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Diapers turn me on


What is my age: 46
Hobby: Grand Women Ready Free Fuck Buddies Horney Women Ready Looking Girl For Sex
Ethnic: Spanish
I can speak: English, Russian
What is my favourite music: Reggae
Body tattoos: None

I'm 22 and a male. One of my main fantasies, since I was like 12, was the thought of a woman I'm attracted to, denying my advances and forcing me into a diaper to become her baby. She'd then lock all of the bathroom doors so I'd be forced to use the diaper for its intended purpose and force me to talk like a baby. Is it weird? Of course it is.

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Meaning of sexual attraction to diapers

Especially if they've been wet by someone else! Both adult and baby diapers are quite a turn on for me and I love doing naughty things with them when I can get my hands on them, of course.

I would love to acquire your wet and soggy diapers, either baby diapers and training pants i. Huggies, Luvs, Up and Up, etc.

ABU, Rearz, Tykables, ets. I'm in the US so let's see if we can work something out! HMU and lets see what we can do.

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[question] diapers turn me on. is this weird?

RawConfessions user required. I love wet diapers Related Confessions. Masturbating with wet baby diapers. I need wet disposable baby diapers to play with.

Do diapers turn on both you and your girlfriend

I wet farted my work clothes this morning and got diaper rash. Im 29 sleeping over at my grandma 85 and sometimes still wet the bed so Im wearing one of her diapers. Commented Jan 22, by anonymous How can I get in touch with you?

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Commented Jan 23, by anonymous Call Twister autiegirl. She wears diapers. Reply Reply 1. Should I send you an ?