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Books featuring a single heroine and multiple men, all of whom she is in a committed relationship with, are hardly new. Exhibit A. Their golden years were from roughly togive or take a few years. From a sociological perspective, there are a couple of things I could discuss — the increasing acceptance of alternative lifestyles, the new ease with which indie authors can get themselves recognised, etc. Manga of course gets an honourable mention. Harems are common there, and from that we get the shiny new genre name: reverse harem.

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Quality of Harem Fantasy Novel is gone. Hear me out, I never really expected harem novels to be remarkable because anime ruined it. But the novels that I read here is too focused on sex it does not have any plot at all, I genuinely think that this sub should be renamed "Harem Literotica" instead.

Not only is the fantasy tag barely used in the stories, it lacks creative imagination that will give fantasy flavor. I hate to say it because I utterly loathe reverse harem and all it's entirety but I've seen some that are better written than what I've seen here and that is to say that the art cover used in their books isn't as glorious as the one authors uses here.

Tom, dick, and harry: a beginner’s guide to reverse harem romance

Authors please stop copy pasting your stories and then publish it. If you're experiencing writer's block then take a break, breathe and experience life and then when you're inspired again, then write your stories. I'm not here to mock Harem stories fiction mind you, but the quality of stories has gone down to floor level. I've seen a simp in denial in a couple stories I won't mention and then the general male mc who thinks with his dick. Look at marvel comics and dc, they're pretty creative in their application of fantasy and even if you don't watch anime, they still know how to use imagination in their craft.

There never was quality in the western harem fantasty novel genre at all. There's little to no sensible romance and characters all seem to blend together. Therefore, you'll actually have really good authors in the space writing reverse harem stories with a good plot. Western novels appeals much more to me because it usually doesn't have meek male mc with the usual weakness to women trope that the eastern novels always employs.

They simp women so much it killed my passion for anime. I won't disclose western novels as terrible because I see authors with talents, if they focus on plot and character developments it will be much better than the east I firmly believe. Nah, Wuxia fiction heroes are just sociopaths once they have enough strength in their arm to not be sycophants. Meanwhile, an actual Western Harem series would be pretty interesting.

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Wandering gunslick, and instead of a different girl who we never see again, like the Stringer and I think Longrifle novels, we get a crew of Gibson Girl adventurers who him, tearing up sheets and tearing up towns, putting good girls up and bad men down. There are books which are good, and those who are not.

Books which concentrate more on the plot and those who are basically just porn. Of course I won't deny that. Some are really good. But most often than not, the novels are just You could also argue that I suck at discerning good stories from bad. But I speak in a more general manner. And if the authors know that they're good they will just ignore me anyway.

In any case I posted this to raise awareness of what some stories are lacking. Read Daniel Schinhofen's books, their heavy on the harem but it fits the plot and the plot is amazing.

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Here's what I think about this, it seems that people think that I don't really like the genre this sub embodies, but I do. I like stories with a hardworking mc in a fantasy settings that attracts women through his efforts. Because I genuinely think that being surrounded by ladies is a form of recognition and reward for men who dwells in a fantasy world which usually ifies 'life and death, swords and magic' for being strong and staying true to his goals.

This is my definition of harem fantasy, where harem is the reward and fantasy is your life.

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Now is my definition of it wrong? But my point in sharing this is to have a discussion and my feedback on what I've seen on most of the stories I've read.

Quite possibly to know of your definition of harem fantasy. I find it unjustifiable for the title of this subreddit, where's the fantasy? Or are you telling me the fantasy is the harem already?

That's too sad, where's the quest? Where the satisfaction it brings to the reader? Or am I too idealistic?

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Was it simply because erotica trumps harem? And it sells well? Then I stand by my point that the sub should be renamed to "Harem Literotica" because most of it is literotica anyway. If you're thinking I'm an asshole for saying all this, then perhaps I am, but please know that it's my curiosity and my impression that bid me to have this discussion and simply my curiosity.

No shit talking or dissing authors. My goal is, still, to raise awareness that I've seen a lot that can be improved. And as a reader, I exercise my right for this feedback as a form of constructive criticism and my curiosity. Simply turning away from this sub and genre is fairly simple, but I don't want to, because, like I said, it's my favorite genre. Misha Burnett says, "don't try to recapture the magic, remember the disappointment".

That is, get to writing what you want to read by improving on something you think failed for reason X. Some authors just want money, some authors are maybe new to the game over all maybe years of writing novels, based on what I read sometimessome authors are obsessed with artistic integrity, some authors are just writing to have their own fun and are happy readers enjoy it. So, basically And if you don't like the genre, go read a different one.

Sounds for instance that you would be more inclined to explore mainstream high fantasy and visionary sci-fi!

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Hey, I tried my best not to sound like a prick in my post, so if I offend everyone then I'm sorry. I keep Harem stories fiction and searching but few really has really appealed to me and impressed me. But the general conclusion that I got from reading novels is that it really lacks creativity and is too focused on sex.

Was the harem tag really for erotica only? If so then I genuinely think I'm wrong. Well, there are definitely slow-burn harem stories. But you are fighting two things on this issue. A lot of harem authors have a background in writing erotica and still have fans from when they wrote erotica, so some of us myself, for instance are in a transition period where they have to sort of train their readers out of anticipating erotica while at the same time still giving them enough to keep reading. I think sometimes people get wound up about 'well why is this genre this way?

I know one person who bitterly complains about the gory excess of splatterpunk and rates all these books in the genre 1 star. That is someone who is persistently reading in the wrong genre for them. If you feel the genre needs to be or should be different, that is a that it is your personal taste and not a problem with the tropes of the genre.

So, if the erotic content in most harem bothers you, look for 'slow-burn' in the description or give another niche a shot!

Read harem stories - webnovel

Here's the thing, I definitely tried other genre, hence the mentioned reverse harem thing just to compare, and the result is my hatred of the said genre. But unbiasedly, the comparison I got is that it's much better written than the stories I've read in my favorite genre. Like I said in my other comment, I posted this to raise awareness.

Regardless I won't deny your point that perhaps I've been reading too much bad stories or something like that. As you know, there's a clear distinction between good and bad stories, and I'm sad to say that majority outweighs the minority, in which case bad is the majority and majority occupies the whole definition of the said genre because there's simply too many.

So it's not too much of a stretch to define something because you've seen the majority and not the minority isn't it? Can you fault me that I've got a bad impression because of what I've seen? I'm sad to say that majority outweighs the minority, Harem stories fiction which case bad is the majority and majority occupies the whole definition of the said genre because there's simply too many. These paragraphs could be copy and pasted into somebody's post about the romance genre, too, which tons of people eagerly consume. As I have been suggesting, consider you may not be the target demographic for this genre, just like you are evidently not the target demo for reverse harem.

So one of the issues that I've seen is that the audience doesn't seem to be big enough. That doesn't leave enough time to do the two things that would need to be done for you I feel like.

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One author I can recommend, if you haven't tried him yet, is Mike Truk. His books are more Epic Fantasy with harem elements rather than the standard harem style that fills most of the genre. The books I've read of him are fairly dark though, so do keep that in mind.

The Five Trials series. Last book isn't out yet, but it should be coming this year.