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From a young age my stepson, Greg, would touch me inappropriately. I told myself it was because we only had one shower and it was quicker to shower together when we got ready in the morning. Everything changed when I first got fucked by my stepson two years ago when he was 14 and I was His father was called away on business and we were together on the bed and I always sleep naked.

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Comments : This is my first one-shot.

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I wanted to make this Imagine into several one-shots. If you want a part two then leave a message on my. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Katherine: Nostalgia, curiosity, et. What do you want? Katherine: Are you two really sure? I mean do you two even know your older sister?

I mean really, really know your sister. Katherine: Ok I have a question. Have you ever seen your sister with a guy romantically or sexually? Damon: No Katherine. Katherine: Have you guys ever wondered why I was never romantically interested into you two? Hell I even turned down Elijah.

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I mean back in I would always turn down the both of you for every invitation. Katherine: Would you really? She would always take care of you two. We're coming up to a huge follower milestone, and we're so grateful for that!

We really did want to say thanks for your help with us here, and for submitting all the great stuff you do! We love you! Oneshots are harder to get out as much as we would like, so requesting them again will not make them come out faster. You are always welcome to write it yourself if you like. It can be really hard to make imagines out of those requests, and we are after all mainly an imagine blogs.

Dirty sister tumblr

One shots may follow an imagine, not the other way round! Our Sister Is Not Gay. Posted on Sep 11, Tagged: katherine pierce damon salvatore stefan salvatore tvd the vampire diaries oneshot katherineos stefanos damonos gender:f author:briibriih submission notes: intangible-idiot liked this.

Stefan: Katherine, what are you doing here? I thought you were hiding from Klaus.

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Katherine: That would be correct. Damon: What do you want with her? Katherine: Like I said nostalgia.

Stefan: Nostalgia? About what? Yes Katherine, she does hate you. Stefan: Of course we do.

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Damon: Out with it Katherine. Katherine: Answer the question. Stefan: Our sister is not gay.