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Returning to the Sunnydale crater for the first anniversary of the town's fall, Buffy has a warning from Giles to be on the lookout for trouble. Lal Ghosting the machine. Lal takes matters into her own hands to find out what HAL has been doing. Between Cleveland House and Drawing a Blank. Tiefling Xander.

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Dude, your going overboard with that copyright thing. The report button would differentiate between local and distribution.

Fair enough? This statement is meant to be both provocative and condescending. Look at these pathetic huddled masses in their private and closed games, cringing behind the policy of no homebrews and no custom content.

This is an insult and injury even to fire types. Your better off playing rpgmaker. It's everything this place wants to be when it grows up. Otherwise, good luck, they will overdo things. All because of safety and security If there is a concern with a particular homebrew, you can always reach out to a moderator by Reporting the homebrew creation.

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On the topic of copyright, we cannot change our guidelines and allow breaking of copyright. Wary the wizard who focuses on homebrew, for he can create nightmares that you wouldn't even dream of.

Are you talking about distributing your homebrew content for money? You can't do it here because this site isn't deed for that.

It's deed for selling digital versions of WotC d content, and for sharing of homebrewed content. Always happy to help and willing to answer questions or at least try.

Establish boundaries. And if anyone crosses them, speak up. He's talking about one of his homebrew creatures which he shared in one of the other topics: a fluffy white winged creature creatively named a Moogle, including a picture of Square Enix' copyrighted creation with the very same name and physical qualities. That post has since been edited with a new creature and a note that he knew the moogle would violate copyright.

I'm honestly impressed with how calm and patient the majority of mods have been in reply to his, eclectic vocabulary. Might be interesting to see what he classifies me as. That's stamina type.

Preorder here! In Free Up. As long as it stays in the community, it should be safe. But I have a proposal on that. Even allowing new kinds of equips and such.

Last edited by Reizon : Nov 27, Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Oh, well there was no context leading to that. How bizarre.

Last edited by Reizon : Nov 28, Sure, that probably makes sense to someone maybe only Reizon. I'm not so sure, Reizon's spectrum has ruined classical elements for me.

This is a fanfic site!!!

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