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Extreme breast milking


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Breast engorgement means your breasts are painfully overfull of milk. This usually occurs when a mother makes more milk than her baby uses.

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My son, the Happy Baby, was born full-term, via C-section in April of He was in respiratory distress and required oxygen support immediately. One of his main health issues is a condition called hypotonia. Hypotonia is a muscle weakness that effected everything from his breathing to his ability to suck. His suck was particularly weak and uncoordinated and feeding became a big issue. He even ended up needing a feeding tube for several months you can about him and our journey HERE. Because of that and after several unsuccessful and emotional attempts to nurseI decided to pump for my boy.

You can about why I chose to do that HERE as well as see some pretty funny photos of my family and me having a funeral for my pump once I finally stopped.

Breast engorgement

I got pretty good at pumping after all that time and thought I would share some things I learned along the way in case you ever find yourself hooked to a Medela! If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment below. Or if you want to toot your own horn about how much milk you are producing — the convo! But, as always, before you make a huge commitment like this, please make sure that you consult God and your husband first.

Marriage always needs to remain a top priority, ladies. So make sure you are doing the right thing for the entire family.

What matters is how you reflected His love and joy and peace and patience in your Happy Home. She writes at Happy Home Fairy where you can find easy craft ideas, FREE printables, simple recipes, holiday fun, thoughts on raising kids, and encouragement for moms.

My son was born prematurely so against the advice of my doctors and lactation specialist and I too also exclusively pumped. Only for a year though. I became obsessed. Even once my son was sleeping through the night I was getting up every 3 hours to pump so afraid my supply would dip. I felt more like a Holstein than a mom his 1st year but congratulations on your success.

Thank you for this post. My DD is 3. In the last week or so my milk seems to have decreased. They super bumped up my milk. They were super yummy but also full of sugar so they are occasionally treats. You will be trying to figure out Extreme breast milking your boobs went! I will be able to breast feed him soon and I am not sure what I should be doing with the supply I have already created. Your post was very informative and I have learned a lot. I an 5 weeks from postpartum and I skipped 2 days with out pumping as I was exhausted from get together and sleep deprived.

Will my milk supply drop?

Is there a way I can get it back to track. Hi i was wondering if anyone has any help. Thank you.

Hey there! These look good! The booby bites ARE amazing! I made them this week. Next time though I will leave out the chocolate. My son is in ICU preemie and i live an hr away from that hospital and im pumping at home 2 take back with me do u think freezing then basically letting it thaw on that trip will damage the milk? They are just as good with half the sugar amount. I love this, because with DS just 17 months behind his brother, the thought of going another 11 months BF stresses me out! My question is who fed baby when you were doing all this pumping?

I would like to get my hubby more involved this time so I can sleep more this time around! Did you do formula while you built up a supply for Happy baby?

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Alison, I excuslively pump has well. If my husband is home then he feeds our little girl. I put her on the couch on her bobby pillow and I do both. The hands free breast pump bra is the best!! I have been pumping for the past 6 months, so I had to come up with something to save some time. Oh my gosh why have I not been feeding and pumping at the same time.

I have been feeding her then 20 mins pumping. My lo is 2 months old and I exclusively pump also. Alison, Rebecca has great advice! Our first little one, now a month old, was born at 27 weeks.

Pumping exclusively has been one of the hardest things to do for me. Having production issues. But once I learned that I must stop blaming my body for squirt coming early, low production, soreness, etc. Go mamas!

We can do this! A week and we get to try nuzzling and try our first latch! I exclusively pumped my last baby and plan to for my next, due next week! I got a new pump for this one and was wondering what type of bottles you used. Laurel, I looooove the Dr. But I do not love all the parts!

So I am a big fan. My second born was an excellent nurser! Also, used their bottles.

Extreme pumping – confessions of an exclusive pumper

Never had a problem with them. You can pump directly into the avent bottles or Tommee tippee bottles with a Medela pump with special adapters.

I tried every bottle known to man kind and had the most luck with the playtex drop-ins. So yay for fewer parts! Playtex makes an adaptor thing so you can pump right into the Extreme breast milking. I would pump into the 4oz drop ins- then cap them and stick them in the freezer.

As soon as they were solid I would stick them in a gallon freezer bag. It worked really well for us. The Playtex drop ins nipple is the only one my son will take. I love only having to wash the nipple and the rings, and at least the drop ins are recyclable!

Breastfeeding is a commitment and its definitely rewarded by the health and nutrients it gives your baby. They just came out with a study that showed babies who were breastfed had greater cognitive skills and better brain development than formula fed babies. Thanks for sharing! I have a 5 day old. Great blog, thank you! Hey LeighAnn! What kind of pump do you have?? Are you pumping every hours for minutes?

Thank you so much for posting this. Thanks so much. Knowing you did this for so long is very encouraging to me. Anna, sweet Anna! I am so happy that this post was helpful for you… Let me know if there is anything else you need. You are doing a great job.

The first 3 months of pumping are the hardest, so you are practically through the toughest part! So proud of you. me any time! Man, these comments really took off! Congrats on that. Now I can blog or hold baby, or direct traffic for my other three kids while pumping.

I even pumped and drove once recently.