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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. You're literally a trans girl already, hon. Then she desired Cinderella to go to the trap, and bring her a rat. Just to be clear I have had him playing girls video game, doing girl talk and he also said he does what ever I want.

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Hide Works-in-Progress. Include Tags. Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Unexpected Changes by hiart Rated R. Published: Oct 7th, Tags: donkey 0 anthro tiger 0 ears 0 tiger 0 paws 0 tail 0 anthro 0 tail growth 0 female 0 tailgrowth 0 hooves 0.

This is about two girls that partially transform into a Donkey and a Tiger respectively, it focuses mostly on tail growth, but also includes paws, hooves, and ears, beware. Trust Misplaced by backdoorabbey Rated X. Published: Sep 7th, Tags: donkey 0 woman to donkey 0 feral 0 mating 0 unwilling 0 soft mind break 0. A post graduate looking to make a life change seeks help in the wrong person.

An Asinine Ritual by gabrielmoon. Published: Aug 17th, Tags: anal 0 oral 0 mental 0 magic 0 feral 0 equine 0 donkey 0 messy 0 straight to gay 0 male 0 defecation 0. One man's spell to grant him in animal guide backfires and ends with he and his friend becoming the bonded beasts that he had hoped for! Running to a new life by backdoorabbey Published: Jul 30th, Last Updated: Jul 30th, Tags: impregnation 1 unwilling 1 knocked up 1 transformation 0 donkey 0 mating 0 woman to donkey 0 equine 0 animal transformation 0 magic 0. A young woman on a run makes a life changing wrong turn.

Not a Total Fool by kevinrooste. Published: Jun 30th, Last Updated: Jul 1st, Tags: transgender 0 endowed 0 wealth 0 injection 0 devious 0 science 0 tail 0 luck 0 donkey 0 furry 0 rejuvenation 0 straight 0 divorce 0 masturbation 0 m-f 0 aging 0 stud 0 serum 0. Aging but wealthy, a man seeks his physical rejuvenation, but providence intercedes, and his future never looked better Rated PG.

Published: May 6th, Tags: donkey transformation 0 animal transformation 0 female into donkey 0 donkey 0 woman into donkey 0. The second part to Harlee Kwinn's adventures in our world. When she can't settle she ventures out into the town and comes across something that draws her attention and she hatches a plan, a plan to test her power.

Moments To Hours by drachronic. Published: Apr 29th, Last Updated: Apr 29th, Tags: slight horror 0 horse 0 tf 0 bend 0 donkey 0 weight gain 0 romantic 0 age progression 0 reality 0 male 0 men 0 relationship 0 anal 0 hyper 0 anthro 0 transformation 0 warp 0 gay 0 muscle growth 0. When physics fails, a man learns about his past.

The Witches by gabrielmoon. Published: Feb 25th, Tags: unwilling 1 donkey 0 m-tg-f 0 bovine 0 female on male 0 mtf 0 mouse 0 male and female 0 forced 0 horse 0 humiliation 0 transgender 0 chicken 0 animal transformation 0 magical transformation 0 equine 0 f-tg-m 0 bull 0 partial transformation 0. Based on the film that introduced many of us to the concept of TF, a North American chapter of the coven tries to eliminate college-aged people by making asses of them. Published: Feb 23rd, Last Updated: Feb 24th, Tags: horse 0 male on female 0 horse penis 0 horse transformation 0 magical transformation 0 breast expansion 0 stays female 0 muscle growth 0 donkey 0 age regression 0 stays male 0 weight gain 0 masturbation 0.

An aging witch growing tired of having to use magic to maintain the illusion of beauty has discovered a ritual to harvest the youth and vigor of another being. The only catch is she's too moral to steal the life of another human, and stealing from an animal has rather severe side-effects.

But a chance meeting with a young vain knight in need of her magical services gives her a brilliant idea. Published: Feb 12th, Tags: chimera 0 snake 0 fairytale 0 donkey 0 jinn 0 blood 0 camel 0 woman to camel 0 violence 0 anthro 0 woman to chmera 0. An Iraqi army translator finds herself in the middle of a modern Arabian fairytale. Making an Ass by thunder. Published: Feb 11th, Tags: donkey 0 man to donkey 0 donkey transformation 0.

When your friend turns into a donkey, what do you tell his wife?

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When the Tourists are Gone by thunder. Published: Feb 2nd, Tags: man to donkey 0 donkey transformation 0 donkey 0. A miserable English tourist doesn't quite make it to Disney World. Instead, an act of kindness opens the door for a much happier and more permanent vacation.

Disturbing Family Heritage by kevinrooste. Published: Jan 25th, Last Updated: Jun 28th, Tags: devisive -1 curse 0 wishes 0 heifer 0 bestiality 0 pony 0 jennet 0 magic 0 transformation 0 girlfriends 0 equine 0 stallion 0 donkey 0 great dane 0 charm 0 genie 0 mare 0 bull 0 breeding 0. A disgruntled Arabian Genie works his magic to do physical harm to a man, his wife, and son, making a ripple in their family's heritage Lollipop by weredonkey.

Published: Jan 1st, Last Updated: Jan 1st, Tags: donkey transformation 0 donkey 0 feral 0 man to donkey 0. A lollipop has unusual effects on its consumer. We're all Dudes in Here! Donkey TF by gabrielmoon. Published: Dec 7th, Tags: straight to gay 1 donkey 1 anal sex 0 male and male 0 unaware of change 0 animal transformation 0 rimming 0 equiine 0 mental changes 0 oral sex 0 mutual masturbation 0. A man whose embarrassed about being naked in front of other guys in a gym locker room gets a little help from a protein shake to help him 'relax' in front of the guys.

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Published: Nov 23rd, Tags: anal sex 1 male and male 1 animal transformation 1 romance 0 donkey 0 oral sex 0 mental 0 mating 0 unaware of change 0 equine 0. Patreon Commission! A couple attending a cosplay convention are blissfully unaware as they start to transform into sexy beasts of burden.

Published: Nov 19th, Last Updated: Nov 19th, Tags: equine 0 instincts 0 mental 0 straight to gay 0 defecation 0 oral sex 0 messy 0 donkey 0 animal transformation 0 mating 0 braying 0 anal sex 0. A man, unsatisfied with his life, takes a drink from his bartender that helps him towards a more pleasant, if asinine future. Preparing - for - Worse by kevinrooste. Published: Oct 18th, Last Updated: Jun 28th, Tags: stud 0 passion 0 donkey 0 m-f 0 bestiality 0 transformation 0 stud m-f 0. An animal loving woman finds her thrills with and from a equally horny stallion Tags: transformation 0 tainting 0 sheep 0 fornicating 0 jackass 0 sauce 0 donkey 0 m-m 0 lust 0 apple 0 m-f 0 faun-satyr 0 ram 0 pollution 0.

Pollution from a science laboratory filters into a stream and the water is used to irrigate an apple orchard and people drink the water, causing changes in the community Pucker Up, Jenny by kayemarquet. Published: Sep 30th, Tags: donkey 2 mental changes 1 messy 1 transgender 1 jenny 1 permanent 0 mating 0 gender transformation 0 breeding 0 gender change 0 embarrassment 0 man to donkey 0 mtf 0 animal transformation 0 humiliation 0 donkey transformation 0.

A Patreon story involving a man who just can't help himself and suffers quite the fall from grace as a result.