Women caught naked in public

Haiku about sex


Years old: I'm 25 years old
Hobby: Grandmother Ready Nude Personals Wife Wants To Try A Open Relationship
My sex: I'm lady
Figure type: Fat
What I prefer to listen: Rock

Haiku is the style of Japanese poetry that asks you attempt it with a whole bunch of syllables spread over a few lines. Most haiku can be deep and thoughtful - it's fantastic how people can squeeze creativity in just three lines. Like all poetry, haiku can be about anything you want it to be.

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The classic Japanese haiku rarely dealt with love and almost never with sex.

American practitioners of the form have, however, developed a sub-genre which has been called, in a barbarous neologism, erotiku. It is difficult to see how an erotic charge can be maintained without the benefits of verbal foreplay.

And the possibility of post-coital cogitations, ruminations and conversations is almost negligible. Some poets have managed to create an erotic frisson in such a confined space.

Alexis Rotella is preeminent among those who have made something sensuous out of something short. Brynne McAdoo has a more poignant and a more humorous perspective.

What Marlowe, that most erotic of English poets, would make of an erotiku is a tantalising thought. Some of the images in that ten-line poem are haiku-like:.

Have ye beheld with much delight A red-Rose peeping through a white? Or seen rich Rubies blushing through A pure smooth Pearle, and Orient too? So like to this, nay all the rest, Is each neate Niplet of her breast.

When it comes to the more salacious aspects of the form, what may be called hard-core haiku, questions of propriety, taste and value arise. A column on erotic haiku from the All Poetry site.

An essay on the love haiku of Father Raymond Roseliep. Review of some books of erotic haiku on the Poem Shape site.

An irregular anthology of tweet-size poems

Alexis Rotella tweets her haiku regularly, some of them erotic. Roberta Beary tweets her haiku regularly, some of them erotic.

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