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What is my age: 20
Hobby: Sexy Horny Want Mature Relationship Advice Horny Older Women Search Cheap Sex
My sexual identity: Hetero
What is the color of my hair: Straight ash-blond hair
Body type: My figure type is slender
What is my hobbies: Swimming

A dark palace where sexy, evil women satisfy their capricious, wickedest whims. If you don't fit in this category, please leave now or continue and consider yourself forewarned. My target audience is, mostly, pathetic tiny men who get their kicks from reading about the exploits of sexy evil women as myself.

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Chapter 1: Mandatory 'choose your path' chapter The alarm in your phone goes off and you groggily wake up with a long yawn.

Histórias de malvadas (em português)

You actually had a good night's rest, so technically you're all in good health to face the day, though that doesn't mean you're terribly excited about it if it's some boring stuff, like one more school day. Then again, whether it's scho Prologue Deep in the heart of the Glacier Forrest, known for its brutal summer and bitter winters, rested the kingdom of Bisondul. The fortified castle of the royal family was built into the side of the Blistagale Mountains, and the structure looked down over a village booming with life.

The average men and women of Bisondul were not wealthy, but their needs You're Tom, an average guy who's always fantasized of being a pro wrestler since childhood.

One day, you decide to finally follow your dreams and quit your day job. Young, ambitious, and with everything to prove, you decide to start your career by finding an underground league tohoping you'll quickly gain a name for yourself. Sadly, your efforts are f You were working at a work out spa.

It was called Weight Slimmer Spa. You were young and not let fully experience when it comes to sex. The work out spa was luxurious and only for women. The women there were very hot.

They were big and beautiful and very exotic. Each one was different.

They seem to ooze with sex and passion. There were of different races. Alone in his dorm room, Blake Heart gazed into his special crystal ball and whispered a series of magical chants. In little time at all, the orb began to emit a ghastly green glow, and summoned to the young man's presence were three otherworldly spirits - one short and fat, one tall and thin, and one of average height and form.

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As soon as Jake entered the subway he saw her again. Without hesitation he walked up to her.

She looked down at him. Still, she seemed even taller than last time. He looked up at her and said: "I found your website and watched your stream The position revealed every detail of her sky-blue bikini.

Photographers aimed their cameras at her, taking full-body shots as she smiled. When I caught the flashing lights out of the corner of my eye, I froze.

My muscles instantly tensed up and I recognized the sensation of warm adrenaline flooding my veins. With apprehension, I glanced down at the speedometer. I carefully lifted the huge beer, the size of a two-liter soda bottle - and heavier still from the thick glass mug it had been poured into.

I'd seen some of the male staff in the bar carry them one-handed - with some effort - but not me.

No, not sickeningly petite Annabeth, whose hands were even smaller than one would think for a five-foot-tall girl who did SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up.

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