Women caught naked in public

Ill show you mine if you show me yours stories


Years: 24
Hobby: Sluts Seeking Naughty Dates Wm Stud 38 Looking Sexy Women Nsa
Ethnic: Serbian
Orientation: Guy
What is my gender: I am woman
What is the color of my hair: Silvery
Body tattoos: None
Smoker: No

Spring is in full effect. Romance is in the air. Skirts are getting shorter and the of public erections are on the rise see what I did there? It's the time of year when, shaking off the cold sting of winter, hearts open up and we all start feeling the latent desire for companionship. If for no other reason then to not be the creepy guy alone at the beach, sobbing uncontrollably while staring at high school girls in bikinis.

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You show me yours and i’ll show you mine

You mean you conned him into showing you his wares a second time? And was that when you knew without a doubt it was the same boy? Funny story. Never happened to me however. What a wonderful story. I remember my first experience at you show me yours and I'll show you mine. I wasn't as clever as you and I doubt if my mom had given me such good advice.

Written with great humor and wrapped up with a fine punch line. Sometimes, guys are so dumb.

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours

Response to Vicki's comment: "Hey wait a minute Great wrap-up too no pun intended. I'm here from Michele's -- this story cracked me up.

What a great way to respond to this boy! Your mom must have been proud at your quick thinking, though I think it would chill me if my daughter came home with a story like that!

Two boys showed me their 'tools' and then tried to force me to show my 'flower'. Lucky for me they were complete idiots, and for the next three years believed that we girls only possessed belly buttons.

Genital xenophobia and genital wanderlust: show me yours and i’ll show you mine

I heard later they went into porn together. Not literally, but investment wise. See what I missed out on????

You do have my new blog addy, don't you? If you don't I left it below for you. Great story!

Cue songs about memories- you have a way with posts. Post a Comment. When I was about six or seven, I walked home from school most everyday by myself. Sometimes kids would walk with me part of the way, and on one occasion, a boy I didn't know, who was 2 years older than I, fell in beside me on the 12 block trek. Just before we got to my street, he said: "You show me yours and I'll show you mine".

I had been forewarned by my mom not to fall for this trick, so I said to him: " You go first". He unzipped his pants and showed me his wares - and I ran off home. He tried to follow me, but his pants fell down around his ankles and he gave up. Can you just imagine how good I felt at outwitting him?

I told my mom about it and she was livid, and wanted to find him and tell his parents. But we never figured out who he was or where he lived.

I didn't see this guy again until I was sixteen. I didn't recall him at first, but eventually that memory surfaced. I asked him if he remembered doing that. Of course, he would not admit it, but I was certain it was him. And would you believe? He gave me a chance to outwit him all over again! Posted by kenju at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.