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Hey guys I wrote this story for a defunct subreddit and now really want to share it. She never imagined what she would find. She knew enough about sex to not be immediately shocked at the images of nude women stretching into a digital oblivion.

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Like DuskShadowBrony's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! Personal Works. File type : Text File. Considering my friends and I all were stubborn, none of us were willing to back down from a bet. After a night of combat training, we were rather tired, but were too riled up to just rest. We decided to further train with challenges to each other.

Forced diaper furry story

You do know that Dusk relies on his speed in combat, right? Twenty targets was nothing. I fired quickly, barely taking a second to pause to aim for the next one. I was on the last three, before I felt myself tripped. I said you had to take them down, I never said anything about not distracting you.

Um, it’s a furry in diaper!

You lose. I grew flustered. I let my aura bow dissipate, flicking my paw to the side, causing the remaining energy to glitter through the air. I want you to be ed up for daycare… as a baby.

But until then, we might as well get the baby thing started early, yes? Flare, you willing to help? What are friends for? She had been cradling me the entire way there.

I looked around the room, it was covered in posters of performers and musicals, something Flare was an admirer of. Her bed was a plain red, the room well-lit with fancy lamps.

Flare soon returned with a small basket of supplies. I saw baby powder, a thick diaper, a pacifier, and a folded footed sleeper. She was going all out. I obeyed, laying down on her bed. Flare unfolded the diaper, sliding it under me. She gently pushed my paws away as I tried to protest. Let us adults handle these things. At least it was soft and comfortable, even if it did have a really childish de on it. As she predicted, everything pretty much fit, more or less.

The sleeper was slightly loose on me. So you can talk, but only with a lisp, and your grammar and vocabulary should be limited. You have to play the part. Alice said she was very specific in the fact that you were nowhere near potty-training. Keep that paci in. I was left alone once more, in a thick, crinkling diaper, suckling on the paci.

It felt weird, the garment forcing my legs apart somewhat, and made me feel like I was sitting on a pillow. What had I gotten myself into?

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Well, it was just one day, how bad could it be? I was an explorer of deep dungeons, I had definitely been through worse. I let her lift me up and into the crib. Having no other choice, I rolled over and fell asleep, too. Are you ready for your first day at daycare? She smiled mischievously, humming lightly, cradling me as she did so.

So just go. I was so embarrassed, feeling the warmth spread across the front of the diaper. The diaper swelled as it accommodated the moisture, and was now even more bulky. The wet feeling was gone, quickly, though, at least the diaper took care of that.

I winced, the buckle straps pressing on the wet diaper, making it squish. Flare suppressed a giggle, before going to her cabinet, taking out some oatmeal. How do I tawk? She soon finished, setting a bowl of oatmeal on my tray. Eat with your paws, or let me spoon-feed you.

I scooped up the warm food with my paws, making a mess as I struggled to feed myself that way. Flare coughed, clearly to hide a laugh, as she started on her breakfast. Now make sure you eat all your breakfast, I know that you skip out on breakfast a lot.

The dragon’s sacrifice

I reluctantly started suckling. It was just standard MooMoo Milk, nothing special, but it was rather hard to drink out of the bottle. It took a good amount of time to finish, and by the time I did, the diaper was cold. The walk to the daycare was embarrassing, a few passerby having commented on how little and cute I was, as well as noting that I needed a change. Flare played along, letting them know that I needed especially thick diapers. I tried not to blush, but Flare was really milking the situation. We soon arrived, with Alice waiting with a diaper bag.

She carried me easily.

Birthday with a friend [babyfur]

You must be Alice and Dusky. This way is the changing rooms. Dusky here is the only cutesy diaper pup.

She untaped the old diaper, starting to clean me up. Those wipes awe cowld! Baby grammar. You might as well just go, save us both the trouble. Celica was supervising the playtime.

The others should be coming in soon. This roster for the week was supposed to be potty-trained or in the process children only, but since you squeezed him in last minute, we made an exception. I tried not to register the fact that I would be the only one in diapers, focusing on the blocks. He was potty-trained, not having training pants on. Alice was watching me carefully, and I knew I had to be friendlier. I Dusk. I squirmed a little, Moon too distracted with his teetering tower to notice.

But not Alice. She walked over, picking me up. The massage made it infinitely harder to hold, and I kicked my back paws. I whimpered slightly at the awful feeling.

Wetty wetty!