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Diapered by my wife


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Kept my new husband diapered from the start.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Finally diapered by wife!! Thread starter TheMat Start date Sep 23, TheMat Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover. It was only a few days ago that I commented here that my wife had taken the milestone step of giving my diaper a pat. Last night as I got into the shower I told her I was going to wear when I got out I always usually tell her when I'm going to wear.

When I got out she stopped me and asked if I could wait a couple minutes while she finished putting our son to bed so she could put one on me!

I'm pretty sure the heavens parted and angels were singing with trumpets. It was a dream come true to hear her say that! After a while she came out and we went to the bedroom and got a diaper out.

Finally diapered by wife!!

She asked what the difference was between some white and blue ones I had BetterDry and NS Supreme Lites and I explained the different capacities and that I only wear the white ones when I can wear for many hours. Then I showed her how to prep a diaper, stretching it out, doing the fold down the middle to position the leak guards, and how the tapes work, where to position them, etc.

Eventually it would be nice if she knew all this and could just get a diaper out and put it on the way I like automatically, but baby steps! It was so great just being able to talk matter of factly about diapers like it was normal without her reacting with disgust. Anyway then I laid down and she started putting it on. Positive reinforcement is really key for getting a partner involved. Then we went about the rest of the evening, watched a TV show and cuddled a little. Diapered by my wife bed I took it off and re-showered.

There was nothing sexual about the experience, it just made me so happy and satisfied that she was doing this for me. Eventually I would like to explore sexual aspects of it with her, but baby steps! Enjoy every little step of progress and shower her with positive reinforcement; let her see how happy it makes you.

Again, positive reinforcement. This might seem pretty sudden but we've been married almost 4 years and it's only been the past few weeks that I could start wearing around her at all. So happy for you! You are lucky. Messages 2, Role Diaper Lover Little.

Chapter 1: i spanked and diapered my wife

Great story and progress! Women take notice and respond well to things that strengthen a bond and relationship, the fact that you repaid her VERY well should get her a bit more excited about the whole thing. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover. That is awesome.

Maybe some day she will let you diaper her. Baby steps. RedPandaDL said:. Click to expand TheMat said:. That's the dream; and then getting her to actually wet it! Curious question, do you need to wear diapers at all or all preference? Last edited: Sep 23, Rescue Contributor. Messages 93 Role Diaper Lover. Im somewhere around a 2.

I would also say my wife is about at stage 2,5 , she has started buying my diapers for me when she goes to the city,, big step for us, I had a great discussion with her just this evening on size. I am at stage 2. I would love to reach stage 3 eventually.

I think my stage 4 would be her okay with seeing my diaper. If it ever goes past that, I would be really surprised.

Leaf12 Est. Trevor Est. As someone pretty comfortable being on his own, I have a hard time imagining a relationship where this part wasn't present. Everyone has to manage their own expectations but I feel like my personal dysfunctions mean I'd have a hard time loving someone I couldn't share that with.

Trevor said:. Stage Yes, the ultimate would be for her to get off on it too. Her getting off on seeing me getting off might be more realistic. I've often wondered though, given all the shame and pain I suffered working through this fetish, would I really want to create this fetish in her, if it was possible.

Did you mean do I need her to wear diapers? I guess I don't but would love if she did. I like to think in terms of stages of acceptance. Stage 0: Not ok with diapers at all, never wants you to wear. Stage 1: Ok with you wearing diapers but doesn't want you to wear around her.

Diapered by my wife 2: Is ok with you wearing around her but doesn't want to touch it or have anything to do with it. Stage 3: Gives occasional pats, doesn't mind seeing your diaper peeking out. Stage 4: Puts the first diaper on you but doesn't touch wet ones. Still doesn't want it to come to the bedroom. Stage 5: Checks in on your diaper status and changes when wet, says things to tease you. Stage 6: Lets you put a diaper on her, fully willing to include them in bedroom activities, willing to change messy diapers, if you're into that I'm not Stage 7: Wets her diaper and lets you switch and tease her.

That puts us at stage 4. She was never really stage 0 but was stage 1 for a long time. I was meaning to ask do you need to wear diapers for an level of incontinence or other reasons? I was just wondering if that makes a difference in how accepting a partner is to it. Messages Role Sissy.

Stage 1 mainlyonce stage six when I put it on her lol. PCS Est. Messages 2, Role Private.