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How old am I: 39
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in. He finally told me that he was a crossdresser, this was also a revelation for him. This was a constant source of our fights and unhappiness i n our marriage. I often found clothes and I would think that he was having an affair. He then told me that he liked the feeling of the items and that it reminded him of me when I was not around.

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When Saturday finally came after what seemed to be foreveraround 10 pm I said to my wife that I was going get ready and asked if she was still OK with me dressing up. I took a quick shower and put on my matching bra and panties set, the tan holdup stockings, the beige high heels, wig, and the satin slip. Needless to say, I was getting excited as I sat on the bed waiting for her to me. I heard her switching off lights downstairs and then coming upstairs to use the family bathroom. The anticipation continued to Crossdressed with wife as I heard water running as she freshened up.

She knocked on the bedroom door and asked if I was ready and should she come in. My wife had never seen me dressed before, and I had no idea how she would react. I stood at the foot of the bed and told her to come in.

I suppose it was always going to be shock for her to see her husband dressed in stockings and heels and satin petticoat, even if she was expecting it… She opened the door and did a double take, even giggling a bit, though I believe that it was out of nervousness! She entered, wrapped only in a towel, and had a good look at me from all sides, lifted the petticoat, presumably to see if I was wearing tights or stockings, and actually commented that I looked really good!!

She was especially complimentary about my legs, which I suppose were flattered by the stockings.

We started caressing and kissing and she laughed again, saying it felt so weird to feel a bra on me but by then she was getting pretty turned on herself. My wife headed to the bathroom to clean up so stashed all of my female clothing. When she came back, there was no of Jemma, just her familiar husband again. I asked her how she felt about the whole thing.

Sometimes life seems to be working against you and you can be denied the opportunity to be your real self.

Christina has lost herself to people and circumstances. She is working to get get back to her real self. Sometimes what happens in Vegas is too darn fun, exhilarating, and pleasantly unexpected and you just need to take it home with you. With the encouragement of some CDH sisters, my wife and I shared a two-day adventure as fun-loving girlfriends in this crazy town.

If you feel ap How old was I? Probably 28 or 29, maybe I was long passed the time when the clothes were an end in themselves; and being Cassie in the world, in public, was the wonderful pleasure. After sharing a travelogue of her adventures traveling to and attending EspritCyn takes a few moments to reflect on her experiences and the impact that they have had on her life. I dream of having my own fashion clothing store that has beautiful dresses, lingerie and shoes for sale. It would be a place where everyone is welcome to try things on, take photos, and buy if they like what they see.

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I had started going out on a trip to the southern US. I grew up in a nice family environment with an older brother. My mom is a calm, understanding, and loving type, and my dad is loving as well, but in a different way. He is also a strong and hard man. Crossdressed with wife is strong in his mora In mid-OctoberI made a decision that changed my world. The family thought it was f Wonderful that you got to share with her.

You are so fortunate to have an accepting partner. I wish my partners could have been even a little accepting when I was married but no such luck. Cant help but envy you. Thanks for sharing! That sounded like every CDs fantasy. My wife and I have gone out together many times, and with others. She checks me out before I leave the house to go out with girlfriends. Love to chat about CDing…check out my gallery.

Lovely story Jemma. I hope that you get another chance soon. Maybe a little more relaxed next time. You look great in your makeover pic. Thanks for sharing, Julie xoxo. Good n your wife for understanding the frustration life and circumstances had forced on you and being willing to step out of her comfort zone so you could ease that frustration.

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Give her time and hopefully it will be something you can at least occasionally share. Jemma, I loved your sharing story. I do hope your wife will come around to fully accepting and sharing with you. For me Berta that will never happen, sadly, as she wants no part of my femme driving needs and passion for satin.

I think i need this. but what about my wife?

I loved your story. My wife and I had our best sex when I was dressed. At one time she was very supportive… got me makeup, nighties, etc. I had my favorite long red satin nightie that I had bought for her. I was a lucky girl.

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Having a non supportive wife I would dress and be completely ignored. I reconnected with my HS sweetheart and on our first time together managed to have sex. She noticed right off I wore panties, and we had quite the conversation about my desires.

Her acceptance was instant and she wanted more information about why and what did I get out of it. My only limit is no … ». I hear ya, Jemma. Weird, huh?

It sounds like you are very respectful of her wishes, and she sounds respectful of yours. That is nice. I hope all works out wonderfully for you both.

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I admire the connection between you. To late I now think it might have been exciting. Not in a sexual way but in a truly heartwarming way. I might have gotten to see the smile I love so much, be bigger because he would have known that he could be him. As far as being intimateI take my hat off to anybody who is able to, Even now, I am … ». Meet crossdressers, make friends and share your inner women with others.

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My wife knows I dress, but has always said she wants nothing to do with it. She amazed me by agreeing to let me dress on a Saturday night. She also would agree to see me dressed!! The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. I adore dressing as a woman and being as convincing as I can. I'm slim, which helps. Have crossdressed since my teenage years and have got better at it over the years!

I especially like stockings and heels and clingy dresses or skirts that show off my slim figure. Would love to chat to other CDs, who knows Latest posts by Jemma Jones see all.

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