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Sahara's story TW: fat furs, weight gain, immobility, gas. Hello again! Wow, two stories in one week. It actually feels nice. Some news though, I'm going to have my art displayed and sold in a gallery, so I may not be around as much. PM me for details!

Being slimmer than what is normal for her species, she barely had any energy for her daily activities. It's not like she didn't want to gain though. Oh no, on the contrary, she loved gazing upon voluptuous and curvy furs in admiration. She just couldn't gain, no matter what she tried. Potential mates never even looked in her direction, due to her sunken cheeks and visible ribs. She pouted a little as she walked into her usual food spot. A very rotund and jiggly dragon beamed down at her. The usual, Sahara? He tsked quietly and shook his head, "Girl, I don't see how you manage to eat so much and don't gain anything.

Not to be offensive, but you look like the walking dead. I know what'll help. Are you willing to try something new, on top of your usual, of course? I'll take good care of you," He smirked, before waddling back to the kitchen, his plump tail almost getting caught in the door. A few minutes later, he emerged from the fry grease-smelling kitchen. So, you wanna hear my plan? He chuckled, grinning, "I figure you've got the whole eating huge meals thing down.

The issue is your metabolism. It's holding you back from meeting your goals. I think I have something to take care of that. The scent was strangely tantalizing, more so than usual. He smirked upon seeing the telltale glazed over look in her eyes. It's on us. It's the least I can do for all the business you've given us. It was juicy and flavorful with vegetables that tasted fresh-picked. The cheese was clearly real and not imitation junk in any way.

A strange feeling developed in her belly as soon as it hit the bottom, almost like a warm embrace from the inside. The feeling was so amazing she couldn't stop eating, shoveling in bite after bite as fast as she could, determined to not let the warmth die. She heard a soft chuckle and looked up to see the dragon's belly jiggling slightly as he laughed.

You want more, don't you? He nodded towards a more secluded and comfortable area of the dining room.

It'll be a while. Curiously, she put her paw on her belly and felt it give just the tiniest bit. Glee didn't even begin to describe her emotions. The last of the customers other than Sahara had Fat fur stories out of the shop, a big doggy bag of food in tow. It had been hours since her feast had begun and she had maybe a few minutes inbetween courses. Every second she could have the glorious food in her mouth, she did. Her belly was bloated in an almost pregnant-looking fashion, her breasts and rump swollen with the new fat.

Her skin barely had time to adjust to it's newly taut position. It got to the point where the dragon had to delay her food a few minutes to keep her from getting hurt. After a while, he waddled over to her table, sitting across from the ferret. Now, I don't mind feeding you all night.

To be honest, I've got nothing better to do, but you must be exhausted. Why don't you go home and come back in the morning? The offer will still stand then.

Slowly, she got up and cradled her food baby in her paws, shuffling out the door. Once she got home, an odd feeling overcame her. She should be tired, but she was just uncontrollably hungry. She took a laundry basket to the kitchen and loaded it with all the snacks she could find, plopping down on the couch next to it. The tastes of comfort food washed over her and caressed her body.

Turning on the tv, she murred softly as she ate herself into oblivion. The dragon hummed as he swept the floor of the dining room, getting the store ready for the work day. He heard a frantic tapping at the door and looked up. He opened the door with a welcoming smile, but as soon as he saw what was behind it, his eyes grew wide. Sahara stood before him, panting slightly and sweating from the walk. She had grown at least 50 pounds more since she had left the diner after her feast the day before. Are you alright, girl? I need it. Plate after plate piled up in front of her.

Five, ten, twenty, fifty, probably even a hundred before they closed up shop for the day. The dragon blushed a little as he looked at the plump ferret. She had blossomed from a mere pounds to at least in two days. Her belches rivaled even his own, not to mention her appetite. She blushed mid-chomp as she saw him staring at her. He smiled a little and blushed deeper, "N-nothing. Forget it. I'll feed you all night long. If I may, you're getting pretty damn gorgeous, girl.

Fat fur stories blinked, taken aback by the compliment. She had never been complimented by a man as cute as him before.

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Giggling softly out of shyness, she murred, taking another bite. Night turned to day and they started having to do her dishes and feed her in shifts. There just simply wasn't enough flatware to accommodate her huge appetite. The bench creaked and groaned under her massive rump, and her belly started to squish against the table built for even the fattest furs.

The staff assumed amongst each other that she was probably close to pounds at this point, if not bigger. The dragon took some time out of the kitchen to give her meaty arms a rest and fed her. His gaze grew more and more loving the bigger she got and she didn't even notice. Fat fur stories mind was only on her food and growing huge. Furs coming to the restaurant stared in awe as they saw the huge ferret.

Her thick tail thumped against the bench as she noticed the stares. She loved the attention. The end of the day had come, and the dragon had a forlorn look on his face. I can't keep this up for more than 48 hours. I'll have it delivered to your house. You have a good night, okay? It took a couple minutes to get her balance, but she got it. Waddling slowly, she headed home, loving the feeling of her thighs rubbing together, her belly sloshing and jiggling like a huge vat of jello as she moved.