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But most flippers — folks who buy and resell any item for profit — are part-time hustlers who scavenge thrift shops, yard sales, and local flea markets for secondhand gems that they can resell on global online platforms. The art form is in finding and identifying an undervalued asset. As US unemployment claims surpass 40mmore people are scrounging for income. For those of us still working, the shuttered economy has led to a sharp increase in online shopping — particularly on eBay and other platforms that specialize in used merchandise.

How exactly does flipping work?

Where can good deals be had? And is this really a sustainable way to make money? InRob met Melissa, who was then working as an equestrian performer at Arabian Nights, a dinner show in Orlando. The two fell in love, married, and had kids; Rob found full-time work taking pictures of houses for an insurance company.

Melissa, then a personal trainer, was unable to work. Together, they sat down and formulated a plan. How, exactly, do these s break down? To make this money, the couple flipped 90 items. The Stephensons are a bit atypical in their approach to flipping. When browsing flea markets and local online postings, Rob will look for big commercial machines, like pallet jacks and boom lifts, which others might shy away from.

He then leverages his truck, trailer, and shipping connections to pick up and quickly sell them.

When he went to pick it up, the hotel told him they were selling 60 — so he bought them all. The one that takes the cake, though, is the Ottobock prosthetic leg Rob found sitting on a table at a flea market. You just have to get it in front of the right eyeballs.

Pre-pandemic, the couple generally spent 2 hours per week grazing through flea markets, another 2 hours scanning online apps for local deals, and hours cleaning, fixing, posting, and shipping items. He relies on a few sources:. His favorite event is YardSalean annual mile-long yard sale that stretches from Alabama to Michigan.

But he finds the bulk of his goods through to minute daily browses of the local marketplace apps. Today, his smartphone eliminates these gambles. If I like what I see, I go back and negotiate with the vendor.

With that prosthetic leg, for instance, he was able to look up the make and model, check closed auctions on eBay, and determine the value of what he was looking at.

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On occasion, Rob and Melissa like to subject themselves to a challenge :. Flea Market Flipper is one of hundreds of flipping blogs — and it operates in a space rife with snake-oil salesmen, many of whom make grandiose claims about income potential. Marion who, like several other people we talked to, asked us not to use her last name has been flipping items for a little over a year.

There is a certain level of skill involved in flipping, gleaned through years of experience, relationships with vendors, and knowledge of the resale market. Privacy policy. Generic filters Hidden label. Hidden label. By: Zachary Crockett zzcrockett. In recent months, flipping has seen something of a renaissance. A flipper is born Rob Stephenson was first introduced to flipping as a 16 year old.

He relies on a few sources: Local online markets : OfferUp, LetGo Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist Discount markets and stores : Yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores Trash : Dumpsters, free stuff people throw out His favorite event is YardSalean annual mile-long yard sale that stretches from Alabama to Michigan. Resell that item through an online platform for a profit.

Reinvest the profit in another item s to resell. A few other general tips that help the couple successfully flip: For flea markets and yard sales: 1 Always bring cash, 2 Focus on smaller vendors, 3 Talk to everyone you can, and 4 Set a budget in advance. Appliances like electric cooktops generally yield good returns.

Algorithms love consistency.

The more often you use a platform, the more often people will see your items. Use uShipor another online marketplace for local freight providers, to minimize shipping costs. A good side hustle — with measured expectations Flea Market Flipper is one of hundreds of flipping blogs — and it operates in a space rife with snake-oil salesmen, many of whom make grandiose claims about income potential.

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Captain morgan statue craigslist

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How a florida couple “flipped” their way to a 6-figure income

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