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How old am I: 47
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Color of my eyes: I’ve got dark brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Color of my hair: I have got ash-blond hair
Body type: I'm medium-build
What I prefer to listen: Latin
I have tattoo: I have tattoos

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About me

I think for me it was like a new adventure that was completely putting me out of my depth and out of my scope in terms of what I'd normally do.

When they asked me questions like, "Have you ever had a gun to your head? Have you ever had a dog bark in your face?

To me, it's a challenge, a physical challenge more than anything else. Yeah, totally and it actually played on my mind while I was out there.

I had a couple of things in my head. For me, I felt like I wanted to do it to prove that women are strong, full stop and that you're not going to tell us that women aren't. There was one mountain we had to climb and keep walking and I was going to make sure that I got up there with the guys because actually, I'm going to prove that women can go toe to toe with men.

That was my motivation. But then when it got mentally tough I had to remember what this was for, some people would never get the chance to do what I do because of their illness. Although it was brutal, it was an opportunity to do something amazing for other people.

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People will look at you and assume, given your profession, that you're physically fit. How did you find the course physically and also mentally? Physically I found it hard, but good hard. What I found really hard was being an athlete my eating regime is precious. Eating a few meals is crucial for me.

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I didn't really take into that training's great, but as soon as day four or five came with no food, lack of food and lack of everything, apart from fresh air, I was struggling. But physically I think I held my own quite well, to be fair. I got on really well with a lot of them. They were a really nice bunch of people.

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There was a moment I clashed with the DS because Camilla was at the back and struggling and I waited for her. I made a real connection with her and Andrea and I felt like I was doing it with other people who were like minded. I got paired with Dev. Everytime one of us needed the loo the other one had to go too, and he kept getting up in the night so of course I got no sleep because he always needed a wee!

I needed my sleep so I had to hold my patience because I was getting ratty.

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He would go to the loo two or three times a night and when you only have four hours sleep that leaves you with nothing to go on. But you learn to poo next to each other and get naked. Then you have to go to the loo next to each other, but that actually became the social, the women would all go at the same time and have a chat!

Honestly, I don't think the show will get across just how tough it really was. I think because people think we're celebrities that we're not going to get beasted, but we got totally beasted! They put you through some seriously tough challenges during the week, like falling from a helicopter into water, how did you find all that?

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So tough! But more the fact that because you don't want to let yourself down. You want to really push yourself. The stuff I did that week, I've never ever done in my life, so a lot of it was the unknown.

But I found myself. You lose yourself!

So it took a hell of a lot in me to do it, because I wasn't at my strongest mentally and physically. I knew it was going to go one of two ways, because I was so tired. But I know what I can do physically, I know I can hold my own against most men. Registered users only.

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“i do a lot of building and inventing, but i do it in the language of painting”

Images Listings Search the press site. The show is part of Stand Up To Cancer, was that an important aspect for you? What do you mean by that?

How did you find the other celebs? Who did you end up being paired with? It sounds brutal!


But I found myself being so scared for a lot of the week, to be honest! What did you make of it as a woman going into that world? Did you learn anything about yourself during the course? Contacts Registered users only. More news.

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