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The mythos of the American Old West, with its aura of ruggedness, danger and adventure, has appealed to many people over the years, including gay men. While they don't have quite as many stereotypical gay associations as sailors and leather-clad bikerscowboys are nevertheless an important part of macho gay male iconography. This trope covers gay or bisexual men who are Western-flavored characters or just fans of the genre.

This is almost always a flavor of Manly Gay. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Bisexual shepherds, close enough. Marvel Comics ' Rawhide Kid in the eponymous limited series but not in regular continuity, Earth appearances.

His over-hyped sexuality caused the books to be rated inappropriate for minors to read, even though the only indication he was gay was through certain innuendos and implications. Jonah Hex : In the series, Hex faces off against a Gay Cowboy who goes on a Roaring Ram of Revenge against the town where his partner was killed. A bit of Deliberate Values Dissonance in the New 52 All-Star Westernwhere Hex, transported to the Present Daytakes offence at being called a cowboy, Gay cowboy outfit that they're all gay.

Jinny Hex, Jonah's great-great-granddaughter and a member of Young Justicetakes after Jonah and is a lesbian, though she exists in the present day, so it's only in concept and she isn't defined by the rejection and isolation of this trope. Fanon explains Ben himself to be gay as well, though the film only shows him as attracted to women he sleeps with one. Brokeback Mountain is famous for being the "gay cowboy movie", even though they're actually bisexual shepherds. Also, it's not set in the old West.

Opinion: if you wear cowboy hats, you’re gay

The two major gay male characters in the Canadian indie film Wilby Wonderful are both fans of Westerns. Julian J. McGinley's character in Wagons East! An ultimately heroic example, at that.

He dates Earl's father's killer Yeah, it's that kind of movie. In the slasher film Maskheadthe contact the snuff film makers a pair of Psycho Lesbians have with their buyers is a cowboy who picks up men to fist and do other weird sexual things to. However, Gay cowboy outfit vehemently claims he is not "a fucking fag". Played for Laughs in the middle of a brawl between a cowboy gang and a male chorus line in Blazing Saddles when a cowboy and a dancer disappear behind some scenery and upon emerging are a cooing couple.

Tick from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert dresses like a cowboy when trying to seem straight in front of his estranged son. In The Last Rune series there are the minor characters Davis and Mitchell, two gay ranchers who have been together for over twenty five years. Warren from the Mercy Thompson series was a gay cowboy before he became a werewolf.

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Gemma Files' Hexslingers series, you've got Chess who also falls under Agent Peacock and somewhat Depraved Homosexualthough he's the hero Rook who could either be bisexual or just into Chesssince we never see him with any other men and Ed, who also seems to be making an exception where Chess is concerned. Live Action TV. Roswell, New Mexico : Isobel.

Gender Flipped and bisexual, but she's a queer woman with a cowboy aesthetic. Alex: Does the macho cowboy swagger thing ever get old with you? Michael: Did it get old for you? His image, lyrics and music videos frequently feature queered versions of cowboy and western tropes.

Lil Nas X got famous from his country trap song "Old Town Road" which featured him dressed as a cowboy, and he came out as gay in Randy Jones, the Cowboy of the Village Peoplewas one of the two gay members of the group.

There was an underground cowboy song called "The Lavender Cowboy", who, according to the lyric "had only two hairs on his chest" which line was usually followed by two plucks from the violin.

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It goes like "He rides, I know he rides, He rides the horse just to raise his tail". Alice in Chains ' song "Queen of the Rodeo" is a subversion; the subject of the song is simply a transvestite. Cowboy" by the Axis of Awesome, the result of two of the bands' members believing the initials stood for 'Crime Solving'. In the musical production called Fairy Talesthe song "Illinois Fred" tells the story of two men sitting at a bar encountering a cowboy named Illinois Fred, who enjoys antiques, Patsy Cline music, dancing, and taking men into the back of his truck to Newspaper Comics.

Parodied in one The New Yorker cartoon: two senile old cowboys are sitting on a porch, and one yells to the other, "Were we gay? Professional Wrestling. Video Games.

In Sunset RidersBilly who has a stylish victory pose is the only character who looks away from the saloon girls, after the Smith Brothers boss fight. Of course, he may just be bashful or modest around the ladies, or he may be asexual. Revolver Ocelot in the Metal Gear series is a Spaghetti Western -themed villain who turns out to have been in love with a guy. Jude the Dude in MadWorld is heavily implied to be one of these. His boss arena even features a banner that proclaims him as "The Brokest Back in the West. Goodbye Chains. Though, technically, none of the gay characters are proper cowboys.

Homestuck codes Equius as a Bisexual Cowboy through his Testosterone Poisoningkeeping of a milk-bearing animal, aggressive drinking of milk and, most blatantly, his Ennio Morricone Musical Pastiche Leitmotif. And as the Sagittarius troll, he's also thematically associated with horses.

Web Original. Danny Brady from Shadow Unit has overtones of this. Western Animation. In 6teenJonesy decides to spend Valentine's Day holding an auction to win a date with him. However, he forgot to specify "girls Gay cowboy outfit. Once a man dressed as a cowboy places a bid, Jonesy has to start bidding on himself to avoid having to go on a date with him.

The bidding war lasts until Nikki decides to bail him out by bidding an insane amount of money on the condition that she doesn't have to pay it, of course. On King of the HillDale's estranged father is a rodeo-cowboy it's a gay rodeo. When he tries to come out to Dale, Dale believes that he is confessing to being a secret agent for the government and that his "partner" is of the Buddy Cop variety.

This is partly because Dale had always been under the impression that his father was a real ladykiller who Really Gets Around with beautiful women, and partly because Dale is Dale. The South Park episode " Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls " features a film festival, and Cartman's famous line about gay cowboys eating pudding.

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Matt and Trey actually said before Brokeback Mountain came out that "if they eat pudding, we're going to sue. Two horses are waiting outside a tent wondering why their masters are late getting up that morning. One horse, overcome by curiosity, looks inside. And is indeed frightened by what he sees.

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Smithers from The Simpsons a couple times; In " Via He Misterioso De Nuestro Homer " he shows up at the chilli festival wearing a pink and white cowboy outfit with a neon on the back saying "Hot Nashville Nights". Real Life. The American Gay Rodeo Association. The reputation surrounding super-selective Deep Springs Collegeone of the last men's colleges in the US, where so-called "cowboy intellectuals" split their time between ranch labor and the western canon they've now gone co-ed - the first female students have been attending since the fall of The cowboy from the Village People.

He was a macho man.

Gay cowboy

This poem. This was actually ificantly more common in real life than most people realize. While the archetypal cowboy is straight, historians have noted that some cowboys were gay or bisexual men moving from the city out to the country to escape persecution. So this is among the most circular examples of Truth in Television out there, with the gay version of the cowboy having slipped into obscurity to such an extent that the idea of a gay cowboy became novel when re-introduced.

Homosexual behavior was surprisingly open and acceptable in the Old West.

Alternative Title s : Gay Caballero.