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As a member of Amazon Associates program, I earn a small commission when you purchase products through our links at no additional cost to you. It helps keep this site running and allows us to create better content. Phantom Forest is an area in MapleStory that allows you to obtain Shadowknight Coins and Raven Ninja Coins, which can be used to purchase some of the best items in the game.

You can start Phantom Forest questline at level Click the lightbulb quest Lv. Once you've accepted it, you'll need to head over to New Leaf City.

Corrupt heart (extinction)

Speak to Lita Lawless to turn in the next part of the quest. You'll be doing a lot of talking through these next series of quests. There is a cutscene to view.

At the end of it you'll find yourself in P hantom Forest: Twisted Paths. You'll need to defeat Mysterious Knights.

This map is the hub of the Phantom Forest content. You'll now have access to Garnetwho can cleans the Phantom Forest maps 5 times a day. Basically the Phantom Forest maps get more and more corrupted over time, adding in mechanics to hinder your progress such as floating mobs that damage you.

Cleansing the maps means they will go away for a short period. Next you'll want to talk to Taggrin twice. You should now be on the quest [Phantom Forest]: Speak with the sword. You'll need to kill 50 Phantom Trees. The next quest you need to head to Crimsonwood Keep.

Online:the blight of the bosmer

To get there, use our map below so you can navigate to Crimsonwood Mountain. Once you get to Crimsonwood Mountain: Valley Of The Heroes Iyou'll need to navigate the map to the other side, but be warned, there are some giant death rolling pins that will one-hit KO you. You'll now be in Crimsonwood Mountain: Lower Ascent.

You want to go to the middle portal on the map; upon entering there will be a cutscene and you need to defeat Corrupted Masters. You can use a return scroll map to get back there. You can now talk to Joko. Talk to him and he will then ask you to speak to Fiona.

You can continue the Phantom Forest questline to gain additional Shadowknight Coins or just forcus on doing the dailies. This map will help you navigate the Phantom Forest maps. Let us know if we've gotten any of the portals wrong! Once you've unlocked the Phantom Forest dailies, you will be given 6 missions that can earn you Shadowknight Coins and Raven Ninja Coins.

Both of these coins can be used to purchase gear in different shops in the Phantom Forest: Dead Man's Gauge map. You get 3 Shadowknight coins per quest you complete. Raven Ninja Coins can be earned from the [Wanted] quests, which require you to defeat X amount of mobs.

You get 3 Raven Ninja Coins per quest you complete. The dailies require you to navigate the labrinth of Phantom Forest maps.

Maplestory phantom forest guide

Each map has different mobs on it and can spawn a random Elite Mob too. Overtime, the Phantom Forest maps curse gets worse and worse, causing debilitating effects that can cause your character to die if you're not careful. You can reset the curse 5 times a day by talking to Garnet. This is a Best-In-Slot item when fully star-forced and is one of the reasons players do the [Elite Hunt] quests.

The forest heart

The most difficult part of using this item is the fact that in order to star-force this item, it also costs Shadowknight Coins as well as mesos. That means in order to get this item star-forced, you're going to be doing these dailies for a very, very long time.

He sells lots of old-school items, most of which are pretty worthless except for the throwing stars. The good news is that these stars are transferable in the world.

So to speed up the process of getting a decent inventory size of throwing stars, just do the Phantom Forest dailies on multiple characters. Once you havetransfer the throwing stars to your main. Assuming you complete all 3 [Wanted] quests every day, it'll take approximately 12 days to get Raven Ninja Coinswhich is enough to buy 1 set of Balanced Furies.

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