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Armours Helmets Dolls Porcelain Fairy. Assistance clients. The Thief dress very comfortable. Description: The Thief dress, features with ease of movement.

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Thieves are very fast and agile, and they can swing their weapons lightning-fast.

They also have the ability to pick locked doors. Their steal ability allows them to take items from enemies. Also, everyone will take less damage while escaping if they use Flee.

Thief (final fantasy iii)

The bearer of this certificate possesses ferret-like deftness with both feet and fingers and is deemed worthy of the title of Master Thief. During battle, Thieves are able to steal items from the enemy or assist the party in escaping from combat.

Unfortunately, they are unable to guard any attacks. While on the field, placing a Thief at the front of the party will allow one to open locked doors without using any Magic Keys. Depending on the Thief's job level, the item one can steal from enemies differs.

However, most enemies are only carrying weak items like Potions and Antidotes.

However, it will not work in battles where escape is impossible. More useful than Run command as a replacement for Thief, using Escape ensures one will not get the usual defense loss when escaping. Just like the Famicom version, what one can steal is determined by the Thief's job level. Every enemy has a steal table containing four possible tiers of items, some of which only have a chance to be stolen if the Thief's job level is high enough. Each tier has its own Steal success rate.

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The game will always try to steal items from the highest possible tier first, then work its way down. Allows the entire party to escape from battle with a higher success rate than the Run Away command, but still has a chance of failing.

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