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Home - Gallery - Stories - Links -. This is a fictional story that involves spanking. Please do not read if that does not interest you or you are under eighteen.

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I am wondering if others here have further suggestions on authors or stories.

Just a note about the "many of Goodgulf's stories have this theme" bit - all of the stories with Regretted Gift in the title involve someone getting a spanking a spanking related instrument such as the hairbrush mentioned above with the intention that it be used on another, only to discover how it feels when it crashes down on their own backside. Which is why they regret giving the gift.

Tuesday, may 20,

As for "seeing a spanking" - all of my "unexpected witness" stories involve someone who unexpectedly witnesses a spanking - and their reaction to what they see. Is it OK to promote one's one story? I wrote something along those lines, where the spankee asked for the spanking because she was curious what they were like.

A Royal Contract, part 1. In case others weren't aware, Rick Marlowe is the published name on the website. My absolute favorite story like this is Amanda's Curiosity by guyspencer.

Anorris1, the check is in the mail. And it's been at least entire days since I last ridiculed NJRick, so I don't understand his complaint.

Spanking curiousity

When I first read this thread, I thought I hadn't written any stories like that, but then I remembered that "Spanked by a Stranger" doesn't start out that way, but does move in that direction. Spanking curiousity.

I find I am really drawn to many of the stories out there on the forum where the spankee either asks for a spanking because they are curious or are nosy and hang around where punishment will occur maybe not to receive a spanking themselves but end up getting caught spying maybe because they really wanted to know what it was like or had an internal desire for a spanking of their own. Thanks BrigittaCoral, I will check it out.

BrigittaCoral: Is it OK to promote one's one story? It is if you're not me. Everyone else can do it with impunity, but for some reason when I do it I get ridiculed. So I've sworn off self-promotion.