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Take the road less traveled and create your own sonic galaxy. With it's optional vibrato bridge and Galaxy Black finish swirled with colorful cosmic specks, you'll go to infinity and beyond This custom ordered Fallout features the following:. While it gives the impression of being a "junior" guitar, it's actually the same length as the Legacy.

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The slightly narrower waist gives it a compact appearance, and the fully contoured body is super comfortable. And we feel that chunky necks sound good, and lend a little more low end presence.

The P pickup was originally developed by Gibson aroundand was also the original pickup used in the the first Les Paul guitars in the early 50's. Using a fairly shallow, wide bobbin and a bar magnet underneath, the P develops a thicker tone than a traditional Fender single coil, with more midrange, and a firm attack. The result is one of the cleanest, clearest P's that we've experienced, and it's a fantastic neck pickup.

As more gain is applied, the pickup takes on a creamy voice that sings nicely, without the midrange getting too clogged up and stuffy. This pickup will open up a new avenue for many players, and it neatly fills the void between the lean Strat tone, and the typical humbucker.

The balanced response of this pickup is very pedal-friendly, and overdrive tones are tight, crunchy with lots of harmonic detail and lingering overtones. Speaking of which, both pickups together produce the bell-like clean rhythm tones often associated with this combination. The sound is Tele like, but a little fatter, and with slightly less edge.

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With the bridge pickup split, there is a definitive country twang, and when combined with full humbucker mode it gains some lower midrange thickness without losing the country cluck. The Fallout is an outside-the-box guitar that actually won't sound like all your other guitars. Clean and punchy, smooth and expressive, or hot 'n crunchy the Fallout is ready to rock.

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Open Tues-FriSat Why UpFront? View Cart. This custom ordered Fallout features the following: Galaxy Black finish on Alder, 7. Company Links Why Us? 2 South Maple St. About UpFront Guitars Founded inwe are a family-run business, committed to being your professional source for select high-quality guitars and accessories.