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General Demmin Nass brings Darken Rahl' s new orders: the seeker must not be killed but captured and enslaved.

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Buckle on your roller skates, peeps, because this post has been a long time coming. I have watched lots of clips.

I have found lots of pictures. I have been talking to people more informed than me. I preface it with a strong trigger warning for descriptions of violence, sexually hinted violence, spoilers, and very wordy rants. The Mord-Sith in the Sword of Truth series are some of my favorite characters. They are at the same time antithetical and thematic of the philosophical bullshit that gets caked on to the poor horse that Mr. From gruesome beginnings that have me asking some serious questions about why someone has fantasies about torturing children because this is NOT the only example I can come up with of him describing the torture of children come the Mord-Sith.

Many of them, such as Cara, a woman who you, should you venture into either the books or the television show, become intimately familiar with, learn young the importance of not hesitating when faced with life and death decisions. Failing to thrown a knife as a young girl cost Cara her life. They watch, helpless, as their mothers are tortured to death before them, to break them a second time. Then, they are tortured until they choose to torture and kill their own fathers; they are broken the third and final time.

They are trained to endure great pain, possibly at the hands of the Lord Rahl if he chooses, by hand, Agiel, or in his bed if he chooses. The Agiel, the weapon they use causes that same pain to whomever wields it, so long as it was used to train them.

They must learn to tolerate the same pain they inflict in order to use it. The Mord-Sith will finally claim their Agiel by killing their trainer. Or at least that is how Denna got hers. She was the best of them all. The most cruel.

The most talented. The Mord-Sith were created as a weapon against magic by ancient Wizards. They control the person and their magic until they choose to release that person. In the mean time, the Mord-Sith can make the person whom they control beg for death while inflicting upon them the most incredible horrors of pain imaginable. They are able to beat, brutalize a person, with their fists, the Agiel, or by depriving them of sleep.

In turn, they are depicted as lashing out their torture in a way that makes it a sex act for them. Their charges are pets, and they engage in what seems to be what Goodkind imagines is the relationship in a BDSM setting. I am no expert on such things. But I am told, thanks to lovely friends that I have, that this type of depiction is so far from the truth of what an actual BDSM setting is that it is almost laughable.

I strongly object to the way these portrayals seem to be laid out in pop-culture. She, of course, captures the magic and takes him away to be trained. Denna even killed Richard once just to bring him back to life and beat him more. Of course, Denna comes to love Richard, because he is a rare person, so special that the women in the world that is constructed fall around him.

But we will visit that shortly. He rose above all of that, compartmentalized his mind and eventually loved Denna enough to kill her, Denna mord sith his escape. But before this, she took him as her mate. She enjoyed the fruits of that decision at her demand with her Agiel in her teeth, and in whatever ways she saw fit.

Richard never had any idea what was going to happen to him. There was no way to form trust. I find it interesting, the creation of these characters, these women, whose lives were stolen from the, and destroyed by angry abuse, violent and sexually based at times. It turned them into brutal fighters who are not to be underestimated, which we will see in part two, when I talk about how they are awesome.

All of this stuff he beats into is Not A Fantasy Series about how everyone has a right to their life, but it is definitely obvious that some lives are definitely meant to be in the service of others. Fighters who have overcome many things that have shaped them into who they are. But he kisses her good-bye as well. Because only he can grant her forgiveness and compassion for what she was beaten into doing. The complex situation surrounding the Mord-Sith is such an interesting thing to look at, and I know that there have been people champing to talk about it.

I decided to break this into two parts, otherwise it was going to unwieldy. In the Part II I am going to talk about all the things I loved about the characters, how well they were developed, but also the flaws that were in how they were developed, and the obvious way they were handed off as attempts at female empowerment. Buffy is So Whiny…. In any case, i think I possibly made it through the first chapter before I hurled it across the room.

Although, the two authors are going at them from completely different angles. I am inclined to agree. It is one series that I read every year. Please update your blogroll and feeds to point to the new site. All content has been ported to the new server, and future posts will go up there. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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