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Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes. She slowly unlocked the door, opening it soon after. She pulled him in. Especially their size? In any way.

I love her too much to do that. That whole monster thing is just a facade.

Her mom smiled taking in what her daughter and Braun had just told her. Originally posted by deanvmbrose. These prompts are gonna be a bit shorter than my usually writting but hopefully still just as good lol. He narrowed his eyes at you as if he was trying to get a closer look at you. Cause wherever I go, the shirt goes. But thank you. Originally posted by prowrestlingnow. Tag List: littleprincess princesstoniii eshia16 panic-angel For a second she automatically assumed it was the dude that had brought her the drink, who had tilted it in some childish manner just to get a rise out of her and a quick laugh from others at the party.

But she dismissed that when she saw Seth standing in front of her with apologetic look on his face. If you wanted to humiliate me, your plan worked.

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If he thought that him saying wait up, was gonna make her actually wait up, he had another thing coming. Fucking up your dress was my fault though. But it was done with good intentions.

And the way he was rubbing up and down your thigh. It was like he was trying to get you drunk. Maybe he just was interested in me. Or is that so hard to believe.

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All he wanted was to get his words out, probaly three of the most important words at the moment, but from the sirens of a cop car. The officer must have taken notice because he soon lowered the light before speaking again. Get in. Tag List: panda-girl geekoftv xfirespritex queennikki-kingdean calwitch maryskahadeondawwe batgirlbethany.

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe. In a deserted hallway, that at any moment could be accompanied by Roman, or worse my older brother Dean. I took into Braun strowman fanfiction how clenched his jaws were before I called him out.

I shifted uncontrollably in my seat, playing in my hair while trying to make it fall over my neck. Dean had already knew, just hearing the way he spoke was a dead give away that had seen something. Which I mean, if you look at it, maybe the seven or almost seven year age gap was concerning but then again some women have dated older. You, Roman and Seth have your problems but that no longer concerns me as hard as it is to say.

You found out before I could tell you but you know now, so just try and be happy for me. My brother shook his head. Dean started the car back up. Seth pulled me up onto his lap.

Us getting married was one of those cliche getting drunk and waking up the next day with wedding rings your fingers, while we just so happened to be in Vegas, making this whole surprise marriage even more cliche. And honestly, the day after it happened, and my hungover had eased, I was the first to bring up getting this annulled as soon as possible but Seth kept talking me out of it. Tag List: eshia16 cam0flug3 littleprincess panic-angel princesstoniii wwe-rollins-lover pookiepookie8 monochrome-decadance.

Alicia furrowed her eyebrows looking from me to Mickie James, then Alexa before nodding. Just before me and the other ladies were about to inch a bit closer to the noise, that had gotten much louder by the way, all four of us came face to face, eye to eye, whatever you want to call it, we were staring back at a large group Braun strowman fanfiction the Smackdown roster.

Running late | braun strowman

And the other being, what is my boyfriend doing on the other side, looking like he was some army general leading his troops into battle or something. As I was trying to get my sentence, or question, whatever I was trying to say or wanted to say out, another familiar face of a once considered best friend came into view.

Before I could register what happened, a I could feel not one but two pair of hands one me, one gripping my hair and the other somewhere else on my body.

And for a split second I was sure that because of the position two of the Smackdown ladies had me in, that my three friends had run off, but I was wrong. One of them, who after I heard the voice, I knew was Alicia came up grabbing at the arms of the Smackdown ladies, sorta scratching at mines in the process. His fellow superstars from the Smackdown roster ed in on what seemed like a game to them, starting up with the chant for AJ to break up with me.

The break up with her chants were almost immediately replaced with cheers as if this was what they wanted and had planned and had successfully gotten it. Almost immediately after I sent that tweet out my notifications flooded with retweets but a dm notification caught my attention. But nope. Minutes passed before I got Braun strowman fanfiction reply from AJ and a knock sounded at my door, causing me to put my phone down and go over to answer it.

Purposely wanting him to suffer, for a few seconds at least I continued with my silence, but slowly extended my arm to take the flowers from him, bringing them to my noise to inhale their sweet scent. Once I brought my eyes back up to him, a smile crossed my face.

Tag List: eshia16 littleprincess panic-angel princesstoniii pookiepookie8 monochrome-decadance gurl-writer. Wake up. My looked at me for a second, like he was trying to read my face or something then finally spoke up again. But what I wanted was to tell you your sister made breakfast. I smiled. You know that month I was out of school for a couple weeks. Tag List: panda-girl geekoftv xfirespritex queennikki-kingdean calwitch maryskahadeondawwe batgirlbethany panic-angel princesstoniii eshia16 littleprincess jooheonie-bee. Originally posted by hiitsmekevin.

Wwe fluff & stuff — what are you doing under there? (braun strowman x

Seth and Reader hate each other but have to share a room together. Will one night rooming together change things?

The desk clerk picked up the phone. Then shook his head at the clerk. Are you trying to cause a publicity hell for WWE? Then you could have the room to yourself. She turned around from putting her hair in a messy bun to see Seth now awake and sitting up in bed.

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Seth smirked playfully. You just said that to get under my skin right? You know the nudes thing? Tag List: littleprincess eshia16 princesstoniii panic-angel Originally posted by vaniwin. Besides what guy has to get out of the Braun strowman fanfiction, come all the way around to the passenger side, and steal a quick, but long enough for Dean, hug? Dean threw a smile of his own back to her, his dimples on full display. Like out of her life.

Nikki frowned, shaking her head for like the third time since Dean started his conversation with her. Dean looked down at his hand, feeling some spilled beer roll down it. His girlfriend shook her head, holding her hand out between them again. My cousin. You thought I would cheat on you? Dean, mentally cursed himself. But when he watched her turn around, he knew he was wrong. While also leaving Dean, alone with his thoughts, making him go over in his head how much he messed up, again and again. Tag List: eshia16 cam0flug3 princesstoniii littleprincess wwe-rollins-lover monochrome-decadance.

Reader gets mad at how much time Corey spends partying instead of wanting to be with her. Her boyfriend doubled over tying his shoes. Not my problem you chose to stay in here. He asked me to come but you know me. Lana shook her head, rolling her eyes.

If you said no, then he could at least take off a night from partying to be with his girlfriend. Lana shrugged, biting her lip. You know I know. Might as well give tonight a try, plus maybe this will lead to a good night filled with making up with Corey. Lana grabbed my hand pulling me off somewhere. Besides, I kinda wanna find my boyfriend.