtesy of the police evidence locker, to sooth her soul. It doesn't help matters Anna hasn't recovered from the recent death of her mom.

Absent-mindedly, she knocks the t into a puddle of illegal moonshine that Charleen had splashed on the floor. Later, an inferno engulfs Anna's coffee shop. Naturally, our heroine had no insurance. If things couldn't possibly get worse, not only does Charleen order Anna to put a pillow case over her head, but she also escorts her into an illegal underground fight club for women!

According to Charleen, Anna must confront her fears before she can achieve her dreams. Anna finds herself in an auditorium with a boxing ring in a giant cage where women dodge haymakers. The catch is Anna must challenge an opponent before she can exit the club or she must battle the burly owner, Bear Fortune Feimster of "Friendsgiving"who won't let her out without a scrap.

Reluctantly, our heroine squares off against a mousy librarian. Bookworm decks Anna with a sucker punch. Tradition dictates each victor must pin a dollar bill to a wall of fame papered with Washington's portraits. Bloody chick fight major revelation of the evening for Anna is the news her dearly departed mom launched the shelter as a safe haven for women!

Bear plays a video of Anna's mom before she succumbed to cancer. Just as everything appears to be returning to normal, Anna encounters an upstart contender, Olivia Bella Thorne of "Infamous"about half her age who vows to annihilate her. Not only does pugnacious Olivia want to take over the club, but she also aims to steer in fresher blood and oust the old dames! Predictably, Olivia flattens three adversaries at once in short order, and this feat petrifies poor Anna. Charleen introduces Anna to an unorthodox trainer, Murphy Alec Baldwin of "Heaven's Prisoners"a pot-bellied drunkard who can't carry a tune in a bucket at a karaoke bar.

Miraculously, no matter where he lands after he falls, Murphy never spills a drop!

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After he takes Anna on as a client, Murphy puts her through a rigorous boot camp reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone's training in "Rocky" Murphy toughens Anna up. First, she must burst a watermelon open with her fists while dancing barefoot on a sizzling hot Florida beach. Eventually, after slugging half the day away, she manages to pulverize the elusive, thick-skinned fruit!

Second, Murphy teaches her to crave pain.

Anna spars with a partner, but she must take the blows rather than parry them! Director Paul Leyden keeps the action fast and frivolous, and "Chick Fight" taps out at a tolerable minutes.

Malin Akerman qualifies as a sympathetic underdog heroine who constantly finds herself stumbling over one predicament after another. Bella Thorne makes such an obnoxious but gorgeous villain you want to poke her in the face.

Alec Baldwyn behaves like he had a blast as Anna's boozy trainer. Although it often pulls its punches, "Chick Fight" manages to go the distance. This film start with a woman "Anna" go to the toilet, and the introduction of a police woman "Charleen" scene! As turnout, this film is about Anna need to make a living by fighting in a underground female fight club, after her working place been burn down!

Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the smoking scene, overuse of the drinking scene, overuse of the sticking dollar bill at the wall scene, overuse of the referee shouting "fight" scene, and overuse of the mocking scene! Make the film unwatchable! All the fighting scene have blood at certain point, but overall full of slow-motion, portray by sideways, and long angle!