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The casts are now very different. Starting with a shoulder spica. My eye took in every detail. She was wearing another unflattering long skirt and a cardigan that was practical. This would be a dream come true! His secret cast fetish complicates his life.

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If you have a casting question not found below, education srs.

If you have a casting question that was not answered by these questions, education srs. Member Become a Member. Johnston: Every months.

Criteria depends on intent — if going for cure then curve should be 15 degrees or less a magnitude you would be comfortable onserving. Someone mentioned a special type of stockinette used under the cast to allow easy removal of foreign objects that get inside the cast.

Please explain.

Sanders : Charlie mentioned this. I use a Boston Brace shirt.

We used to use silver impregnated Knit-Rite shirts as Charlie mentioned but now we use regular Knit-Rite shirts. What is the oldest patient that can be casted? Johnston: Probably more important is patient weight — upper limit around 30 kg, but not enough experience to give hard and fast rules.

Sanders : Unknown.

I have casted children up to age 10 but rarely have casted age 6 and up. Could you elaborate on the relationship between pulmonary compromise and age of initial treatment? Johnston : Age at initial treatment not correlated with pulmonary function, and pulmonary compromise usually seen in juvenile or older.

Sanders: Unfortunately, all our information is anecdotal. Pulmonary compromise is from the interaction of intrinsic pulmonary disease, muscle weakness, neural control, and chest volume.