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For decades, the Borg had been attempting to assimilate the Federation. Everything they tried failed. Even Locutus was a spectacular failure and the Queen had especially high hopes for that one. The Co I was Invited to a Cosplay party where I would be assimilated. Arriving to Find ten stunning women with breasts exposed to my delight.

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By Billy Standaert.

Unfinished This is a crossover. The Borg from Star Trek have been attacking Megakat City for days, recognizing its citizens as worthy of assimilation, but interference from the Swat Kats has convinced the Borg Queen, the leader of the Borg, that they must use a Kat to help them assimilate the citizens of MegaKat City.

That person just happens to be Razor. Summary: This is a crossover. The Borg came seemingly from out of nowhere. They came, announcing their intention to assimilate the citizens of MegaKat City.

The only thing that was able to stand up to them was the Swat Kats. He did not know if T-bone had survived. But, if Razor knew him as well as he thought, he probably would have. Razor did not know where he was until he saw several of the Borg walk by him, strange though that they did not notice him, nor attack him. Razor decided to follow the corridor to see if he could find a way out. Eventually, the corridor ended in a large chamber-like room. Its head attached itself to the torso.

The Borg Queen walked closer to Razor.

We want to incorporate your species into our collective. Razor was thinking. The Borg Queen saw this as a perfect opportunity to appeal to his sense of humanity, to ease suffering and death. He had seen so much death and destruction and suffering that it was convincing him that any alternative was acceptable. Razor saw he had no choice.

If he could end the suffering and death of so many kats, he knew he had to do it. First, you will be injected with nanoprobes to make your body be able to adjust to the changes that will occur in your body. Then, cybernetic implants will be attached and, after that, all will be clear. A calm passiveness then befell Razor.

The Borg Queen then gestured to Razor to lie down on a big metallic table where the assimilation would be completed. Razor laid down on the table, and the Borg drones around them secured the clamps around his legs and arms. Then, the attachment of the cybernetic components began. A neural transceiver that would connect Razor to the rest of the collective.

A personal shield to protect him from harm. A neuro-processor that would contain all instructions given to Razor from the Queen and the collective. An interlink node that would allow Razor to interface with other drones. A deator interface circuit that would give Razor the information on his new Borg deation.

A cortical array to contain memories. A Chronometric node that would contain physiological data on Razor. Bio-synthetic glands to replace organic glands that were removed from Razor.

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A vocal subprocessor to give Razor better communications ability. Finally, the Borg armor and exo-plating was attached to protect the implants and Razor. The assimilation was over. Razor could feel the bristling technology throughout his body. He could also hear the collective. He could hear the voices and minds and thoughts of billions of other Borg.

Finally, he heard a familiar voice. Razor did, and he spoke his deation. Razor walked up to a platform to a viewing screen, and the Borg Queen activated it. In an instant, almost all of Megakat City could see Razor. You will be assimilated; your biological and technological distinctivenesses will be added to our own.

Razor ended his message. Razor walked over to his alcove and, just before he interfaced with it, the Borg Queen spoke to him. Next Chapter.

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Razor woke up in the middle of a dark corridor. The Borg Queen commanded a nearby Borg drone to inject Razor with nanoprobes. How do you feel? He then began his regeneration. Greenbox Dr. Harley Street Dr. Konway Dr. Zyme Dr.