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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Angela and I always had great times at our grandparents place. When we were younger, we spent many a summer there just having fun and getting nice and plump from our grandma's cooking.

Our parents couldn't keep us away from that place, and things started to get a lot more fun when we reached legal age. That's when our grandparents introduced me and Angie to the wonderful world of incest. Perhaps a brief introduction of my family is necessary before I get started. My sister Angela, loving known as Angie by the members of our family, is an auburn-haired hottie.

A bot on the short side, a bit voluptuous and plump perhaps but with curves and shapes on all the right places. A gorgeous face, cherry red lips and blue eyes deep enough to drown in. You could say she had everything going for her in the looks department, and the guys at school were drooling over each other to get to her.

She was no slut though, and didn't sleep around anymore than I did.

She did see a few boys every now and then though, and it was no major surprise that she liked having sex. Sylvia is our grandmother, a warm and kind woman who was always happy and a terrific cook.

Grandma & grandpa taught me to fuck part 2

Her sun bleached blonde hair was starting to fade towards gray, but it still had plenty of luster and glimmered when the sun shone on it. She was slightly taller than my sister but shorter than me, and with a hell of a body. A tad on the chubby side, but in no way disproportionate, with great big tits and a huge size XL ass. And hell, I was a guy so naturally I liked staring at her fine body, even if she was my grandma.

Our grandpa's name is Joe, a rugged sort of fella but with a great, big heart and a hearty laugh. Fairly hairy as far as his body goes, but slightly balding on top. Grandpa has always liked to keep his body in shape, he exercising regularly and trying to keep a healthy diet, even though grandma's cooking makes this a daunting task to say the very least.

Me and my sister also knew that grandma and grandpa had a very active sex life the thin walls of their house told many a talewhich probably kept any possibility of a protruding beergut at bay. As for me, I may not be the most popular kid in school.

Not a jock in any sense of the word but no "geek" either. You could say I just do my thing and somehow get along fairly well with the ladies. I may not score every day of the week, but I'm "hunky" enough to get some every now and then, so I'm definitely happy.

Personally, I never thought of our grandparents in a sexual manner, even though we had both seen them naked very often. Our grandparents were never shy about their nudity, and often walked around completely naked in the back yard during hot summer days. Me and my sister never complained or even questioned this behavior, it was just so natural to us since they'd pretty much always done it. Sure, I always wondered what grandma's big tits would feel like and I must have touched myself "improperly" on more than one occasion, while thinking about fondling them.

But that's as far as my personal fantasies went. Can't speak for Angie, of course, even though I did see her eyes ogling our grandad's mighty dick once or twice while out swimming. One beautiful Saturday morning, grandpa took me fishing Grandma and grandpa sex stories Angie stayed at home with grandma to help her with a batch of cookies.

The sun was shining bright, the water was clear and still and the fish were biting. In a couple of hours we had caught a handful of striped bass.


Grandpa and I were talking about everything under the sun, the old man was telling jokes and making me laugh with everyone of them. Eventually the conversation steered towards sex. Grandpa was doing most of the talking I must confess, asking me about everything from favorite positions to of sex partners throughout the years. Even though this took me completely by surprise, I didn't really mind. I figured I had nothing to hide from my grandparents as far as my sex life goes, I was never a shy kid and definitely not among my nudist grandparents.

Most likely, whatever I'd experienced by now, they'd experienced tenfold or more.

Pretty soon the two of us were candidly talking about sex, like a couple of high school buddies. A smirk came across his face, not an evil and sinister grin but like he had something on his mind.

You've touched a pair of nice, big ole titties, haven't you son? Usually not the shy type, I suddenly felt my cheeks redden and blush. Up until now, the questions had been fairly innocent in a "guy to guy" sort of way, but now they took a U-turn in a big way.

I started to fidget in the boat, but with a couple of minutes left until we'd make landfall, there was nowhere to run and hide. It's like slipping your pecker in a tight velvet sack. And there's nothing quite like it when she uses her hands to massage your balls while going down on you, I can cum gallons when she starts to play Grandma and grandpa sex stories them.

She likes to take all of it in her mouth too, and just drink it all down. I love your grandma, son. I didn't say a word, I was still too shocked to reply. I can't say that I wasn't turned on by it though, but in a way this was all too much to take in. One moment grandpa was talking about different types of fish, and one moment he was talking about what he and grandma like to do when they get down and dirty. And in explicit detail as well. I couldn't quite figure out what was on his mind.

There's not a cloud in the sky! Grilled fish sounds kind of good right now, I'm starving. While I was still a bit apprehensive about making eye contact, I could see out of the corner of my eye that grandpa was watching me and smiling as we made our way towards the shore. My nervousness was wearing off the closer to land we got, but I hadn't been more turned on in my life. On the car ride back home, grandpa soon started to talk about "regular" things.

Everything from sports to politics to just everyday normal life and its ups and downs. I started to lower my guard, relax a bit, and pretty soon it felt like everything was back to normal. We pulled onto the driveway and I headed for the front door, with our big bucket of fish in my hand, when all of a sudden my grandpa called out to me. We tip toed around the back, carefully enough so that we wouldn't trample grandma's cherished tulips, and made our way to the back door.

Grandpa and grandma come for a visit and the entire family enjoys an incestuous orgy

Grandma will be so pleased with all the fish we caught, you'll see! The two of us crept up towards the door and peered into the kitchen, where grandma and Angie were taking out the last sheet of cookies and preparing for our grilled fish dinner.

As my sister bent over to take the cookies out of the oven, I could swear I saw grandma caressing her butt. I wasn't totally sure though, and apparently Angie didn't notice it, but it looked as if our grandmother got shivers of pleasure just by touching her supple ass. Someone's got to start to clean and gut all of them, and it's not gonna be grandpa if you know what I mean.

That's just how grandpa's always been, he catches the fish but he doesn't like to prepare them. That's what I do. My sister and I knew all too well that it was the gospel truth. As Angela was scrubbing away on a bowl full of cookie dough leftovers, grandma Sylvia started to put all the ingredients and spices and whatnot into the cupboard next to hear. I started to notice that every now and then, whenever grandma picked up new things to put into the cupboard, she brushed her big tits against my sisters shoulders.

I wasn't that sure, but it looked to me as if she was doing it intentionally! Angie paid it no mind, and if she did, she did a hell of a job hiding it. Grandpa and I were still hiding in the shadows of the hallway, when grandma started asking all sorts of questions, most of them sex related. When it tastes good.

Are we're all pretty close, you know? Then again, most of them are pretty boring old hags! Even Angie couldn't stifle herself and burst out laughing. You know, sucked on each others boobs or eaten each others pussies? Have you had your tits sucked by another woman, dear? Angela noticed this, intently staring at her own grandmother gently squeezing those big knockers. There was no reply, only another gasp as Angie sucked in air.

She was frozen in time, but was still unable to take her eyes off grandma's big tits being rubbed.

It was like she was in a trance.