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Nursing home nanas get naked on National Nude Day but for the wrong reason.

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Total posts: Back in summerI was 15 years old when my Funny nudist stories would leave me at home sometimes. For the time my mom was gone and out of curiosity, I would sneak into the backyard only wearing my underwear and have become more comfortable with my body since then. I have also tried going naked in the backyard and that felt even more awesome, especially on nice soft grass. I like going shirtless in the summer a lot. Report Members Only Total posts: 6. I was only too pleased to get the matter sorted out, both for me and the girl, as the situation had the potential for going horribly bad.

The girl ended up in one of my classes later, and we used to grin at each other occasionally, thinking 'we know something that you don't', referring to the other class members. Report Members Only Total posts: One good thing about a nude cruise is if you happen to lock yourself out of your room you don't have to feel embarrassed going to the receptionist naked to ask for someone to open your door for you.

Funny naked stories

In all fairness it was up to the girls parents to decide what they wanted to do without dragging you into the conversation. In fact I think it was rude of them to put you in that situation. You did nothing wrong so if they had some issues seeing someone they knew at a sun club then it was their problem to work out, not yours.

Report Members Only Total posts: 4. I was a teacher at a local co-ed secondary school, and also a member of the local sun club.

Going to the pool one day I thought I saw a face I recognised, but couldn't be sure, as she disappeared so quickly. Later that day I was back at my tent when a rather attractive lady came by and asked 'Are you Mr? Her daughter was at the same school where I taught, and feeling as though she didn't want to go to the club anymore.

The mother asked me if I would go to their caravan later, have a cup of tea and sort things out. I duly turned up and daughter, Mom and Dad were there too, daughter now wearing a sundress.

It was agreed, after a discussion, that it would make no difference to the situation and we would continue as we had up until seeing each other. Back at school we just exchanged smiles and all was OK. Later on my wife and I became friends of the family and used to meet up regularly at the club, daughter and some of her friends included.

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I just went full nude in my backyard today and it felt great! I should do it way more often. One time when I was around 8 years old I was at the textile community pool with my friend and my mom. I dropped my trousers right away and my friend mentioned to me. And then a voice behind us came about.

We turned around to see atleast a lb 70 year old staring us down prepared to shower. We told him we were just waiting to use a shower. He guided me over to a shower and turned it on and began to help clean me. He delicately rubbed all over my body while I sat on the bench. He eventually started to fondle my penis.

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He then proceeded to grab me right my butt and lifted me up to his chest. I had a raging hard on this whole time and it squished right into his chest. We started to kiss for the next few minutes as the other seniors just viewed and ccheered us on. He sat me down again and told me he needed help cleaning.

‘nudist’ stories

He displayed his erection in front of me and told me to wrap my mouth on it. I dd so and after about 20 minutes he finally climaxed into my mouth. My friend apparently had already finished off two other men and this was the norm Funny nudist stories him in the shower house. Certainly an exhilarating experience that I have no regrets about Report Members Only Total posts: Well here goes When I can remember as young boys and girls back then we would all get together through the summer holidays schools out etc we would go swimming in the local river, where we would spend all day just swimming,larking around,sun bathing and generally having a great time!

And a laugh!!! On this one particular occasion I removed my shorts and was drying myself down with my towel, when one of the group started to laugh and point to my half naked body as i was already fighting with my towel to hide As so to speak!

Nudist stories

And hay ho presto But me being me just stood there and hung the towel over my erection, when every body just fell about laughing!!! When one of the group suggested i should just drop and remove the towel and go naked! Which i virtually did straight away!!!

Funny nudist stories really with no hesitation at all, the rest is just history After that event when ever we went back and visited our little spot we did manage to go nude through out the rest of the summer! I've been a nudist for more than 20 years. Very comfortable being nude at home alone or with friends, at nude beaches, nudist gatherings and camps, and so on.

But earlier this year I went on a nudist cruise. We had to be clothed in port or stay out of sight of the shore, and there would be an announcement over the PA that nudity was now ok on deck, etc. The first afternoon, leaving our embarkation port, I felt a weird resistance to leaving the cabin while nude. It just didn't feel right. For less than five minutes: maybe it was encountering other nude people in the corridor that eased the last awkwardness. I had thought I could be comfortably nude in almost any situation and was surprised to find that wasn't the case.

Total posts: 3. A few years ago I moved into a community that seemed to be getting more Morman l preaching their word door to door. Being a nudist, and being polite, I would slip on shorts before answering the door. After I experienced everal Morman callers within a short period of time I decided I had enough of it and answered the door naked- invited them in for a chat. They couldn't run fast enough.

Nudism stories

Haven't had a problem since. Sometimes naked fun can be very communicative. My wife and I had already gone to the resort a few times; but that particular time we decided to bring our daughter for her first trip. One resort we had never visited was having their annual open house; we decided to go there. My daughter was a bit weirded out at first, since she had never been nude "in public.

We went back to the car and undressed. My wife didn't often go nude right away at that point; but she decided to get naked to encourage our daughter.

What are your best naked stories? embarrassing or funny, accidental or intentional, we've all been naked and had shit go down.

We walked to the pool area, and once we got there, my daughter's face just lit up: the pool area was full of naked. Before long she took off running to the other children. We sat down right by the pool. My wife was still very reserved and passively observed all the activities going on. My daughter came over and asked us to participate in a game of tag with the. I volunteered, while my wife opted to stay behind.

As I ran around the pool chasing and being chased, I would occasionally glance over at my wife, who was still just sitting there watching. Then, after a while, my wife got up to ask me something. I never found out what she wanted to tell me because our daughter tagged her before she even got to me. And she found herself an unwitting participant in our game! And the next thing I knew, my Funny nudist stories was running around the pool, boobs bouncing, with a big smile on her face. She had gotten in on the fun; and in the process, dropped her inhibitions. After that, we all played together, running around naked and jumping in and out of the pool.

All day long. My wife was totally relaxed, talking with other parents and socializing. My daughter was just having a blast. When the manager requested people for the annual resort pictures, my wife actually volunteered to pose!