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In the season 25 premiere, Matt James meets his 32 potential wives and talks openly about the pressure of being the first Black star of The Bachelor. Happyrose lovers! While the world still isn't back to "normal" yet, I'm happy to report that one thing remains blissfully consistent: "Ladies" on The Bachelor are still happy to separate themselves from their dignity if it means more camera time. Case in point:. And yes, she is pointing a purple vibrator in our Bachelor's face.

Who says there are no original ideas anymore?

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With that unfortunate bit of business out of the way, it's time to meet Matt and begin his "journey. In lieu of wet cobblestones, Bachelor Nation overlord and savior Chris Harrison strolls down a red carpet to welcome us to the Nemacolin Resort in exotic Pennsylvania. Oh yeah, Matt James has the "dreamboat" bonafides, all right. The dude co-founded an organization called ABC Food Toursan organization that introduces underserved kids in New York City to healthy foods and activities in their neighborhood. Matt says his parents split up when he was very young, and he credits his mom for raising him and his brother with strong Christian values.

Still, he's a little nervous about forming a healthy adult relationship, since he grew up in a single-parent home. Fortunately, mama's here to offer a little support. For Pete's sake, I can't be tearing up already. Why Guy smacks cobra these parental visits always melt my ice-cold heart? Please, can we get some "ladies" in here to humiliate? Enough with these human emotions — roll the quarantine intros!

Alicia, This professional ballerina from NYC thinks Matt is her type because he's handsome and he loves. Abigail, A financial manager from Oregon, Abigail was born completely deaf and now wears a cochlear implant to hear. Kristin, She's a gorgeous attorney from Jersey City, N. Likes: Cardi B. Dislikes: Being cooped up in a hotel room.

Magi, This pharmacist moved to the U. She likes that Matt is "kind, respectful, and works hard. Will… not… cry. Will… NOT… cry! That's enough of the personalized intros. Your Bachelor awaits. Sorry, had to get one last gratuitous shirtless shot in there before the limo exits… which aren't even happening right now.

It turns out, Matt has a few questions for Chris Harrison before the "ladies" arrive. Specifically, he's not sure what to expect — and as the first Black Bachelor, Matt is also a little stressed out about what viewers might expect of him. Translation: Matt knows there are some people out there who think he should end up with a Black woman. I don't want to piss off white people. But I'm both of those! How do I please everybody?

Short answer, Matt: You can't. But props to the Bachelor and producers for putting this conversation at the very start of Matt's "journey," rather than pretending that race isn't an issue. Harrison, who usually doesn't have to offer counsel on such real-world issues, handles it well. Bri, Nope, she's not vibrator girl. She's a communications manager from San Francisco, and she arrives sans sex toys.

Good job, Bri! Rachael, "You are more good-looking in person," gushes this graphic deer in Lucite heels. Sarah the broadcast journalist is next, followed by Jessenia, 27a social media marketer from San Antonio. Chelsea, Hell yes to this runway model with short-short hair and a swagger to match her style. Mari, A marketing director from Odenton, Md. Pretty pink dress. She, too, wows the Bachelor. Trying to be smooth, but you can't sometimes.

I appreciate how nervous Matt is in general. This "process" is not at all normal.

It's highly irregularas Spock would say. Magi arrives, looking stunning in red, and she's followed by Carolyn, 30a journalist from L. Sydney, "You are the hottest human being I have ever met! Side note: What in the holy hell is marketing, really?

Oh Lord, Kristin the lawyer has a cheesy opening bit: "You have been found guilty of being incredibly fine. Khaylah, I am not sure exactly what a "healthcare advocate" is, but I am sure that this gorgeous woman from Durham, N. She drives up in a pickup truck to remind Matt of home he was born in Raleigh, N. Serena C. Also notable for another reason.

So yeah, I'm guessing it was planned. Serena P. It's a cute idea. Even the "ladies" watching from the window above love it.

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Alicia the ballerina dances in on pointe; she's followed by Sanehthe year-old IT consultant, who shows up in the creepiest goat slippers you've ever seen. Alana, She's a photographer, so of course this Toronto girl goes for a picture-perfect Lady and the Tramp moment.

Kaili, 26 : Uh-oh, if Matt thought Alana's pasta kiss was too forward, he's sure as heck going to be clutching his pearls at what this chick has planned. Yep, this "hostess" from Chicago shows up in her underwear and asks Matt to pick her dress. When it's Abigail 's turn, she finds a cute way to give Matt some crucial personal info: "There's something a little bit different about me, and that is I'm deaf.

So I'm going to be reading your lips a lot tonight. Thankfully, you have really beautiful lips, so I'm not complaining. We have no choice but to stan! Corrinne, Another "marketing manager"? What does that even mean? Can anyone explain it to me? Also, she's from Connecticut and is very pretty.

Time for a lightning round of non-gimmicky entrances! Marylynn, 28is an event coordinator from California with two names ed into one. Emani is a year-old realtor from New Mexico!

Laurenthe year-old attorney from Miami, doesn't settle for anything in life! Pieper is a year-old graduate student whose last name is James, so wife her up already! And we're back to the shenanigans. MJ, 23drives up in a pizza delivery car, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a pie in that box. Matt swung the thing behind his back like it weighed nothing… so either he doesn't respect pizza, or the box was empty. Hey, Katie.

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Great to see you again. Do we need to talk about the fact that Katie handed Matt the vibrator, which would be extremely unhygienic if it is, in fact, her personal sex toy? There ain't enough soap in the world to make that okay. Let's hope she just picked that up at the Nemacolin gift shop right before hopping in the limo.

Amber, Props to this nursing student from Cosa Mesa for being able to ride a bike in a short evening dress. Kimberly, Since she's from Seattle, this airline recruiter tosses Matt a fish, Pike Place -style. Casandra, This social worker from Newport Beach comes equipped with a football jersey emblazoned with "Mrs.

Not quite as classy as whipping out a vibrator by way of introduction, but it's close! Also, I hope Illeana burns that purse after carrying that giant meatball around in it all night. Kit, When ABC first released the names and photos of all of Matt's "ladies," they identified this young woman as a "socialite. And if anything says "fashion," it's a feathered minidress paired with black tasseled boots.

Then again, what do I know? I've been wearing yoga pants for the last 12 months.