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An incident, especially one that is harmful, occurring under highly unusual and unlikely circumstances. Samakatuwid, ang naulilang bata ay nakadarama ng pagtanggi, nag-iisa, at, kung minsan. Pronunciation of freakish with 2 audio pronunciations, 25 synonyms, 11 translations, 5 sentences and more for freakish. What does freak-accident mean?

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See Today's Synonym. Before the word fetish had a sexual connotation, it was used to describe objects of religious importance. The French psychologist Alfred Binet, better known for developing the first IQ test, studied sexual behavior and the veneration of inanimate objects into the sexual realm.

He wrote about fetishism in Ellis specifically mentioned the foot as a possible object of sexual desire. Over time, the phrase moved from clinical settings to the popular consciousness.

Bythere was a shoe store in New York named Foot Fetish. Indeed, people who like to buy shoes for non-sexual reasons may joke about having a foot fetish.

Inthe neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran found, while studying patients with phantom limb syndrome, that the parts of the brain that map to the genitals and the feet are near each other, providing a possible biological explanation for foot fetishism. A study examined the membership size of online discussion groups to estimate the prevalence of various sexual fetishes. The study suggested that foot fetishes are the most common.

This is not meant to be a formal definition of foot fetish like most terms we define on Dictionary. Feedback See Today's Synonym. Word of the Day. Meanings Meanings.

Examples Origin Usage. A foot fetish is a sexual attraction to feet, often including shoes. What's hot.

Where does foot fetish come from? Heather Prinsen heathergean17 Twitter May 8, Popular now.

Who uses foot fetish? Note This is not meant to be a formal definition of foot fetish like most terms we define on Dictionary.

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