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How to put on a chasity cage


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Discussion in ' Chinese devices ' started by Finn-eganNov 21, Chastity Mansion. New way to wear my tiny cage. Top Posters.

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Finn-egan Active member. Not sure how to share an image on here.

Mine has holes in the end, and can fit a urethral tube Didnt' work for me that it came with. Anyhow, my big issue with it has been pinching and chafing of the loose skin between the cap and the ring. I'm fairly big, and was 7.

Chastity device user guide

The cap generally fit over 70 percent of the head of the penis, and the skin was all bunched up around it. Eventually there would be skin damage from pinching and chafing. What I've realized is that a great way to wear it without any bunched skin is possible, for a very tidy look and feel. What I do is this: 1. Put the ring on. This is essentially the "turtle going into its shell", or sea anemone trick.

Basically you're pushing the penis back into your body, and folding the shaft skin in on itself. You should end up with the head flush to the body, the shaft tissue inside, and enough loose skin to fold over itself, much like an uncircumsized penis.

Pinch the end together, sealing in the head of the penis and place this into the cap.

Lock it up. The erectile tissue is up inside the body, behind the ring, instead of compressed between the cap and ring.


If the penis extends, the look and feel is similar to having an erection while locked, with the erectile tissue pushing the cage and ring down, but it all goes back into place when flaccid. This has been great for me in resolving chafing issues, especially when wearing jeans and outside the house. It's fussier to go to the bathroom, and put it all back together, and I've not tried to integrate the urethral tube into this technique, but for discreet and comfortable wear, this is the best setup I've found in years of chastity.

Charleston Active member.

I have the same one and love it. Finn-egan This!

I've been wearing my cage the same way you mentioned, but it never occurred to me that many people might have never tried this. It's considerably more comfortable. As a bonus, it looks more aesthetically pleasing. The exposed parts of the skin are nice and smooth instead of bunched up outside the cage. I've tried this with what I'm guessing is the same cage you have, and also a couple of other cages. By far the most comfortable way I've worn them.

I normally wear a more open micro cage with steel bars. I don't know about uncircumcised men since I'm circumcised myself, but I imagine the same thing would work. Just push the head in while pulling the shaft skin forward over it, making it look as if I had a foreskin. Additionally, when I'm wearing an open-cage de, I pull only the underside of the foreskin back, just enough to expose the "V-spot. Finn-egan and Nicko like this. I'd been putting a disc of foam in to stop that from happening.

I can't seem to do the insert. The force of the flow gets painful as the insert holds it back, and it often leaks. I may experiment a bit more with it though. It's routine enough that I'm not tempted, and she'd kill me if I did anything! I cleaned the disc every day, and replaced it with another fairly often.

It's sold in sheets and is great for any bit that gets rubbed when it pokes out from a chastity cage. My CB was bad for that too. I have a metal cage with a barred opening, and that one too can lead to discomfort, though I havent tried it with the folding in on itself method.

Three days of torture in a male chastity device

Bob Statesman likes this. Finn-egan likes this. With the bunching up method, I've not needed to use the foam, unless I swap to my slightly bigger cage, with the barred opening. I'm going to try experimenting with using the insert, and just a very short section of hose. I had tried the full length, and that was a fail. Then I tried the 2 metal ends, ed int he middle by just enough clear tubing that they almost touched. This was OK, and may work, but wouldn't go out or sleep in it, just in case. Will see how it goes.

The main problem at the moment is peeing while out of the house, and having to un cage, and recage. My keyholder loves that its more fuss, but it is a pain! Show Ignored Content. Users found this by searching for:. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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