Women caught naked in public

Euphemisms for male masturbation


How old am I: 28
Hobby: Lonely Hookup Looking Who Is Horny Sex Partners Wanting Online Friends
Color of my eyes: I’ve got clear brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: Lady
Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
What is my figure type: My body features is plump

The following is a rather comprehensive list of alternatives you could possibly use, so you never find yourself in that prickly situation ever again.

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As we move towards a more progressive and open culture trust me, it's happeningtopics that were formerly taboo and now be discussed in an mature, adult way. Well, I have yet to experience one of those "adult" conversations, and so far topics like masturbation only come up in my circle of friends after we've all had a lot of wine.

Like, a lot. So in an effort to be more open with the world well, everyone in the world BUT my parentsI rounded up some slightly classier ways to say masturbate.

Through this experiment I realized something very important: pretty much every sentence in the universe can describe masturbationif you say it with some nice, sexy undertones. Though some more commonly used by men, I say to hell with the gender exclusivity!

If you want tell your roommate not to come in because you're currently jacking off, then go for it. Or, try one of these somewhat subtler suggestions we learned from our creative friends and the internet:. Spank the monkey.

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