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By Megan Gustashaw. By Rachel Nussbaum. By Simone Kitchens. By Glamour. Kelsie Swygart used makeup to cover up her freckles, then used her viral attention to tell people to love themselves.

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By Cady Drell. After years of covering up models' natural spots, makeup artists have finally stopped with the camouflaging.

Can we get a hell, yeah? Model Mari Kyianytsia shares her story. When I was a kid, I had no idea that they were something different, or even notable; in Ukraine, where I grew up, freckles are very common. The first time I began thinking of them at all was after university, when I started modeling.

Freckles, said my agents, didn't resonate in Asia a popular place for new models to start their careersbut in the U. Most of the editorial shoots I've done have featured a similarly natural look. But occasionally makeup artists don't know how to work with freckles, or they want to cover them up. That's when I. Gone are the days when we tried to cover up those little freckles that adorn our noses by the end of summer. In fact, they've become an enviable beauty accessory. Lots of our favorite actresses and models have been proudly displaying their speckles example: we just spotted some on Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaiobut the trend doesn't end there.

The idea of drawing on faux freckles using pencil has really gone mainstream.

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Check out these faux spots on French model Josephine LeTutor. A photo posted by Hung Vanngo hungvanngo on Sep 4, at am PDT To complete a bronzed sun-goddess makeup scheme, celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo added these natural-looking freckles to LeBaume's face. And while to us nonprofessionals, the idea of drawing dots on our faces using eye pencil at first sounded way too risky, our own Leah Melby proved it can be done in a way that's totally believable—by using a foolproof freckle pencil from Topshop.

Here are the faux spots she created on her face; would you ever guess they're not real? Even her now-husband didn't notice their sudden appearance! A photo posted by Leah Melby Clinton lmcshops on Aug 14, at am. By Petra Guglielmetti.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Check your jealousy meter before you look at this shot of Emma Watson at a photo call for her new movie Regression in Madrid. It's about to go off the charts. We love the way this close-up of her skin shows off her creamy complexion and her sweet freckles. Watson has never shied away from showing her spots and we love that. Hiding them under thick foundation would be a shame!

So seeing her on a red carpet with only very sheer makeup over top is a welcome sight. This is how you rock freckles, folks. That said, just because she embraces her skin as it is doesn't mean she doesn't fuss over it. Watson has said that hers is sensitive, and taking care of it is a must.

This Victoria's Secret Angel proves it. By Beth Shapouri. If you're a freckle-haver who struggles with seeing her spots as sexy, Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio is about to make you feel like the foxiest fox in all the land right now. She posted this shot of her painted-on dots from a shoot, and the are so hot, you might want to grab a magazine to fan yourself with.

A photo posted by Sara Sampaio sarasampaio on Aug 9, at pm PDT The idea of drawn-on freckles isn't new, but it's been picking up some steam over the past few months—case in point: Deers Milly and Adam Selman sent runway models down the spring-summer catwalk with faux frecks, and Top Shop launched a freckle pencil last year.

Needless to say, we're pretty psyched. After all, we're big freckle supporters around here, and we get sad when we hear someone say she doesn't love hers. But hopefully if you're in that camp—and even if you aren't—this photo will make you feel just a little bit more confident about yours today. You just smear it on in little.

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Emma Stone's freckles aren't incredibly obvious, no, but they're there nonetheless. And the fact that they looked perfectly balanced on her face with this smoky eye is no accident. Notice that her brows have been filled in. So, so key. That creates a frame that draws attention back up from her freckles smack in the middle to her eyes.

It's not even aggressive shading—from far away, you wouldn't even be able to tell her brows have been traced with powder. But it's one little move that really changes the freckled girl's smoky-eye game. I'm fascinated by the cute smattering of freckles that grace the cheeks and noses of certain pals, so my ears perked right up when I heard mentions of a freckle pencil.

I, you see, am a girl sadly without freckles. The eyeliner-like product is meant to be dotted on the face for a sun-kissed look and mixes brown and black shades for realistic color makeup artists typically combo various eye pencils if tasked with creating faux spots for a runway show.

That baby did its job. No one commented without being asked, and then they said they assumed they were, ya know, real freckles. It was trickier to get the spots right on my nose, perhaps because there's more dimension to it, but my cheeks were a relative breeze.

Dotting the pencil too hard made it liable to smear a touch and hurt just a littlebut wiping away the offending color was easy—maybe too easy. All my new dots were gone by the end of the day.

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If you're. By Leah Melby Clinton. Between the gorgeous photo of Kesha we fawned over last week and the photos of Olivia Munn taken at last weekend's polo classic, I really have freckles on my mind—and on my nose and cheeks, thanks to a Sunday spent putting some shrubs in the ground ah, suburban life. If you too sport little spots, especially come summertime, here's a roundup of celebrity freckle pics that'll make you feel happy you've got 'em.

Also: Is there another actress or model whose freckles you love to look at? Tell us below!

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This picture of Kesha caught out and about in New York City yesterday might haunt your dreams. She looks that great in it. I love the way the soft daylight casts a slightly purplish glow on everything and the fact that she's not posing. She just looks so stunning.

The pink hair, the freckles, the line of black eyeliner on her top lids—she's like an updated punk version of Brigitte Bardot, don't you think? Remember her Billboard Awards look? She's really been knocking it out of the park recently. There's something so refreshing about this shot of Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton out and about with her freckles showing in the sunlight.

So often models hide their freckles behind makeup—or other people do it for them with air-brushing—and it's nice too see one of them embracing her spots.

And, of course, she looks amazing doing it. Makes you appreciate just how charming freckles can truly be, don't you think? Photos: Getty Images. Today I am fixated on the freckles sprinkled just perfectly across the pretty face of actress Anna Shaffer whom you may recognize as Romilda Vane in the Harry Potter movies.

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Despite having some Irish genes, I was never blessed with freckles—the Iranian side took care of that. But I always wanted them. They look so sweet and dainty. The juxtaposition is hypnotic. OK, hands up: Who here has freckles?