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Human puppy play story


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Only one study has been conducted on this phenomenon, and the present study sought to provide new knowledge about the meaning of this practice for participants.

About me

So, as some of you will know, I have been asking for ideas on various forums- Fetlife, Facebook, iTaboo, even IMVU, and through friends, and I have been getting three questions quite regularly, and all from different people. They are simple, and yet quite a story! They are:. All three of these ideas and questions intertwine in a delightful way, and I have here the bones of my fourth post.

Before we continue, for those of you who have got this far, congratulations! Anywho, onto the business of question answering. I thought, in the interest of format, I would answer each question individually and refer to my answers to each other.

That's my girl - puppy play story

The of the question above corresponds to the below. And so it begins:. My interest in puppy play started out as many of our loves do in this generation- on the internet. Animal roleplay, in general, was not new to me, and in the primary school playground, I used to gallop around with a couple of select friends, pretending I was a wild horse.

But I had been a younger. As a teenager, it was acceptable to pretend to be a pet? Even as an adult? What madness was this? I was already aware of the presence of kink and BDSM and it excited me, even at There was not a lot I could find on the internet at the time, and what I could find showed lots of men and boys, but no women. Not even acting like cats, just walking around on all fours talking.


How boring! At the age of 18, I was in the midst of a long distance relationship, and, in passing, I mentioned this fantasy of mine, of being a dog, and he took to it quickly, enjoying the idea. See answer 3 below for more on that. Long story short- the internet and word of mouth got me started, and my own mind kept me going, with the odd shove in the right or wrong direction from various partners, until I found Sir.

And then, as they say, the rest is history. Ironically, as a young child, I never liked dogs. In fact, I was terrified of them. I loved horses and rode when I could, but dogs?

Puppy play: how these grown men relieve stress

I would avoid them like the plague. It was only when I met a lovely Weimaraner I now no longer remember the name of that I got over my fear. Almost like a light switch was my liking of dogs born. A fear turned into an affection within the blink of an eye. Since that one, beautiful dog, with its piercing blue eyes, I have loved dogs, that love increasing over the years.

I was THAT one that would go to a friends house and greet the dog first, offering to take the four-legged friend for a walk. Not allowed my own dog, this was as good as I got to owning one. It was this love of dogs, in part, that contributed to my research into puppy play, and knowing how much fun dogs have with their human and canine counterparts, I was very curious about what that would feel like.

At all. I was cute, and bouncy, and mischevious. Have you ever seen a bouncy cat? From the moment I saw a man in front of a camera bounce onto the screen, chasing a ball, tail wagging, barking with joy, I was hooked.

It called to me in a way that not a lot of things did, and there was something inside me that knew I wanted that. I wanted to be like that.

I wanted to be a dog, like the boys. It was me. It would be quite a few years before I got to actually develop what this feeling inside me was, and my breed and name only came out when my Sir and I actually spoke and talked about it, many years later. As mentioned in answer 1, around the age of 18, I was in a long-distance, long-term relationship with a man who lived in America. We set up everything for a day I was alone at home and would be for some time. I had pre-cooked a vegetable and chicken pie, had found my collar from the pile of clothes I used to hide it, and fastened it around my neck.

Skype was up and running, and I was waiting for him to return from work so that we could get going. I felt the butterflies in my stomach start to build as I cut the pie up into little, bite-size pieces, making what looked like just a mush of food.

I put this into a bowl, and set it on the ground in front of the laptop. As he logged on and Human puppy play story call came through, I got onto all fours, like any good puppy girl would, and shook my butt as I thought a dog would, as if in excitement and happiness, everything from my hips down to my feet wagging too. I barked in reply, the weirdest sound I had ever heard come out of my mouth, and I admit, I laughed a little bit as I barked a second time, testing it. The little dash of nervousness in my stomach was almost gone, and something settled, some satisfaction deep within me.

I WAS a good girl. At his next command, I took a moment to gather myself and looked at the bowl in front of me.

How was I going to get my head down to eat this thing? Would it be so bad if I used my fingers or a fork? But no! Dogs do not use their paws to eat, and as he repeated the command, I hesitantly moved my head down, using my lips to scoop up a little bit of the tasty, yet oddly textured pie, bringing my head back up to chew and swallow, watching his pleased face through the screen. I did it again, as a further command, and felt a surge of pride at the easiness with which the motion came to me.

I had new favourite words. I then took off my collar with my now unclenched hands, and we talked about what had just happened. The seed was sown, and I was hooked. I love being a human puppy.

I love that other people enjoy being human puppies too. I love that we can share that love of being humans pups, and there are many networks and forums with which to communicate about being those pups. The key fact here is, and what makes me a little bit unusual, is that most of these human pups are male. Specifically, homosexual males.

I love the company of guys. In school, I would always hang out with a bunch of guys who I spent a lot of time with in and out of schooland one of which became my first boyfriend.

I love men, and how they can be great friends and confidantes, same as any gender. Automatically, and more often than not, it is assumed that anyone reading about puppy play, identifying as a puppy, or wanting to discover more, is a male. That was where it started, and is where it is most strong. I love that so many guys were able to band together and enjoy something they enjoy. Good for them. Everyone should have a place they can call their own. We exist too, in small s, dotted here and there through the cyber-space. Some feel that they are not welcome or allowed to attend moshes or pup events, and many are held in male-only venues.

Maybe a bare chest and harness, maybe a chain leash being held by a big, burly, tattooed man. Find an advert for a harness or some puppy play gear, and the advert will have the above image on it. See the example to the left. This perception has been formed over many years. Things are changing in this modern world for sure. I have been accepted by my fellow local pups, and it is happening more and more.

The psychology of puppy play: a phenomenological investigation

But I would ask those of you who speak to others about puppy play, those who create the resources, those who write the books and websites, who make the documentaries… please try and remember the female pups of the world? We- like you- love this wonderful kink that gives us a place in the world, and we have so much to offer, just as you have so much to offer us. We just need the chance, the acceptance, and the acknowledgement.