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From newborn to teen. a co-sleeping love story.

The Prime minister sat in his office, the only illumination his desk light. It was late and he was concerned, unlike most politicians he really wanted to deliver on his promises. After a long advertising campaign, free condoms and compulsory early sex education in schools over the last 12 months he had achieved no real.

He was desperate, which was why he was meeting with the head of OSS at this late hour.

How typical for a spy leader, the Prime Minister thought. Even our adult subjects were unresponsive, teenagers would be even harder to condition. However it is possible to reinforce certain beliefs, and to block certain physical capabilities.

But we can make them incontinent, and we can target the correct age group. I would suggest you get Procter and Gamble to make a teen size Pamper the same style as the baby product that will reinforce the males conditioning. Besides who would believe such a thing? When she saw girls her age she thought she would be ridiculed, but they quietly looked away.

That evening she got ready for bed as usual and went to clean her teeth.

From newborn to teen. a co-sleeping love story.

When she returned to her room her Mother was there and a diaper was laid on the bed. She lay on the diaper while her Mother powdered her a little then pulled it up and fastened the tapes. Suzy looked down and saw a parade of bears on the waistband, carrying crayons and building blocks, on a pink background. The rest of the diaper was plain white, tight in the front under her crotch, much roomier behind.

Call me if you need me. She was aware of the increase in heat caused by the diaper as well. Diaper stories teen she drifted off to sleep. She was awoken by her Mother the next morning, and could feel the bed was dry, hopefully they could end this now. She burned red, at 14 standing in front of her mother like that. All over the country girls between 13 and 18 were waking up in a similar state, and being offered help by suddenly overattentive mothers.

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Sirius, the computer system at OSS, completed its first command programme, checked the against diaper sales parameters and newspaper comments, and instigated the next stage. The second command programme would begin to affect daytime control as well. The next week passed pretty much as it does for any year-old schoolgirl, except for the nightly ritual of allowing her mother to put her diaper on, Suzy continued as normal.

Over the weekend she noticed a new run of adverts on the television from Procter and Gamble, for teen Pampers.

They had started to get competition from Kleenex, who were now offering teen Huggies in a range of sizes for 13 to 18 year old girls. It ended with five girls from a netball team pulling up their skirts to show their Pampers, still securely fastened after a hectic game.

Suzy was bemused; the girls seemed to think this was perfectly normal. She was of course unaware that the whole advert was produced by Sirius with computer animation, there were no real schoolgirls in diapers during the day, at least not yet.

Monday morning dawned, and Suzy was awakened by her mother as usual, and her diaper hung heavily and stained yellow, again as usual. She had thought the diapers were thicker, but had dismissed it as a figment of her imagination.

Maybe she was right after all. She dressed in her uniform, dark blue blazer, white blouse, dark blue aline skirt, white knee socks and shoes. Tights or stockings were permitted at the school, but Suzy could never be bothered with those.

After a quick breakfast she was off to catch the bus. On the way she began to need a wee, but was sure she could hold it. Ah well, it was nothing. During the day she noticed the increase in frequency that she needed to wee, there were more damp spots in her undies, and once she had come close to wetting herself at the end of the history class. The bus trip home usually took 30 minutes, and inside 10 of them Suzy needed to wee again, despite going before she left the school.

One of the other girls was obviously in a similar state, squirming in her seat across from Suzy, then squeaking suddenly and wetting her pants. Suzy made it to her stop, but on the walk to her house she suddenly felt the urine flooding down her legs, no warning, she just wet herself walking along.

Her mother was standing in Diaper stories teen hallway when she arrived. Come on lets get you cleaned up. She sat on the toilet and watched her daughter wash herself thoroughly and then dry off.

‘diaper’ stories

Then she took a bottle out of the medicine cabinet. She felt a slight prickling sensation, and a little heat, as she dried her hair, then her mother took her into the bedroom.

The patterns on it matched those on the diaper waistbands she wore at night, and of course it was the right size for her. She lay down and opened her legs to let her Mother clean off the cream. She lay back and allowed her Mother to powder her and tape up the diaper. She was wiped, powdered, and put into a fresh diaper, then went downstairs to watch television.

Sirius reviewed the reports Diaper stories teen the of stage two. Many girls were now wearing diapers during the day, and of course had to be changed by someone else, but some had resorted to thick sanitary p, particularly those in families without a mother present. Another Pampers advert came on the television, this time for a rash cream. There was a girl of about 15 on a changing table, with a woman, presumably her mother.

Suzy was incredulous, where did they get a girl who was willing to have a wet and dirty diaper changed on television, and then show her face to millions. Did girls her age still dirty themselves?

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Sirius had done another masterful job, the advert looked real, and soon the subliminal message that went with it would start to work. When it was time for bed, Suzy went to get ready, taking off her clothes and cleaning her teeth. Her diaper was wet once again, and she had no recollection of using it. She called to her mother. In the morning Suzy was woken as usual and went to the bathroom to clean up.

While she was in the shower, a trickle of urine ran down her leg.

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Then she dried and went into the bedroom to have a clean diaper put on by her mother. That done she started to dress.

Even standing still, it barely reached below her bottom. She noticed all the girls on the bus had similar skirts, and each had a diaper on underneath.

When they sat down, unless they pressed their legs tight together, which was difficult with a diaper on, they displayed their underwear to everyone. Crossing your legs with a diaper on was impossible. Suzy found her diaper was already wet at morning break, and by lunchtime she needed a change. She waddled on her way, trying not to push the mush around too much but it spread around her bottom anyway, and she could begin to smell it as well.

When she arrived at her destination she had to wait for two other girls to be changed, she was slightly relieved to see that both had messed their diapers, and amazed when one started to wee during the change.

Teen girl diaper stories video

The nurse took no notice, just held up her dirty diaper to catch it, before continuing. The nurse muttered something about the old Pampers smearing everything everywhere and reached over for a clean diaper. It was the same style as the one Suzy had been put in that morning, but the back was thicker and stuck out more. When she left, Suzy noticed the diaper pushed out her skirt more at the back, and the thicker underneath was making her waddle a little.

Sirius reviewed data four days later: All the girls in the target age group were now in diapers all the time. However there were some reports of girls below the age group having sexual relations. This went against the programme, which called for zero pregnancies in young girls. Again Sirius set up a new series of adverts.

They would also require help to change those diapers. Jeans had disappeared, along with leggings.

My diaper stories

Girls now wore short skirts or short dresses, which often displayed their diapers. It was a common sight to see a teenage girl being changed in a park, or on the beach, and you would often see 18 year old girls having their training pants pulled down to use the potty by the side of the road.

Parents were happy to let their daughters play in just a vest and diaper on hotter days, some of the more liberal had their 18 year olds in just a vest, with their bare slits on display, so they could feel it when they wet themselves. Of Diaper stories teen television reflected real life, which meant actresses who wanted to portray young girls had to wear diapers.

In the quest for realism these had to be used on camera on occasion as well. The population thought nothing of these changes, which was just the way they were supposed to.