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From left to right Freaky and Freaky Friday two fun and supernatural body swap movies.

The body swap genre has existed since the early days of cinema. Like many enduring film genres, body swapping on film was preceded by similar stories in literature. Perhaps the best literary example of body swap fiction is the novel Vice Versa by author Thomas Anstey Guthrie. In its most basic form, a body swap movie tells the story of two very different people who exchange identities for a short period of time.

After adjusting to their new lives and bodies, the two people learn valuable life lessons thanks to seeing the world from different perspectives. What follows is a collection of some of the best and most notable body swap movies along with some prominent films from sub- of the genre. Laurience, a scientist whose experiments with the brain led him to a breakthrough in mind transference in chimpanzees. Laurience uses his mind transference device on his benefactor to save his work, Family body swap stories the journey down the path of a mad scientist le to more minds lost and, eventually, murder.

Boris Karloff, whose status as a horror icon was already established thanks to his multiple monster movie appearances for Universal, is excellent as the mad doctor Laurience. Stevenson might have dabbled in sci-fi horror here, but he made his name at Disney, directing a of family classics including Old Yeller and Mary Poppins Both of them are stressed by their own lives, but neither thinks that the other has it as bad as they do.

One night after an argument, Tim and Sally make a wish in front of a relic from India to switch places. Turnabout perfectly fits the classic body swap formula. Lessons are quickly learned, and both of the swapped characters gain a new appreciation for each other. Boris Karloff returned to the body swap genre in with Black Friday. Karloff plays Dr. Sovac, a man whose best friend, George Kingsley Stanley Ridgessuffers irreparable brain damage in a car wreck involving a gangster. Here Comes Mr. Jordan introduces another twist on the body swap genre.

Instead of science or magic, the body swaps in this movie take a more spiritual approach. Robert Montgomery stars as Joe Pendleton, a boxer whose soul is taken up to Heaven after a plane crash. Jordan allows Joe to return to Earth.

Like other popular body swap films, Here Comes Mr. Jordan was remade multiple times. Vice Versa is one of multiple adaptations of the novel of the same name. The version of Vice Versa was preceded by other adaptations of the original novel in andand it would later be adapted again for film in The version of the story tells a familiar tale of a father, Paul Roger Liveseyand son, Dick Anthony Newelywho switch bodies after they each make a wish on a magical Indian idol.

The son relishes the opportunity to live as an adult, but adult responsibilities quickly begin to be too much for him. Being based on the novel that popularized body swapping in fiction, Vice Versa is one of the most classic examples of the genre. Goodbye Charlie is a comedy that falls in line with the more spiritual form of body swapping.

Specifically, the film uses a form of reincarnation to accomplish the same fish-out-of-water scenario for its main character. The movie stars Debbie Reynolds as Charlie, a womanizing man reincarnated as a woman after being shot and killed by the husband of one of his lovers.

Charlie retains all of his past memories and mannerisms, and his best friend George Tony Curtis attempts to help Charlie adjust to his new life. Goodbye Charlie is a fun comedy that uses gender roles not only as a source of laughs, but also as a meaningful plot device that helps Charlie learn and grow.

After a night of partying at a club with women who are not his wife, Ernest Manuel de Blas crashes his car in a fiery wreck. The procedure works, and Ernest, now called Leda, enters into a life of blackmail and murder.

While most of the movies on this list are fun and family-friendly, I Hate My Body is a trashy Spanish exploitation movie not meant for young eyes. Starring a young Jodie Foster as high school student Annabel Andrews, the daughter of housewife Ellen Andrews Barbara HarrisFreaky Friday is a beloved classic of the body swap genre. In the film, mother and daughter switch bodies after a wish, and they both learn about the difficulties they never realized each other has.

The basic stories are essentially the same with a mother and daughter swapping lives instead of a father and son like in Vice Versa. Freaky Friday is arguably just as influential as its own inspiration, with the original Freaky Friday novel being being directly adapted for film at least four times. The movie begins with sixteen-year-old Alison Joanne Samuel and her friends playing with a ouija board.

Despite the warning, Alison travels to visit her aunt and uncle just before she turns nineteen. I Are You, You Am Me begins with female high school student Kazumi discovering that she has been transferred into the same class as her male childhood friend Kazuo.

Jack finds a remote that lets two people switch bodies. so he tries it out on his mom.

The two had lost touch, but Kazumi is eager to renew their friendship. Kazuo feels awkward with all the attention Kazumi is giving him, and he just wants to be left alone. I Are You, You Am Me is directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, the filmmaker best known in the western world for the utterly fantastic horror comedy House All of Me is a spiritual body swap film starring two of the greatest comedians in film history, Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin, sharing control of the same body. She will have an mystic guru transfer her soul into the body of a younger woman, Terry Victoria Tennantwho will have her own soul released into the universe.

When Jack mistakenly ingests a Native American brain transference serum, he winds up swapping bodies with Chris. Hijinks ensue, and each of their personal and professional lives are in serious peril as they frantically try to find a way to switch back.

Like Father Like Son was released during a minor boom of body swap movies that became popular in the late s.

Jack enjoys his second chance at youth, and much of the comedy in the film is derived from a young man acting like the elderly George Burns. One of the main criticisms of the movie is that it promises a fun time with the popular George Burns, but what ends up on screen is mostly just Charlie Schlatter doing a George Burns imitation.

Still, 18 Again delivers enough laughs to earn its spot as a memorable body swap film. Young Josh Baskin is tired of being short. Big is a wonderfully funny and heartfelt movie, but is it a body swap film? Josh never technically swaps his body out for someone else.

Plus, the themes of body swap movies coming of age, viewing life from a different perspective, etc. Based on the novel of the same name that had already been adapted for live-action multiple times before, this version of the story updates the story for the s. Marshall and Charlie each wish they could live each others lives, and their wish is granted by a mystical Buddhist artifact. The story plays out in a way that is familiar to anyone who has seen any other typical body swap movie, but the charming performances from Family body swap stories and Savage are what makes the movie feel fresh and funny.

For a brief time in the late s, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were the hottest duo in teen movies. Dream A Little Dream was the third film starring the pair, and it features another unique twist on the body swap formula that involves mind transference through dreams. Rita obliges, but both Rita and Julius are shocked when they discover that their kiss caused them to switch bodies. Prelude To A Kiss features a lot of sugar-coated romanceand its weight is carried wonderfully by one of the best rom-com stars of all time, Meg Ryan.

And what fantastic, action-packed they are.

After Archer apprehends Troy, Archer undergoes a face transplant surgery which includes voice modulation so he can pose as Troy to find the location of a bomb. The movie came out at the right time with just the right mix of talent. Being John Malkovich is easily one of the more bizarre body swap movies of all time. The film was a minor word-of-mouth sensation upon its theatrical release, increasing in ticket sales over its first few weeks.

It was also one of the more critically acclaimed movies ofearning three Academy Award nominations including Best Director for Spike Jonze with his first feature film, Best Original Screenplay for Charlie Kaufman with his first feature script, and Best Supporting Actress for Catherine Keener.

In the future, the corporate elite are afforded the luxury of super-fast travel by exchanging their mind with a person over a great distance. Toffler Kim Coates needs to get from New York to Los Angeles in a hurry, so he reluctantly undergoes the procedure and transfers his mind across the country.

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The plot of Xchange twists and turns, doing its convoluted best to put Toffler in a race against time while inhabiting the super-powered body of a clone Stephen Baldwin who has an extremely limited lifespan. Rob Schneider is The Hot Chick in this silly teen comedy. Jessica Rachel McAdams is a pretty, popular, and mean high school student, but her life takes a turn for the strange when a cursed pair of earrings switches her body with small-time criminal and middle-aged man Clive Schneider.

Now Jessica, with the body of Clive, must convince her friends of who she is on the inside while racing against time to switch back before the change becomes permanent. The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as an antagonistic mother and daughter who switch bodies thanks to an incident with fortune cookies. The movie is a funny and endearing Disney picture that represents the body swap genre in its most classic form.

Freaky Friday was a bit of a departure for Jamie Lee Curtis at the time who was just coming off of what everyone thought would be her final appearance as Laurie Strode in Halloween: Resurrection Freaky Friday was also pivotal for Lindsay Lohan.