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Elaine's best friend is her ex-boyfriend Jerry Seinfeldand she is also good friends with George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer. She reprised the role during season 41 of Saturday Night Live in Unlike her three close friends, Elaine is absent from the pilot episode.

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ly the female role was supposed to be Claire, the waitress at Pete's Luncheonette played by Lee Garlingtonbut Monk's Cafe replaced the luncheonette and Garlington was dropped from the role. In addition to the first episode, Elaine doesn't appear in " The Trip " the actress having been in the late stages of pregnancy at the time of filming and therefore appears in fewer episodes than George and Jerry.

After it was discovered that Jerry Seinfeld once dated writer and comedian Carol Leiferspeculation grew that Elaine was based on Leifer, though that was later largely denied. Leifer, who wrote or cowrote a of episodes for the show, has said only some elements of the backstory of the character — that she and Seinfeld had dated and have remained good friends since the relationship ended — relate to her. According to Seinfeld's biography written by Jerry OppenheimerElaine was based in part on Susan McNabb who was dating Seinfeld when the character was createdthough eventually named after friend and fellow comic Elayne Boosler.

Also, the character was partially based on Monica Yates, daughter of novelist Richard Yateswhom Larry David once dated, and they remained good friends after they broke up. She attended finishing school and completed her undergraduate education at Tufts Elaine benes curly hairrevealed to be her safety school in " The Puerto Rican Day ", as a French literature major.

In " The Dog ", she tells George she moved to New York inwhich, by coincidence, is the year Jerry moved into his apartment across the hall from Kramer. She started dating Jerry later that year.

Elaine's religious beliefs are never confirmed, and she appears to have no interest in religion. She expresses shock when Puddy is revealed as a devout Christian. She views saying " God bless you " as a "silly superstition" in " The Good Samaritan ". On the other hand, she is seen making the of the cross before entering Jerry's apartment to retrieve a manuscript while the apartment is being fumigated in " The Doodle ", and crosses herself again in "The Betrayal" after turning her back on a Hindu altar.

This might suggest that Elaine was raised Catholic or Episcopalian. Also notable, was Elaine's celebration of Christmas as we see her apartment-holiday decor skills on full display including a very 90s, grand Xmas tree in "The Race".

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In multiple episodes, including " The Strong Box " and " The Wizard ", she can be seen wearing a crucifix. Jerry responds to Elaine that Donna is "like you", suggesting Elaine is Jewish. However, Elaine seems to be a gentile in " The Postponement ", when she talked to a rabbi about not being herself after finding out George got engaged before her. She tells him she is not of his faith. Elaine also states that she is not Jewish in " The Fatigues.

Her ethnicity is assumed to be Hispanic in " The Wizard ". In " The Wink ", her cousin Holly repeatedly mentions a "Grandma Memma" who apparently shared a mutual dislike with Elaine's side of the family.

‘seinfeld’: julia louis-dreyfus reveals the inspiration behind elaine’s ‘wall of hair’

Elaine claims to have an IQ of although her scores range from 85 to Elaine is normally intelligent and assertive, but also quite superficial. She Elaine benes curly hair "one of the boys" and despite the troubles they go through as a group, she remains the closest female friend to the main male cast throughout the series. Her traits are usually edgy and neurotic and she has a tendency to easily get angry with almost everybody, and has a habit of shoving people when displaying extreme emotion.

She has ruined her friends' ambitions, like throwing George's hairpiece out the window after trying to explain the irony behind it in " The Beard " or revealing what Jerry said in " The Cheever Letters " about the " panties her mother laid out for her". Elaine is, like Jerry and George, a serial dater, a trait lampooned in " The Sponge ", in which she is desperate to buy a cache of discontinued contraceptive sponges before existing stock is exhausted. She coins the word "spongeworthy" debating her then-boyfriend's prospects of intimacy at the expense of her inventory.

For example, in " The Stall ", Elaine is dating Tony, a very good-looking athletic type. After a rock climbing accident mangles Tony's face, Elaine admits to Jerry that she cannot date somebody who is unattractive and wonders how long she is obligated to stay with him post-accident.

Elaine is also attracted to men with lucrative jobs, especially doctors. Generally, her hair was long with curls or waves, but underwent changes since Season 5.

How julia louis-dreyfus was cast as elaine benes

In early seasons, she had long, curly, brown hair and usually wore her hair half-up, framing her forehead with a slight bouffant. By Season 7, her hair darkened and her hairstyle matured resulting in a more modern look for the rest of the series, even wearing it straight in " The Wait Out " and " The Invitations ". There are a few episodes where her hair is discussed in relation to the plot.

In " The Strike ", it's damaged when affected by steam. In " The Movie " George describes Elaine as having "a big wall o' hair".

Her clothes are normally quite conservative. In the first three seasons, she often wears floral, collared, mid-calf length, button-down dresses with white ankle socks and oxfords. She also often wears high-waisted, tapered black jeans or pants and a bright blazer.

For work, she dresses more formally. Peter Mehlman reveals on audio commentary in " The Sponge " and " The Betrayal " that female fans favor the brown leather jacket that she wears from Season 7 onward.

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Occasionally, she is entirely out of her usual attire, as in "The Betrayal" when she wears an Indian outfit and hairstyle and " The Millennium " where she dons Mayan dress. She also wears glasses at times, usually during work hours. Although she is friends with George, Elaine tends to be combative with him. Still, Elaine sees him as a good friend: in " The Wife ", he argues with Elaine over her love interest, who is threatening to throw him out of the health club.

The portrayal of Elaine as smarter and more successful than George is occasionally reversed for comic effect: In " The Opposite ", George finds success and happiness doing the opposite of whatever his instincts tell him, while the normally successful Elaine falls on hard times. In " The Abstinence ", George becomes smarter while not having sex, but Elaine gets dumber. She sometimes goes to Kramer for help.

She asks him and Newman to help her get rid of a neighbor's dog in " The Engagement ". In " The Slicer ", she asks him first to lose power at her neighbors' house and also feed the cat with meat. In " The Watch " she asks him to pose as her boyfriend so she can dump Dr.

Reston, her controlling psychiatrist boyfriend.

In " The Soup Nazi ", she asks him to watch an armoire for her on the street until she can move it in the following day. Their only conflict is in " The Seven " over a girl's bicycle where Newman is the judge over the dispute.

Elaine is the only main character not to own a car. In " The Burning " she borrows then-boyfriend David Puddy's. It is also revealed that she is a horrible driver who slams on the brakes and wildly steers the car. Elaine also has a very refined taste in film, citing many movies, plays and characters throughout the series. She has a particular affection for A Streetcar Named Desire.

In " The Pen ", Elaine shows her love for the movie when she becomes unintentionally high on muscle relaxers and repeatedly screams "Stella" at a fancy awards dinner Elaine benes curly hair Morty Seinfeld in Florida. Later in the episode, a theater outburst gets her temporarily fired until she agrees to travel to Tunisia and live in a cave in order to save her job. In " The Boyfriend ", Elaine reveals her disgust for smokers, which le to a breakup with Keith Hernandez. Her dislike of smoking also le to an argument with a fortune-teller in " The Suicide ".

She is also seen smoking a cigar in " The Blood ", but only to make herself look bad in front of the mom of the child she is babysitting. In " The Maid ", Elaine has a phone repairman in her apartment to change the apartment's phone in response to receiving numerous attempted faxes meant for Kramer. While the repairman is at work, she holds a large candlestick and speculates heard via voice-over whether it would be discovered if she killed the repairman credited as "Phone Guy 1" Sam Whipple. Upon learning that the new phone will have the area code instead of Manhattan's traditionalshe tells the man: "You know, I could have killed you and no one would have known," to which the repairman repeats those exact words back to her.

Jerry revealed in the episode, The Pilotthat Elaine's favourite film is Shaft.

Elaine is the only main character whose mother never appears. He is an alcoholic veteran and very well respected in the literary community.

In the same episode, Alton asks how her mom is; later, in " The Wait Out ", Elaine reveals to David Lookner that Alton left her and the rest of her family when she was nine years old. Elaine has a sister, Gail, and nephew who are first mentioned in " The Pick ".

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In " The Airport ", it is revealed that Gail lives in St. She also makes reference to a brother-in-law in " The Phone Message ". Elaine has a cousin, Holly, who appears in " The Wink ", where reference is made to Elaine's grandmother Mema, from whom Holly inherited a set of cloth napkins. It is not revealed if Mema is her maternal or paternal grandmother.