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My husband thinks I should be spanked at least once a week for maintenance in addition to any spankings that I get as punishment. We believe a maintenance spanking is a moderate spanking given once a week as a reminder to behave. I know different couples use maintenance spankings differently, such as to keep your pain tolerance up.

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Maintenance Discipline is one of the key aspects of Domestic Discipline. It is a very simple concept yet is a highly effective and beneficial practice. A Maintenance Discipline spanking takes place outside of and separate from any disciplinary spanking that she may receive for specific misbehavior.

Importantly, a Maintenance Discipline is also a regular event that takes place at the same interval of time, unlike a disciplinary spanking, which will only occur when the woman needs guidance and physical encouragement to behave properly. So a Maintenance Discipline might occur every day, or every week, or every month, depending on what the couple agree is necessary or depending on what the male HOH decides is necessary for the woman.

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As just stated, the first reason for giving her a Maintenance Discipline is to maintain her good attitude and behavior. It may seem odd to spank her if she has been behaving well. Some men may prefer to reward her for good behavior, rather than discipline her to prevent future misbehavior. This is both logical Domestic discipline maintenance fine. A regular Maintenance Discipline spanking serves as a potent reminder to her that a continued good attitude and continued good behavior are required from her.

It functions as a regular wake up call to let her know that she needs to continue behaving well and that she cannot let her good behavior lapse into carelessness, disrespect and misbehavior. The pain of a spanking can easily fade away as it recedes further and further into the past. After a while, the woman can forget that she was ever spanked for misbehavior, let alone that it was a painful and unpleasant experience.

A Maintenance Discipline will remind her that a punishment spanking really does hurt.

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It will remind her that she should try to behave in a way that will reduce the chances of her receiving any additional punishment spankings in the future. The second reason to give a woman a Maintenance Discipline spanking is to catch and punish any misbehavior that may have occurred since her last spanking, whether that was a disciplinary spanking or a Maintenance Discipline. There may have been instances of misbehavior that have slipped her mind since she was last spanked or there may be things that she knows she has done and deserves to be spanked for.

A Maintenance Discipline is ideal for dealing with these misbehaviors on a regular basis. Maintenance spankings provide the woman with a clean slate so that she can move on with her life and her relationship, free of any lingering feelings caused by unresolved and unpunished misbehavior. A third reason why a Maintenance Discipline can be very Domestic discipline maintenance for the woman is that it can provide an opportunity for a journal check.

Journaling is a system where the woman keeps a journal or a diary or an agenda — whatever you want to call it on a daily basis. In this journal she records her thoughts, feelings, actions and words, especially those relating to Domestic Discipline issues such as misbehavior, disrespect and dishonesty.

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The journal check usually takes place at a Maintenance Discipline session where the man re her journal entries from the date of her last journal check or Maintenance Discipline session onwards. By reading her journal, he can find out what she has been thinking and doing. She can write down any misbehaviors, doubts and feelings that have occurred since her last discipline, safe in the knowledge that he will read them and spank her for anything that requires punishment. A journal is an excellent way to make sure that the woman is always held able for her actions and that the man disciplines her in a consistent and thorough manner, which will make her feel safe, secure and loved.

Without this consistency, she will lose faith in the disciplinary process and what is much worse, she will lose faith in her man and his masculine energy and resolve. Keeping a journal is a wonderful habit for a woman to develop, especially in the context of a Domestic Discipline relationship. And a Maintenance Discipline session is the ideal time to check her journal and to incorporate any necessary discipline into her regular maintenance spanking.

A fourth reason to use regular Maintenance Discipline sessions is that they will help to re-establish the intimate connection or energy flow between the man and the woman. A Maintenance Discipline will reconnect the couple and reopen the flow Domestic discipline maintenance masculine energy from the man and the flow of feminine energy from the woman.

This beautiful intimacy is the greatest reward of Domestic Discipline. It is what so many women in general crave in their lives and what so few receive, except in the context of a Domestic Discipline relationship. This intimacy and energy flow is what couples experience when their romance is still in full flower.

The disciplinary process in Domestic Discipline is probably the best way to rekindle this intimacy and flow, which is why so many women are attracted to it or are curious about it. They are looking to recapture that wonderful feeling of being loved, protected and cherished by their man.

The fifth reason why a Maintenance Discipline can be so useful for a woman is that is has the effect of releasing accumulated stresses that have built up since the last time she was spanked. A spanking functions as a powerful emotional release for a woman, especially when she is spanked long and hard enough to bring her to tears. Tears contain lots of chemicals involved in stress, so a good cry is a wonderful way to reduce stress levels, as most women already know. Erotic spankings do not always have the same emotional releasing effect, although sometimes, for some women, they can.

Erotic spankings often lack the same powerful energy flow that a proper punishment spanking has, since they do not usually result in her crying, which is why most women will need either a punishment spanking or a Maintenance Discipline spanking in order to release any Domestic discipline maintenance emotions and attitudes that have built up inside them since their last proper spanking.

The sixth reason that a Maintenance Discipline spanking will help the woman and the couple is due to the regular nature of Maintenance Discipline. A maintenance spanking will serve as a strong reminder to the woman that the man is committed to their Domestic Discipline agreement.

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Some men might not follow through on the agreement that he has made to discipline his woman when her behavior becomes unacceptable. This might be due to fatigue, being too busy or Domestic discipline maintenance simply having certain fears and reservations about really taking control of their relationship and giving her the spanking that she so richly deserves whenever she misbehaves.

A regular Maintenance Discipline regime is the simplest solution which will overcome any of these problems that might prevent a man from disciplining his woman properly. When she receives a sound and regular maintenance spanking, she will feel that her man is completely committed to their Domestic Discipline agreement. The seventh reason for using Maintenance Discipline spankings is really just an extension of the reason, but it is ificant enough to warrant discussion on its own.

A regular schedule of Maintenance Disciplines will remind and reassure the woman that her man really cares about her. It will remind her that he cares about her enough to spank her regularly. It will remind her that she is worth the trouble that he must go to in order to enforce a regular Maintenance Discipline schedule. The eighth reason for giving the woman a regular Maintenance Discipline is a very important one. Many women crave the closeness and intimacy that they share with their husband after he has spanked her for misbehavior or disobedience.

They crave the intimacy and the flow of loving masculine and feminine energy that is part of the disciplinary process. This craving can lead the woman to misbehave in order to provoke the man into spanking her. An example Domestic discipline maintenance this is when the woman is aware that she wants to be spanked and so she goes and misbehaves on purpose, in a way that her misbehavior is obvious or visible to her HOH.

Bratting can also be unconscious, where the woman is misbehaving but is unaware of why she is doing so. The problem with bratting is that is encourages female misbehavior, which is the very thing that Domestic Discipline is deed to reduce! Bratting can be dangerous for the relationship, especially when it is done unconsciously.

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When a woman brats, she introduces unnecessary disharmony into the relationship. Spanking her will resolve this disharmony, but it is better to avoid the bratting in the first place. And the best way to avoid bratting is, of course, to spank her regularly as part of a Maintenance Discipline schedule. The ninth reason for using Maintenance Discipline spankings on a woman is to re-establish and encourage submission to her HOH.

This reason is connected to the fourth reason to re-establish profound intimacy and energy flow. The regularity of a Maintenance Discipline obliges the man to take on a dominant role in the relationship on a regularly scheduled basis, whether he feels like it or not.

In a sense, Maintenance Discipline can function as a sort of dominance and assertiveness training Domestic discipline maintenance the man, because he must take control of his wife or girlfriend via the spanking process. He has to take total control of her body and mind for the duration of the disciplinary process.

Thus, the flow of masculine energy from the man is increased as a result of the Maintenance Discipline spanking that he gives her. Similarly, the woman is obliged to submit to a Maintenance Discipline spanking administered by her man.

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She surrenders all control over her physical, mental and emotional state to him, her Head of Household, until she has been disciplined to his satisfaction. Although she might be able to talk or yell! The Maintenance Discipline session is an incredibly intense experience of submission for her.

It reminds her that she has agreed to a Domestic Discipline arrangement because there can be only one leader in a household. A good maintenance spanking will remind her that she belongs to him.

This feeling of belonging to him, body Domestic discipline maintenance soul, is extremely intimate and reassuring for a woman. She feels loved and cherished by him. Now that we have discussed the reasons for using Maintenance Discipline, the next issue is how should they be done? How should a Maintenance Discipline be carried out? There is no single, simple answer. How a Maintenance Discipline will be carried out is something that each couple needs to work out, or if the woman has agreed that the man will make these kinds of decisions, then it is something that he needs to decide on.

There are a of obvious choices, however. One way to conduct a Maintenance Discipline is to treat it exactly the same as a punishment spanking. That means to use the same kind of ritual, language, preparation, position and corner time as if the woman is being punished for real misbehavior.

It also means that she should receive the same of spanks or be spanked for the same period of time as she would if she were receiving a genuine punishment spanking. Some people consider that this approach to a Maintenance Discipline is the ideal approach, because it provides the woman with a really serious reminder of what will happen to her as a result of disrespect, dishonesty or disobedience.

Many feel that there is no point to a Maintenance Discipline if it is just going to involve giving the woman a couple of half-hearted taps on her bottom and then telling her to behave well until the next scheduled session. Couples who favor a realistic and serious approach to Maintenance Discipline also usually feel that the woman should be brought to tears as part of the maintenance spanking. If she does not start crying, there is always the risk that her Maintenance Discipline was not sufficiently severe and that she will not remember its seriousness. Of course, crying during or after a spanking has many other benefits for the woman, such as providing emotional cleansing for her, creating closure, releasing stress, encouraging her submission to her HOH and ultimately helping to create the intimacy and flow of loving energy that are at the heart of every Domestic Discipline experience.

Other couples may have a problem with conducting a Maintenance Discipline just like a punishment spanking. They may prefer that the woman is spanked just a little less forcefully than in a normal Domestic discipline maintenance for misbehavior.