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for Free! All for her "You do what is needed sometimes Score 4. Famous Story. Published 6 years ago. I went to one of my favorite nude beaches though the weather was not great. There were people on the textile side but it seemed there was no one on the nude side. As I wandered over I met a woman, probably in her mid fifties, and we spoke for a minute.

She was living in the area now but had lived in Puget Sound where I am now. I started to climb over some rocks to get to the nude beach, and she followed, commenting on how she thought since I went she could make it with help as well. Once we got over the rocks and I confirmed no one was there, I was Cfnm beach stories. I wondered if I should stay or wander up to the next nude beach further up the way near Stinson Beach. I said thanks, and as I started to pull off my shirt, I told her how my girlfriend and I were into CFNM clothed female, nude male situations so this was a perfect.

We believe it to be liberating for women when men are nude while they were not. Really it is more that it is their choice not to be nude or not, while the man was in a more vulnerable situation. I pulled them off and stood in front of her completely nude. In comparison, she was wearing a light long sleeve shirt with Capri-style pants; so quite the opposite of me at this point.

I laid out my towel and we sat down. She did her best to not stare but clearly was interested in the fact that I was now naked as anyone would be. We continued to talk for a while and I found out she was recently divorced and it had been messy. After about twenty minutes, I asked her to go for a walk with me, not that the beach was long, but I wanted us to stretch our legs as well as show off a bit. I pulled the belt out from my jeans and she looked at it curiously but did not make a comment.

You are free to do what you would like with it. A moment later was the first swing.

I winced but knew it was for her own good. My bare backside would take the punishment so she could feel better. She continued for about ten turns and then she paused. By now I had a full erection, even as my rear was warm and stinging. I straightened and turned toward her. I straightened up.

I am done for now, but would like to do it again in a bit, if you can handle it. We walked back to the towel and she sat down.

My backside was a bit sore, so I just stood and she took it all in, noting that she had not believed it would feel so incredible, my being nude and being spanked by her. I said I was glad I could help and clearly, with a smile, commented that she was not the only one getting something out of it. About this time it had started to warm up and another couple was just climbing over the rocks. I still had an erection, so I lied belly down on the towel, partially to hide it but also because my rear was still tingling.

The couple smiled, said hello and continued to walk to the middle of the beach, about half way between us and the rock. They laid out their towels Cfnm beach stories both took off their clothes. They were an attractive couple, probably in their early to mid-thirties. The woman and I continued to speak about a random set of topics, including nudism, CFNM and spanking, but not focusing on those alone. She looked right at it and laughed.

She patted my butt with her hand and commented that she would think about it, but also picked up the belt.

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We must have been quite the sight to the couple as we walked by: a fully clothed woman carrying a belt alongside a nude man with an erection and slightly redden backside. Since I was with her, I did not worry about hiding it. It is amazing how being with a woman allows you to get away with things you might not otherwise.

The couple nodded again and said hello, and the girl noted and commented on the situation to her boyfriend, though we could not hear anything specific. As we got to the rock, she asked me if I was sure Cfnm beach stories this, looking back the couple a little apprehensively. I leaned over on the rock again making sure I could see them.

Again, without a word, the woman doubled up the belt; placed her hand on my back and started to spank me. Her rhythm continued to be about ten swings before a pause. I felt her pain with every swing. The couple was watching intensely at this point. The woman patted my bottom with her hand a couple of times and asked if I was okay again.

It was an interesting feeling after the belt, it still stung but not as much and it really was more personal. She gave a soft pat at the end and picked up the belt again asking if she can have one more round with it. The man had a straight face and just stared while the woman had a big smile and was frequently covering her face with her hand as things progressed.

Again I felt her hand on my back just before the first swing - ten strappings later she was done and I stood and turned to her. I never would have thought this could make me feel so, well, good. The couple continued to watch.

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I still had an erection but my backside was pretty sore by now. I asked if she felt she was done, and she said yes and thanks again. We started to walk back to our towel and wandered closer to the couple then before, curious what they might say. At first I did not think they were going to say anything, as they just watched us approach with the deer-in-the-headlights look. Wow, amazing…are you okay? I told you she was going to strap him with that belt. We got to the towel, and I laid down again on my stomach.

After another ten minutes or so, a few more people appeared, and some of them noticed my backside, but no one said anything. The woman laughed and took the belt and made it look like she had just been using it on me.

After an hour we figured it was time to go. The woman patted and rubbed my backside a bit; it was already feeling better. We discussed if I should walk back to my car nude but figured there maybe too many people on the textile side this late in the day to pull that off.

I got dressed, gingerly pulling on my underwear over my still-tender rear. We both climbed over the rocks and back to our cars.

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She gave me a hug, saying thanks one last time and that it was amazing time and really did help. She got in her car and started to pull away as I walked to mine. Spanking exhibitionism nude beach cfnm.