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It wasn't that Carly didn't know about sex, but rather had been awfully prude when it came to the subject. Spender never gave her the talk and was grateful he had instead ed consent to the Educational Safe Sex Talks her school had offered. She was a virgin to say the least, and though she has been heated whenever she did make out heavily with a cute boy, she had never gone beyond such actions. As soon as a boy would wonder off to try and fondle with her body, she'd stop and ask to be dropped off. It wasn't that she didn't want to go Icarly sex fanfiction the way, but rather decided she was better safe than sorry.

Still, there was times she did wonder about certain things, and what best way to feed the curiosity than to go find the answers to one's questions. The bubbly teen had come across porn. She had viewed a good amount of clips of women getting penetrated roughly by men and at times teased by other woman. She mainly watched at night when her older brother was asleep and there was a lower chance of being caught getting enticed by the lewd content. Hearing the on-screen couple share intimacy had begun to get her loins burning, as she could feel herself get warm downward, unconsciously running her hand over the thin layers of her pajama bottoms and panties.

The woman would moan seductively and Carly would moan along as she timidly rubbed herself over her cloth. And she was wet.

Over time, after deciding what kind of indecent video content that got her motors running, she allowed herself to become more curious within her body. She had read some articles on masturbation and just how to get herself going, and finally decided to give it a try. With the lights off and after having seen at least one pornographic video, the young brunette would lock the door and lay on her back in her bed, with her head slightly prompted up with the support of her pillows.

Removing all of her bottoms, Carly spread her legs and inserted both her middle and ring fingers of one hand into the warmth depth of her crotch.

She felts her insides for a minute, noticing how wet she actually was and how easily her fingers glided. Her skin got goosebumps as she went to find her clit, as the article had adviced. It was slightly swollen, as she had gotten a head start with the video. She closed her eyes and circled around gently, thinking back to the unknown men and woman and how their bare skin would friction against each other in rhythmic desire.

She moaned Icarly sex fanfiction, feeling her arousal within her walls as she gave herself a few more twirls around her clit. She lifted her pajama tee to expose her perky breast into the darkness, as there's no need to wear a bra to bed. With her free hand she began to play with the nipple of her breast, drawing circles and dragging her index finger around. Her hand felt drenched, but she continued, her breathing speeding and getting heavier by the second, feeling what she believed was her orgasm. She gasped and stopped touching herself as it was becoming more intense.

She took in a few more breaths in and used her wet fingers to play with her other nipped. She moaned a tad louder, twisting her body with pleasure. She stayed positioned with her behind hinged upward and her chest against the pillows, her hand traveling south to find itself back inside herself but quite more opened. She fingered herself with more intensity, both fingers tapping her clit roughly as she whimpered to the sensation of the orgasm spread from her inner core to the tip of her toes. Carly's moan became high-pitched, her fluids dripping down her thighs and onto her bedsheets.

It felt good; it felt amazing and her head had gone blank as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

It was coming. She was cumming. She could feel her orgasm and just as she buried her head into her pillow with a squeal, she came, her pussy too sensitive to the touch of her fingertips. She was spilling her juices and she gasped for air. Her mind remained empty as her body twitched slightly, unable to comprehend how wonderful masturbating felt. She did it again and went on to pick up a routine throughout her week before she went to bed or showered.

Masturbating felt great and had discreetly went on to purchase a sex toy that could help her reach her orgasms with more pleasure. She didn't know if she was becoming obsessed with her sexuality but she had come to noticed her friends whenever she hung out with them.

At first she would secretly eye Freddie. He was built and handsome; his hands were bony and thick, she only wondered what his fingers would feel like inside her. She had believed to begin crushing on him as she would moan his name at nights when feeling herself, lusting for his touch.

Of course he was dating Sam, her best friend, she didn't believe to ever actually have any sexual encounters with the boy. But then she came to notice Sam. The blonde seemed to have everything she lacked: hips and breast. She was well-proportioned, with a tiny waist and a thick behind; maybe she should feast on ham every now and then. When the blonde teen would spend the night, Carly began to eye just how sexy Sam naturally was. Changing in front of each other wasn't out of the ordinary and before heading to the bed, both teens would slip into their night clothes only for her brown eyes to glance over her friend's body.

Sam would unconsciously strip-tease, unbuttoning her tight jeans and slowly peel them down her legs. Bending over to remove them off her feet only to expose her ass, her boy short giving her a slight wedgie to reveal some of her behind. It looked soft and smooth; even the way she tugged out the underwear made Carly blush. She began to remove the long-sleeve over her head to reveal a lacy-pastel-colored bra cupping her soft breasts. She bounced slightly to pull her shirt off, leaving her in just her undergarments.

It made Carly feel a tad upset when she began dressing herself once again into shorts and a penny tee. When they were supposed to be sleeping, Sam went on to share some of her intimacies of her encounters with Freddie as girl-talk. And more so, wanting to see Freddie's dick. Carly gasped at the question, "Um, when I'm ready. Though, she didn't know exactly when that would be. Just answer truthfully. She mumbled something and Sam took the Icarly sex fanfiction away while still chuckling, "Carls, I'm only kidding! The brunette girl deemed to glance over at Sam, who was now using her arm to prompted herself up.

She wasn't lying. Whenever she and Freddie had sex, he'd make sure to pleasure her before she pleasured him. It had become teamwork, and for the time being it seemed to be working. The young brunette bit her lower lip, imagining just what the couple her best friend were would do to each other. To her knowledge, they both had lost their virginity to one another not far into their relationship, and have been going at it since then. Carly blinked twice at her friend, crystallized eyes staring at her with seriousness in her tone of voice. Did she just hear her correctly. What do you mean?

She was beginning to get indulged as to how Sam's hands felt foreign against her skin, and just how hot she was getting to getting her breast suddenly and gently groped by her best friend.

She moaned quietly, closing her eyes and allowing herself to be touched. She gasped at the blonde girl's hot tongue pressing against her tit, dragging it around and taking her nipple in between her teeth. She tugged at it, gaining a reflex from Carly, as she twirled her body towards Sam's. She could feel her friend's hand tuck into her panties, not wasting time as she pierced her middle finger inside Carly's entrance. She was definitely wet, it didn't surprise Sam as to how horny her friend seemed to be.

She Icarly sex fanfiction to rub around her walls while beginning to sucker on her breast, receiving groans and squeals as feedback. The young brunette was enjoying the attention far too much, as it had been only a few minutes and she could feel herself getting hyped. Sam's fingers drew circles around her clit, as if they already knew that's how she liked to pleasure herself. Then there was tapping, gently and roughly, then gently again, forming a pattern.

Her finger would trail downward toward her vaginal entrance, teasing and smirking each time Carly gasped. Her hand began to thrust faster, hitting her clit, Carly's eyes rolling backwards as she was about to orgasm far too quickly. Carly's arms reached away, reaching anything she could grasp and holding them tight.

She moaned in a high-pitched tone, her hips bucking forward as the feeling felt too strong within her core. But Sam didn't stop, thrusting, not minding how Carly suddenly began to bent her hips from side to side.

It was becoming too intense and she wasn't stopping, finally pushing Sam's hand away asking her to stop, to which she did. Sam removed her hand and smirked as she stared at Carly's natural lubricant web in between her fingers. She glanced over the at her friend, gasping for air as her chest rose up and gently down, feeling herself get wetter and wetter inside her panties.

Carly laid silently, taking in that she had just orgasmed to her best friend's hand. Sam went to lay next to Carly, going on about masturbation itself. She's masturbated Freddie, apparently, many times before and he enjoys it; sometimes more than sex itself. As the main goal is pleasure.

Sam went to spread her legs, making Carly blush immensely as she covered her face with her hands, still turned on by the event itself.