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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 25th of June Report. Introduction: A girl with many guys and horses.

This was originally from Beastforum. Sandra walked through the party a heavy sigh of boredom escaped from her lips.

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It was late at night and the evening breeze was cool on her skin. She stood outside in the yard of the manor house, a glass of champagne in her hand as she watched the [SPAM] of people chatted and walked around the large courtyard. Horse rape story imposing manor house dark against the horizon spotted with lit windows. She wondered how long it would be before her friend got bored and finally agreed to leave this place. It was so boring it was getting painful. She finished her glass of champagne and turned to head back and find her friend.

As she turned she walked straight into a large man. Her face bounced off his chest and she stumbled back a step, regaining her balance and looking up at the tall figure of a man. My names Andy pleased to meet you. Just nice to meet someone honest for a change. At least this way I can look busy and have a genuine conversation.

I will show you around some time in more detail. Over there is the servants house. The garage is over there then the house. The rest is just out buildings and then the house itself. She told me to come along and promised me a night I would never forget. If not I could show you another day.

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Much as I have enjoyed this though I am going to have to get back in side before they send out a search party for me. He turns a last time and gives her a last smile. You can come save me from what ever dull conversation I am in. Of all the luck, she thought to herself. Something that can finally make this not a total waste and I am not allowed to do go see them. Not like that has ever stopped me before though.

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A wicked smile crosses her face and she turns towards the stables rubbing her hands together. There were no lights on in the area and her eyes were gradually becoming accustomed to the lack of light.

She stopped in the central square and turned in a circle to take in the surroundings. As she looked behind her she saw a dark figure loom up behind her. Her mouth opened to scream in shock but a large hand clamped over her mouth, another pair of strong arms wrapped round her from behind lifting her off the ground.

Her legs kicked out and connected with the shape in front of her and a grunt of pain rewarded her efforts. The hand slipped from her mouth and she let out a shout. It died in her throat though as something heavy connected with the back of her head.

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The world spun around her and her legs gave way. Then blackness swamped her like a tidal wave. The throbbing pain in her head began to increase in frequency and intensity. Her eyes felt open but everything was still black, after a couple of blinks she tried to move.

After a couple of seconds the feeling began to return to her arms, creeping slowly up from the shoulders to her finger tips. Tied behind her, her arms were fastened to something; she could feel the tight restraints digging into her wrist holding the arms in place.

She tested her legs trying to work some feeling back into them but she found the spread and tied at the ankles as well. Although she seemed to be stood up. As she fought against the pounding pain more feelings lumbered through the foggy haze of her mind. She was bent over what seemed like a table, she could feel the cold material against her belly. Her belly??

What had happened to her dress? She could feel some fragments still hugging her body and legs which barely touched the floor. She could only imagine what she looked like tied over the table with her ripped dress. After a couple more tugs she figured she was fasten tightly to the table and gave up on that avenue of escape. She opened her mouth and winched in pain.

Her tongue ran over her cheeks and winched again. The right side of her head throbbed a new with renewed vigour. Her voice squeaked out.


A couple of seconds later nothing had happened so she tried again this time with a little more confidence. The she heard it, a sound a little way in the distance but she definitely heard it like something walking on stone.

Something large and heavy hitting stone from the sounds of it. And it was getting closer.

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She froze and listened. Nothing but the noise getting closer and closer and then it stopped. Suddenly the room blazed into life, bright lights flickered on causing her to shut her eyes. Pains washed over her again as she screwed up her eyes, the bright light shone through her eye lids. Forcing them open again she takes in her surroundings. Tied to the table in the middle of a large open room, a multitude of equipment lining the walls.

From saddles and bridles to hay bails. All of them look lived in. Then a door opens.

A large sliding door at the far end of the room grinds in it tracks as it moves. The darkness of night gives way to the lights from inside and her eye widen in surprise. A series of men leading horses make there way into the room, 5 in total and 3 horses, the horses large and powerful looking and strangely intimidating as they snort and paw at the air.

The men lead the horses into some of the stables and close the doors behind them. Then they sit back as one last group enter the room. The pain shoots through her skull and bounces around like a pinball. The sound of the next slap rings through the stable.

Sandra looks to the left and the right at the men as they move towards her. Kelly kisses Sandra deeply and licks the blood from her lips. The ripping Horse rape story as her pants is torn from her body, the look on her face as he forces his cock into her. Kelly simply smiles as she watches the first man began to rape her friend. The hard thrusts shunting Sandra up and down the table. The pain of the cock forcing its way into her pussy was a shock to Sandra and matched the throbbing in her head.

The pace almost matched the pounding in her head her body ached as the harsh fucking continued.

She looked at her friend though teary eyes, her face screwed up in pain. She bit down on her lip as the fucking continued. The as suddenly as it started it finishes as the man cums inside her. Before she can relax another cock is rammed in her from behind. Kelly traces a hand down her face a look of concern in her eyes as she collects some blood from her lip on her finger and then sucks it clean. Again Sandra felt the hot cum splatter her insides and trickles beginning to dribble out of her pussy and down her thighs.

She waited with baited breath for the next cock and grunted with pain as the third cock was pushed into her tight asshole.