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Age: 32
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What is my body features: My figure type is thin
What is my favourite drink: Tequila
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Diclaimer: the following advice reflects our kinks and likes but the principles can be used for any fantasy you want to talk dirty about. Basically he enjoys to watch me being fucked by a hung guy. I want him to be horny thinking of me cumming over and over again, but I also love to know that it does sting a little bit when I tell him that a bigger dick can turn me into an obedient little slut and make me cum instantly.

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Your best fucking friend told you that he likes you more than a best fucking friend!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You rubbed your face, as you groaned into the couch. What made it ten times worse is you can hear your roommate fucking in her room. You finally decided to get up and shower. And soon your earphones were on and you were sleeping. Well maybe because your confused. Your confused because…. Finishing up and flushing the toilet. You washed your hands, not really taking a glance at yourself.

Basically anything that had to do with effort and looking decent wasnt your thing. And everyone knows that. You quickly slipped on your socks as they reached your chins, then tied your converse and you were both out. Even though all of them are, she just showed it too much. You quickly brought your hand up to your face making a beeline to the opposite side of the house.

You knew all the ins and outs of the house, honestly the guys saw you as part of the frat cuz of how often you spend your time here. And you would too. Tom was standing in the best spot. Well because he had a perfect view of the front Erotic talk tumblr and back entrance. And his eyes quickly fell on you as you walked in. His cheeks heating up quickly, his eyes looking over you with a smile, biting his lip when he noticed your unbuttoned shirt—but then you locked eyes with him and were swerving away.

You opened your eyes, squinting slightly as you gave him a crooked smile, making him smile.

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Tom ignored everyone cheering and yelling Tom to smack your ass. You managed to steal a beer from Harrison, as Tom took you upstairs and into his room. He put you down, before taking a few steps back watching you drink the beer looking around the room avoiding his eyes.

I just—ugh I just want you back. I want it to go back to before I fucked this up. Shaking your head no. You watched as Toms eyes fell. Because he feels cold hands against his bare chest. You always have cold hands.

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You shook your head, your hands going under the suspenders before you leaned in, connecting your lips to his shoulder blades. And at that very moment a flip went inside his mind, and your body was against the door, your hands pinned against them by his hands. He just watched as your chest heaved, your lips parted slightly, and your eyes locked on his. You desperately tried to get more friction over the shorts, but Tom now pinned your wrists with only one hand, his other on your waist, moving up until his thumb was rubbing your nipple through the thin black fabric of your bra.

I can feel those perky nipples of yours. You moaning.

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Only light moans coming when you felt his fingers pinch your nipples through Erotic talk tumblr bra. So he let go of your hands, feeling them go straight for his curls, your leg instinctively coming around his waist, Tom holding it in please as he grounded his hips harder into you, your head hitting the door as you moaned. What do you want? Your hands quickly got back onto him after the shirt was off. Your hand slightly tugging on the curls making him grunt. Tom smiled against your neck, slowly pulling away, your eyes looking over him panickly, before you were wrapping your arms around his neck.

Tom chuckled lightly, wrapping an arm back around you. As he pushed his clothed cock against you. He leaned back slightly, so he can get a view of your breasts pushing up, as it rose and fell with each breath. You held on to his wrist, not wanting him to go any further. You moaned, your head moving to the side letting Tom kiss your chest, and pinch your nipple. Tom bit his lip, exhaling against your neck.

Your hand clutched his suspenders, as you moaned. Tom bit his lip, letting his hands go down, and soon his mouth was sucking your nipple as the other held the inside of your thigh, his thumb pushing against your clit through the shorts. Your hand tugged on his hair, making him look up. You sighed letting him lap at your breasts until he started untying your shoes and taking them off and your socks, and soon you felt your shorts go, leaving you in your thong.

He groaned seeing the wet patch, his mouth kissing right above it.

You moaned, your head going back. Tom pressed a kiss against the thin fabric, his tongue pushing and tasting. And before you know it, no warning, he pushed the thong aside, his tongue diving in quickly, you moaned loudly, your hand on his shoulder as you brought your leg up higher to let his tongue go in deeper.

And he was picking you up, your legs wrapping around his waist. So wet for me. Before you know it he was laying you on the edge of the bed, kneeling on the floor taking his fingers out, his tongue going inside, and lapping at your arousal. And soon you were cumming. Toms eyes locked on your face as you screamed his name.

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He smiled at the taste, swallowing and taking more. You leaned forward, sitting up, legs on either side of his body as you tugged his hair back so he can look up at you.

Tom was smiling as he stood up, pushing you back slightly on the bed, but before you can Erotic talk tumblr your legs, he opened them again. You watched as Tom struggled to get his belt off the firefighter pants. And you were going to help until Tom shook his head. Those moans got me off for days after. Tom bit his lip as he watched your hands go down your body until you were massaging your clit. Tom licked his lips, getting annoyed with the stupid firefighter pants but listening. Your moans were light, your eyes locked on Tom as he bit his lip and you slipped in a second finger.

He finally got the belt off. It was so fucking hard, the head pink, the veins popping and his hand wet with your saliva pumping it and watching you moan. You nodded moving your fingers faster. You were breathing harshly, your body sweaty, but Tom only saw you glowing. You nodded, feeling Tom take your hand still covered in your arousal and place it on his cock. He moaned dropping his head against your shoulder. He soon removed your hands away from him and moving your hands up, so you can wrap them around his head. He rubbed his cock agaisnt your wet core, pushing his tip in slightly.

He was breathing hard, feeling his cock going inside you. Tom waited for your to adjust until you bucked up telling him to move. And he did, pushing himself up so he can see your face and pull back. He pushed back in dreadfully slow. You moaned loudly, arching your back, and letting him continue.

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Tom took his time. You smile, your hand tangling in his hair. Tom soon started to pick up speed, his pelvis meeting yours with each thrust. You moaned loudly, and Tom felt himself hit you deeper causing you to scream. Right there! Tom licking his lips looking down to see his cock disappear into you, making him twitch.

But you felt so good. Tom went faster, bringing a hand to rub your clit. And just as your walls tightened around him, had him cumming.

He collapsed on top of you. Hugging you tightly, his face buried in the crook of your neck, breathing you in. You sighed, coming down from your high.

You let your hand, smooth out his hair, calming him down.