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I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it! User Name. Remember Me. Gallery's Feed. Dear Diary's Feed. Story's Feed. Tessa had been gradually cutting her husband Max off from sex and, at the same time, feminizing him. Now, after three months, he was desperate for relief and accustomed to wearing panties and other female items all the time. His wife decided it was time to take him to the next level.

She knew the perfect person to help her do that. It was her friend Marie.

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Who could be more perfect? After all, it was Marie who had given Tessa the idea to change Max. In fact, Marie had been doing the same to her own husband, Hank, for a full six months. She glanced over from the driver's seat of her car and considered.

He was in male clothes and had a short haircut. But his eyes and lips had been touched lightly with cosmetics and, after months of using a depilatory, there was no of facial hair. His small hands were folded neatly on his lap, one of the affectations she insisted he display. He bit his lower lip and looked at her pleadingly, but she had returned her gaze to the road.

They were driving through a quaint suburb and she pulled up in front of one of the split-level homes. Tessa got out of the car and stood there with her hands on her hips.

She was tall and full-figured, wearing a long leather coat and high boots. Her black hair was pulled back and arranged in a bun. She glared at her husband and said, "Let's go He hated to be called by his female name.

But she had so emasculated him in the preceding months that he never objected to it, or to most of the things she did.

He slid out of the car and followed her, staying three paces behind. He took delicate steps and swayed his narrow hips.

‘sissy’ stories

Max was shorter than his wife, slender, and small-boned. He had been ideal for dressing up. At the front door Tessa rang the bell, not even bothering to check on her spouse or speak to him.

He waited silently, dreading having one of her woman friends see how she had changed him. Max was shocked when the door was opened by a man. He was even more surprised to see that the guy looked much like himself, short and slim, with a male haircut but obvious hints of make-up. He had on a short robe which left his legs bare, revealing that they were encased in offwhite stockings. On his feet were ballet slippers.

Feminization stories

He blushed -- some might say prettily -- and asked Tessa to please come in, using the same faint voice that Max did. The unmanly figure led them to steps, and down them to a recreation room.

A woman was sitting on the sofa and she got up at once, greeting Tessa with familiarity. They hugged and Max heard his bride address the other as Marie. They were both the same height and had similarly buxom figures.

Max felt a thrill run through him as he watched them hug, their large breasts pressed together. His little penis twitched inside the snug panties he wore. He turned his eyes to the other husband, hoping for some help, but the robed figure was waiting obediently, arms down and hands together in front of him. Marie stepped back from her friend and they sat at either end of the sofa.

The homeowner snapped her fingers at her husband and ordered, "Hanna, get my guest and I some wine. Get out of those male clothes. You look foolish in them anyway. Hurry up. For half a second he froze. Then he removed his jacket and draped it over the back of a wooden chair. His fingers went to the buttons on his shirt and soon he had that off, folded neatly on the seat of the chair.

He didn't want the attractive woman with his wife to see that he had absolutely no hair on his upper body, but what choice did he have? Max slipped off his loafers and set them under the chair. He hesitantly undid his belt, unfastened his trousers, and got out of them. All he had on was a pair of high-cut, pale yellow panties, with cartoon kitty cat faces on them.

He stood there, knees together, fingertips on his thighs, trying not to fidget. He heard his wife refer to the other man as 'Hank'. Hank returned carrying a round serving tray, on which were a bottle of wine and two glasses. Marie poured drinks and Max longingly eyed the pink liquid. One of the methods his wife used to control him was to regulate everything he ate and drank.

She might sit in their breakfast nook before work, nibbling a cheese Danish and enjoying a mug of hot coffee, while her spouse was limited to a few slivers of carrot and a dainty cup of tea. The women took their glasses and turned to each other. They leaned toward each other, clinked their glasses together and took small swallows.

The men stood by uncomfortably. Max couldn't keep himself from squirming. Make it the one with the pretty flowers. Hank whisked out of the room and, minutes later, returned carrying a brief satiny robe.

His wife ordered him to put it onto the newcomer. He went behind Max, who reluctantly repositioned his arms while the short sleeves were slipped over them. Max didn't know if it was worse to be exposed or to have to wear something that made him look like a sissy seductress. Marie told her husband to smooth it over Max's narrow shoulders.

As he did it, both men shuddered. They had never had maleon -male physical contact like that. Hurry and find some for her. When Hank returned this time he appeared especially uncomfortable. Max understood why when the man's wife gave her next commands.

She said, "Now Maxine, you sit on that chair where those male clothes are. Don't worry about setting your pretty bottom on that shirt. You're not going to be wearing it anytime soon. And Hanna, help your new sweetie on with those stockings.

Be very careful, so there won't be even a single wrinkle. Hank bit his lips as he knelt in front of Max and began the uneasy task.