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As he carefully washed his hands with Betadine soap, and hot water, he explained quite matter of factly to Annie that her master wanted to find out the sensitivity of her Urethra and how wide it could be stretched. He also explained that it would be uncomfortable, but no real harm would come to her as he knew how much the human body could take, and would be Eric couldn't make eye contact with her.

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Sex with my long term partner Mark has been really great. Considering that we have been married for a couple of years now. We sometimes get into a routine and things can get some what boring. This does not imply that our sex life is boring as the two of us made sure of that!

We make love, explore different options and test boundaries with each other. We have attempted pretty much every sex position and tried every opening that is conceivable.

Sex toys like vibrators and dildos have been a part of our love making regime for quite some time now. I think he probably saw a few photos on the web of her too. She is certainly not the most attractive porn star out there. He showed me a photo of her. He was so excited about the whole concept. I recollect him saying that he wished his little finger would fit into my urethra a of times after watching her on screen.

After several weeks he surprised me by bringing home two catheters which I had never seen before and did not know much about. He told me he had bought them online, they were foley catheters in two sizes. One was relatively small and the other a bit thicker — they were in sterile packaging. When I went to unwrap them Mark told me not to touch them Catheter fetish stories we were ready to use them as this would help to avoid the catheters getting any dirt or bacteria on them.

I am a woman who has never experienced urethral play before so I was excited yet a little scared when the night came and I saw Mark put on some sterile white latex gloves to try out one of the foley catheters. He stood between my legs and carefully unwrapped the smaller of the two catheters. Feeling it slide inside me caused me no stress or pain however my clit became harder and a wonderful pins and needles feeling began inside my pee gap.

It was enjoyable so I asked him to place it further inside me. As he did, I had the incredible urge to pee.

Not being able to control myself I relieved myself all over the bed. Luckily, Mark had the foresight to place a towel underneath me. I looked up at his smiling face and I could see that when he watched me urinate it greatly pleased and aroused him. The catheter was now about 3 inches inside me and the urination stopped so he gently began to push it further in.

He filled a little plastic syringe with sterile water that connected to the catheter and began to squeeze the liquid through the tube. I could feel a little bag expanding just past the entrance of my bladder. It was a weird but in no way an uncomfortable experience. Get up, have a walk around. I got up and walked around the bedroom with the catheter hanging out of my you know what.

I was fascinated by the bizarre feeling. We kept it in for about an hour whilst Mark vigilantly brought me glasses of water to drink until eventually I felt the incredible urge to pee but could not. Mark mischievously opened a small valve and we watched as the bag quickly filled with my urine.

The relief I felt was overwhelming.

Knowing that Mark now had the power over whether I would urinate or not made me extremely horny and I began playing with my clit. In just a few strokes I orgasmed. I could see that Mark also played with his bulge through the front of his pants. This was our first foray into catheter play and I have to say I was already a fan.

Catheter and enema

There was no pain and I hate pain. Needless to say we had a big sex session afterwards and both my holes were well accommodated by his hard and thick cock. About a week had passed when Mark asked if I would like to try catheter play again. Of course I was interested and even more so when I saw that he had brought the thicker one into the bedroom. This time I noticed that he also had a large bottle of lubricant with him. I was more turned on than the week as I knew what was about to happen and felt much more comfortable.

I assumed the position wondering if this would go in as easily as the first one.

Mark quickly unwrapped the catheter, generously put lube all over the tip and began to very slowly worm the catheter into my urethral opening. This was so weird, he had not even touched my clit but I had an earth shattering explosion of an orgasm.

When I orgasmed, I yelled out how much I loved my husband. I grabbed his buttocks and forced him to thrust his hard cock in my mouth, I did my best to encourage him to throat fuck me. I deep-throated him and in minutes he shot his load down my eager throat. Now we both had cum. I asked Mark to test how far he could stretch and go up my urethra with this thick catheter. Now, I have to be honest, part of this was for me but I also wanted Mark to realize his fantasy of sticking his finger in my urethra just like in the amazing adult video we watched of Ty the porn star.

I thought to myself what a feeling that would be as I knew how much of a turn on this would be for him. Over the next few weeks we trialled a whole heap of different things in my urethera always making sure they were sterile like a toothbrush handle, a pen and even a texta. Each item had a different feeling which all ultimately lead to sexual satisfaction for the both of us.

He would insert one of the items and take it out with a smooth and gentle thrusting motion. On many occasions for reasons that are unknown to me I would orgasm through the urethra. It would set off a blended orgasm and my sphincter would go into spasms of delight.

It was such a turn on that I began to experiment when Mark was not home with some solo play. It was not long before I managed to graduate to some pinky play where I would finger fuck my urethra. The only drawback with my pinkie finger fucking was that it was not long enough so I began to experiment with my other fingers slowly graduating to thicker and longer fingers until I could fully insert my index finger all the way up to the knuckle. It took a few of these sessions till I finally came clean with Mark to let him know what I Catheter fetish stories done.

At first I thought he may be a little angry with my solo sexual escapades but he surprised me by being all the more enthused and asked if he could watch. This has opened my eyes up to the world of urethral sounding for women! Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading Catheter fetish stories FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

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