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If you sit on my lap today


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It is sung by Kris as he gives out presents to the children of Sombertown. Oh, what a good girl Oh, what a good boy Oh, what a big smile All because of a toy! If you sit on my lap today A kiss a toy is the price you'll pay When you tell what you wish for -- In a whisper Be prepared to pay. If you sit on my lap today A kiss a toy is the price you'll pay When you sit on my left knee Don't be stingy Be prepared to pay. If whenever you take If whenever you take You give a little back You give a little back Then whoever you love Then whoever you love Will give a little love back A little love back So give a little love So give a little love Get a little love back Get a little love back Don't you have a little love A little to love That you want to get back That you want to get back. If you sit on his lap today A kiss a toy is the price you'll pay When you sit on his left knee Don't be stingy Be prepared to pay.

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Maybe I'm sensitive to it because I'm a kindergarten teacher, but that song really creeps me out. Does it bother anyone else? The song was done in a more innocent time, but I don't think it would fly today.

Strangers coming into a town square and enticing small children to sit on his lap in order to obtain a toy sounds more than creepy by today's standards. He who fights and runs away, lives to run away again! The ABC showing last night, totally cut the song I'm usually firmly in the camp of a movie or TV show being a product of its time, especially if it's generally considered to be a "classic", and I want it to be shown the way it was originally intended to be seen, maybe with a disclaimer to acknowledge any possible offensive material.

Creepy song 'if you sit on my lap today'

I was outraged when Warner Brothers cartoons started removing the violence for Saturday morning TV, for example Coyote's head, for heaven's sake? But in this case It was perfectly fine in its time, and I enjoyed it for many years on TV when I was a kid without reading anything into it, but there's no way for it to exist in the 21st century and be acceptable.

You don't ask kids to sit on a total stranger's lap and kiss him, using a toy as the bait, in There are just too many horrible things going on in the world. Sorry, Mickey But if they also removed the scene where the soldiers burned the kids' toys because it might be "too scary" for today's more sheltered tots, as I read in another thread Just my own personal opinion; not looking to "convert" anybody else or start any kerfuffles.

Creepy song 'if you sit on my lap today'

This is a very cute, loveable scene in REEL life. But in REAL life, it would certainly be an arrestable offense that would probably draw 20 or so SWAT team members along with the majority of the towns' police force. And Santa would probably be taken out by a SWAT marksman as he reached into his bag of toys to retrieve a 'china-head' doll for the police officer who 1st approaches him. Weird I watched it tonight and this song was totally in it, because I had the same thought about how wrong this song sounded by today's standards.

Yes, they cut the song.

I remember in the 80's they showed this?? You're kidding!

Wow, censorship sucks! You are a bit sensitive, but I understand. In our PC culture today and with so many incidents of child stalkers and pedophiles, this song makes people pause. Of course, as one poster wrote, this was made in more innocent times when people didn't think about this. How I long for those days There aren't any more pedophiles today than there ever were. It's just that the media is making a bigger deal about it now.

Fear drives up ratings, so make people scared as much as possible. Which is not to say that it isn't a big deal when it happens, but we have this culture of fear today where everyone sees something threatening around every corner now. There's no more crime of any kind now than there ever was, but people are more scared of it now than they ever were.

Just to play devil's advocate Don't parents still line up at malls in December to place their precious children on a strange man's lap Maybe in 20 years people will see that as creepy too. I don't think the sitting on the lap is the creepy part. It's the "if you want a toy the price you'll pay is a kiss" part. Oh, no, I can imagine that on the news or something. I'm not kidding.

And even worse, what if the special ended like that?! Excellent point. Lines just as long as they ever were.

I just had to share! let me know what you think!!

Back in no one thought it "creepy" at all. He's taking the knife out of the Cheese!

Do you think he wants some cheese? What popped into my head was the Church Lady rearranging the letters of "Santa" to make "Satan".

Plus, I don't have kids, but I'm pretty sure people still let their children sit in the laps of department-store Santas. At least the guy in this animated special is supposed to be the real Santa albeit a puppet.

But yeah, we've gotten a little too hysterical about this sort of thing. Yup, it Reel Life, not Real Life. Just in case no one figured that out. And a man dressed in red furs arrived in town with a big bag of toys was giving toys out if kids sat on his lap and gave him a kiss.

Re: creepy song 'if you sit on my lap today'

It was totally awesome. He even sang to us while we took turns climbing onto his lap and kissing him, while receiving toys for our kisses. Miss Jessica, from school, showed up and he gave her a toy and she didn't have to kiss him or sit on his lap or anything. She could've sat on his lap. Miss Jessica is not fat or anything.

I guess he doesn't like kissing adults. And then the Burger Meister showed up, you know the law giver that outlawed toys. It felt really good breaking the law today Mommy, I hope we get to do it again with this man in red furs. Oh yeah, the guy in red furs, since he's new in town, he doesn't have a place to stay, and since the law is after him, I invited him to spend the night here.

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I hope it's OK. I'm pretty sure we all understand that this story is make believe, but that doesn't allow you to invalidate any type of feelings that stir up at this song. I too found it strange and it may be only by today's standards that we see this. It's sad really, it makes me wish we were all much more innocent and kind, but the world is not.

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