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How to piss off a jehovah witness


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Have a nice day! Answer the door naked while playing jungle music and dancing with a chicken foot.

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I would like to share with you a real conversation that took place between myself and two JW's a while ago. Two young Jehovah's are standing outside my door, I know this by the way they dress.

They always give the appearance that they have been dressed by an 80 year old celibate Aunt, or abused by one. Quick Pre History. Jehovahs believe there is going to be an Armageddon where onlyof the chosen few will make it to Heaven, and the rest of them will be resurrected along with the past dead since the days of Abel and live forever in paradise on Earth.

Taking something as wacky as the bible and making it wackier makes them pretty wacky. The booklet has a picture of different coloured folks lounging around on a summers day in the middle of a lush green field, a Tiger is being petted by a small black boy. Everyone looks real happy.

Holding my arms aloft come on in I know you want to, everyone lovvves a bit of Westlife. Of course, yes, very good.

How come Tigers eat people now, but not when they've been er resurrected? Its not good enough really, If Im going to be convinced I want to speak to one of theCould you get one round here? Check out the ego on Nat, I would have thought Jehovah wouldn't be best pleased by such things.

Look, youre obviously completely mad and quite frankly I find it outrageous that you feel its ok to knock on my door and explain how mad you are. I already know that.

I'm an Atheist so I don't care which God you want to use to explain why you don't get laid or why you're not very tall or don't make much money. Itsallnonsense, I can prove it on an etch-a-sketch. Tell me do you believe in chance?

Well, isn't it just chance that your Dad didn't knock up a Muslim, a Hindu, or a Sikh or a Jew, then you could be knocking on my door trying to convert me to a whole different set of beliefs? Which really shows religion to be the complete sham that it is? Look I find you both very attractive and as much as I find your belief system abhorrent, if want to pop up stairs for a little 3 way, im right up for it.

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How to annoy a jehovah’s witness

Good morning JW. Good morning, we were wondering if you could spare a few moments to talk about God. Certainly, what do you want to know? Any God in particular? Oh, are you a religious man? Christ no. Would you like to come in. It must be cold out there.

Oh, erm, ok. Hey nice shoes, my wife used to have some like that. How nice, is she here? You are a very happy man.

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Westlife Come on still holding my arms aloft anyone? Not as happy as this lot pointing at the people on the booklet JW. They have every reason to be, they're in Para. Paradise, yes I know all about it. Not too good for the Tiger though. Well, all he wants to do is eat the little black .

Not in paradise. No, they will live for ever. Why is there apples on this tree here? Apples bring enjoyment, they are in Paradise MS. Its Parad MS. Paradise, yes you said. Is there bad Tigers and good Tigers?

10 questions to annoy jehovah's witnesses

Which ones get to come back. That will be Jehovahs will. Yes, but surely on the scope of things and eating people, all Tigers are Bad. I think you going of the point here Sir. Oh was there a point to all this? What about Lions?

We want to be given the opportunity to let you welcome God into your life. Oh I see, enough with the foreplay, straight on with the nuts deep anal, eh?

This wholething. Yes MS. Are you one of them? Lets say I could be one of them MS. That's a bit presumptuous isn't. Check out the ego on Bob. My name is Nathan MS. Cough, erm.

So you are aware of our faith then MS. Hard not be, you keep knocking on my fucking door. I think maybe we should be going. Sorry MS. Yes trying to get past me to the door MS. That was Jehovahs will. Might not have been JW. But it was. At this point both have made it to the door and hurrying up the road looking a tad unsettled MS. Certificate Blah, blah, blah.

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